August 13, 2010


it really doesn't take much to charm me
or make me smile
or to have a good time

what is important to me is to be around those that accept me
for me
and expect nothing else

there are a couple people in my life who have known me for so long
and they have seen my life
and seen how I have changed over the years
because they have been friends for that long
but they still love me for me

over the weekend
I was charmed by a friendship
charmed with a city
she lives in the Dallas area but getting married in downtown Fort Worth
so the buildings are older and just beautiful
not just glass high rises in your typical down town area

there were some brick roads
and restaurants and shoppes all in walking distance from most of the hotels there

a perfect place to get married
we saw her venue
saw her beautiful beautiful dress
spent some fun time talking about anything and everything
did boot camp together and running
I slept on a literally a cloud for my bed
so comfortable
and her hospitality was just wonderful from her and her roommate
thank you Julie!

 as I got home...
I was charmed by Madison and Hayley as I got home with a sign they made me...
it melted my heart...

it was a terrific weekend last weekend with a friend
to a wonderful hair cut last night

it has been a long while since my last hair cut
actually too long that I'm embarrassed to say when my last one was
and with a last minute phone call she had an opening

thank the Lord as the heavens parted...

well that's a bit dramatic to say
don't you think but sounded nice to type...

 lets just say I was filled with excitement about it
and thankful she had an opening with my name written on it

as I got home from my hair appointment I told Bobby
I think I have

"I love the beach"
"anything to do with the beach is in my blood or hair for that matter"
written across my forehead

As Jamie told me last night
"Martha ~ have you ever thought about wearing your hair sometimes like beach hair
because it's responding pretty well to it right now...?"

"heck yes!" I said but I don't know really how to do it when it comes down to it
I know someone else has done a post on it but

I'm a visual learner...I have to see it done on me really...
so in 10 minutes she showed me how

and told me to look up how to make my own sea salt spray for the hair because it's cheaper
in case you want to know
it helps with texture
8 oz. bottle of water with 1 tsp. sea salt
you can add tea tree oil or coconut oil if you'd like too

but she did show me something else I feel in love with
that made for a funny story when I got home

so I walked in the door...
warning the hubby...

Me: hair cut was a tad bit more this time...
Bobby:    huh?
what are you talking about?...

Me: well lets just say since you were a crab this week...all week long

I told her to punish you with payment
{I was kidding you all in case you don't know my humor}

Bobby:   ha, ha, very funny Martha
seriously Marth
how much...?

Me:  well since my hair was in such bad shape and soooooo long

long hair costs a bit more to cut, you know?

Bobby:  Martha you what else did you do?

Me:  I didn't do anything...

Bobby:   what'd you get?

Me:  umm...
{and this was so non-intentional by the way everyone what I said
but it did go with the punishment theme in a way...}

Me:  I got a whip...

Bobby:  You did not Martha!
{I was meaning hair whip you all...if you are a hair product person you probably know what I mean}

guess hubby's mind was somewhere else
but when I got what he thought I meant...

I lost it laughing
and I said...
that was pretty good, eh? Intentional or not...It did go with the punishment theme, right?
but not at all what I meant...

and once again I find myself procrastinating packing...
I've been called the world's worst packer/procrastinator at packing
I won't argue with that
but I've missed you all and have to get this done so I can catch up on reading your posts!

we're off to the lake with some friends
and I'm bring 2 fav recipes of mine that I haven't tried yet so I'm super excited
with my attempt at creating beach hair :)

next week since I didn't have time this week
I found a chair on my run one morning that someone was going to get rid of
ended up in my trunk thanks to my dad:)

so a little redo and Bobby fixing the seat and it'll be perfect

 I'll be doing a little redo of a mirror I found on my way home from the store this week too
I like to go the back way sometimes and there is a storage business
and on the curb they were selling some items....very cheaply
I guess they do that when their customers don't pay their bills and won't pick up their stuff
= perfect opportunity for me!

so a mirror ended up in my trunk too for quite a deal
 I'll be adding that to my list too next week
since they both will end up the same color
can't wait!
it'll be one of the items that will help me finish our bedroom for the meantime

don't you love cheap finds like that
amazing what people through away that is fixable!

any typos in this post...I'm not responsible for...I'm too lazy to check
yes I said I rather get the packing done to read ya'lls post
{ya'll ~  that was for you Julie}


paige said...

the whip story is hilarious!!!
but i'm so uncultured, i have no idea what a hair whip is....sorry!
but i'm certain you look gorgeous

glad you had a wonderful time with your friend

you love life & love those around you. you do it well!
ya'll have fun

Amanda Bruss said...

I was soooo waiting to get to the bottom and see a picture of the hair!!!!!!

Lissa said...

where is the photo of you with your new do? Hair whip and all??? you and your husband have so much fun together and It you're blessed with some wonderful friends!

Kristin said...

oh we need a picture of that whip!! the hair kind of course!! LOL...totally hilarious story...what man would have thought differently in that situation?!?! :0)
can't wait to see what the new do looks like!!

prairie hugs,

Jacki said...

Martha! Glad to hear from you here! What is a whip? I have not heard of this, but it could be that I have not been in a salon for 2 years. Yes. It's way time.
Hope you enjoy your week preparing for you girls school year.

Tracey said...

Your posts are always so cute Martha because you are so genuine and funny in the way that you write!!! Love the beach hair idea! :) Sounds like you've been quite busy...hope you are enjoying yourself!

Hugs ~

:) T

Julie said...

i'm so grateful to have you as a friend :o)

and i laughed out loud when i read your sign-off "y'all" and then said it was for me...hahaha.

i'm with everyone else, too - i want to see your new 'do!

oh, and good story btw about bobby. only in a guy's mind.. i'll have to tell you a similar one that happened this weekend. =P

LuLu said...

I want to see your hair too :)
Loved reading about your charmed weekend... wishing you many more!!!

koralee said...

You are cute my dear...welcome home and Yes I would love to see your hair. xoxoxo Hugs