August 31, 2010

looking up...

I had a few thoughts swirling around my brain
or lack thereof I feel somedays
but that's a whole other entry perhaps

but some thoughts swirling around
about what I think about when
I'm looking up at my girls
literally looking up at them...

but it's just not going to happen today

these sweet girls

are in fact pretty darn sweet
I won't lie

they are my loves

they are so much fun when we spend time together or play our special kitchen game

but don't always be fooled by those sweet smiles
these past weeks

I've been making it through


I feel like but honestly made it just fine...

all the good stuff and fun times are definitely there with them
no honest or true complaints when it comes down to it

I've been living in the moment with them more than ever

but my little one { 2 year-old} is giving me a run for my money right now

I remember when Madison went through this
non-stop 24-hour-a-day drama episodes




drop down cryouts all day long
or so it seems...

so that entry is going to have to wait a bit
because they are just segmented thoughts that need to be put together a bit better

I couldn't wait for the first day of school
and am so thankful Bobby will be home for a few weeks
so I can run out of the house and scream if I need too...

no ~ not really...

but I am the type of mother
that just lets them cry out their tantrums and I'll talk to them when they are done
and yes I even catch myself finally raising my voice
{dare I call it a yell, right?} when enough is enough

that's not my favorite to admit...
not so much at all
but I'm not perfect

So when the tantrums come in public
I don't care how many stares I get {well sometimes I don't care}
even though I just want to ask people sometimes

"apparently you never had kids, right?"
because if you did...
you perhaps would be laughing out of memory of this with your own, right?...
not staring...

because I sometimes laugh personally...
{an understanding laugh that is...}

but anyway...

I was so excited for the first day of school
because they were thrilled and loved getting their backpacks ready
heck I loved helping them get ready
and fulfilling the requests of curled hair in the morning for both of them

 I love seeing them excited

and right is a love for them
they began asking about it a couple weeks ago

I am so thankful I do work from home and spend time with the girls
but we all have to have breaks

although I do honestly follow through 95% of the time
I'll admit sometimes I'm just too tired to deal with it
{confession, right?}

but I do follow through enough for them to know
that listening to their mama is how it's just going to be

so anyway...
these cute little faces

give me a run for my money

but I wouldn't trade it for the world either
not at all
wouldn't trade their drama tantrums
for anything

we all know that

so I didn't cry the first day of school for them...

I cried the second day of school for them

time is really flying by
and I'm so happy even on the challenging days
that these little precious smiles are being silly

because the silliness makes me smile and forget
every.single.drama.incident too

{that is until it happens again, right?}

So Hayley even when you give me the fish face
when you don't want your picture taken

I still love the pictures

because it is soooo you to do that

you never do anything
until you are ready to do it

and I really do love that about you

now she was ready...
in her own timing
of course

I wouldn't trade anything to not being able to see
this little girl twirling in her dress before school
instantly put a smile on my face

So guess again Hayley is having another tantrum on the floor

right this very second

and as she just rolled over on her Princess and the Frog horn
she immediatley stopped herself from crying so she can play it
yep that's definitely her
a convenience tantrum until she discovered something better to do

so I look over at her
and she starts crying again...
"I looked at her"

oh boy...
going to be another long night...

but her sweet "I love you's" to me
definitely "make it better real quick"

she told Bobby and I the other day her favorite part of the day
was when she
"was listening {to us}"

I turned to her and said

" didn't do much of that at all!"
otherwise we wouldn't be scurring you to bed...

yes...this girl {on the left}

when she gets in trouble...

gives us the stare down
until you laugh at her
making what you just said to her completely pointless
and not effective what-so-ever
because without a doubt...I am the first one to laugh
and then it trickles down to everyone
and then I'm the one getting in trouble for laughing first
go figure...

so again I didn't cry the first day of their school
I rejoiced for 5 hours

but the second day as we dropped off Madison I did...
she goes an extra day than Hayley
so I had some tears about her getting older and going more days
and having a day with tantrum girl all by myself

no just kidding

I was excited about a special day with Hayley
I think she really needs it too

but Madison she's a-growing-up
and that part is getting hard

I'm proud of you my loves
both of you
your first day of school was a piece of cake...

I put together an impromtu dessert bar to celebrate their first day of school last night
I loved surprising them and they couldn't have been happier about it
a fun little celebration with sparkling berry lemonade
that always makes them smile


Anne Marie said...

what total cuties they are!!! and I know all too well about what you are talking about - around the 4 yr. old stage - the little girls really have to express themselves with every fiber of their being :)

it's a patience tester for us mothers - so try to keep that patience you good Mommy!! and don't give them idle hands - at least, that's my secret

so sweet of you to stop by today at the farm - for I got to meet you!!
Anne Marie

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Wow, are you talking about my girl? I was just saying we have had a great 2 weeks...but you know that can change really quick. I was wondering if we were out of the woods. I think every mom can relate to this post.

Preschool starts for us tomorrow, 3days this year, just under 3 hours.

Beautiful pictures of your girls!

Jensamom23 said...

What beaytiful pictures and what heartfelt and wise words. Savor every minute...even the tantrums...soon enought they will be grown. Blessings!

Shannon said...

I don't understand why they have to grow up so fast but then again when they are throwing tantrums it is okay to grow up so we can get past them :) Your girls are beautiful and I hope you are enjoying your alone time as well as your time you do have with them both!

LuLu said...

Sending your darling girls best wishes for a wonderful school year. I feel like you do... would trade the crazy mom moments for anything,

Jacki said...

So glad your making it through the new school experiences for your girls. Your love and pride just illuminates here for them.

koralee said...

What a great mom you are!!! Yes all our kids give us a run for our money but as you say we love them sooooo much that it is all worth it. Your sweet little dessert bar is amazing...these are the things they will remember..with love. xoxoo

mimi charmante said...

Honestly Martha, they are {over-the-top} gorgeous! Did you write this post for me - to make me believe that raising girls is just as challenging at times as raising boys...? :) I can totally relate to LOVING your time with them but also needing to recharge in order to be the best mom ever. There is nothing wrong with needing time away from them to be able to really appreciate them. I adore my time away but I also adore my time with my boys. It is all about balance my sweet friend.
I hope you are having a marvelous long weekend and wish you a wonderful autumn!