August 25, 2010

spoonful of sugar

a spoonful of sugar make you better real quick

is my absolute favorite saying right now

just because it's fun...

makes you smile when you say it...

go on...

just try it...

so did you smile?

you have to say it perfectly just like in the song
the "make it better real quick" needs to be said a tad faster
{just my opinion}

but it is my new saying to Bobby I told him
because he likes to eat raw sugar

you know those packets in the restaurant sitting there for drinks

he hasn't done it in awhile

but if he has to wait too long for food

he grabs a couple sugar packets
opens them right up...
kind of angled tearing
and places the sugar on his finger
and eats a couple packets
just to tide him over

so for more than one reason
it's a great saying

and for me
that's exactly what this saying does

makes me smile at those times when you need it most

not because it makes me want to eat sugary foods

well I am eating blackberries literally this very second as I type
I feel like I could eat a entire pint of them in one sitting

I looooooove blackberries that much

and this looks so refreshing

blackberry ice cream

 we are enjoying our last week together before school starts
as a matter of fact
I took the girls to get a scoop of ice cream after lunch today
and completely didn't order any myself
that is so me to forget something like that

what was I thinking?
 since ice cream is probably my favorite all-time dessert


Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh I wish I could forget to order some for myself!! Somehow...that just never seems to happen. ;o)


Kristin said...

oh that looks *divine* in the middle of nowhere does have it's advantages...vanilla or chocolate, that's it around here...when i was younger and visited my grandparents there was an old fashioned ice cream parlor, they had the most amazing flavors...grape ambrosia...*drool* absolute favorite!!
we just started school today...sigh...remember as a kid, summer just dragged on and on?!?

LuLu & Co. said...

Oh i love blackberries too! and add some ice cream it's yummmmmm

koralee said...

Oh is only 7:30 am and I want a huge bowl of this Heavenly stuff right now.
Have fun before school starts sweet one. xoxoxo

Lissa said...

cute post. It's so hard to believe that summer is almost coming to a close and that the business of our routine is coming back. I'm not ready. I'm such a summer girl at heart.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That does make you smile when you say it! :) Goodness... that blackberry ice cream looks amazing! YUM!

Farmgirl Paints said...

We are right there with ya...last week to squeeze everything in. Makes me a little sad:(