August 5, 2010

one more day...

tomorrow I'm off to visit a good friend Julie
and I feel like I am just as excited as going on a beach vacation
now if you know me...
that means I'm pretty darn excited

traveling to the good ole' state of Texas to visit a friend
spend some time with her
maybe hang out at the pool
definitely talk and do some planning for her upcoming wedding

I feel so thankful she even wants my input and help
just being a part of someone's ultra-special day is so wonderful
I don't know what it is about weddings but I love seeing every single detail

Bobby's got it easy this weekend
my in-laws are coming to help him with the girls
he's so spoiled and mind you that means the girls will be spoiled too
which I am thankful for most definitely
so I won't have to worry a bit

this is the first week the kiddos have asked
"am I going to school today?"
I think that is the hint they are getting sick of me this summer
it's been a long week with them
but nothing seriously to complain about
they are missing school and routine like no other
and I'm starting to go off the wall needing some immediate travel time or girl time
it'll be just a fun weekend:)

I had to break the news to them that their first day isn't until August 30th
which I'll be excited about but I know I'll miss my partners in crime
{truth be told}

we have a fun and busy August ahead with plans that'll take us straight into school and fall
I do have to admit
I am such a summer girl
this heat is super hot but I really don't complain about it much
because I know when it's gone I soooo miss it

I love so very much about fall
actually being able to enjoy sit outside without being soaked in sweat
the smell of fall
opening the windows and taking in the cool breeze

but one of my first thoughts about fall that I love is
It is time to wear boots!
I love them and wearing layers
I'm really not vain
but as I've gotten older
it's one of my favorite things about fall
I've noticed I get really excited about wearing boots
and having fun with them

the little luxuries I enjoy:)
before I start convincing myself of fall-loving
I need to enjoy the rest of summer
something about being tan makes me smile
and yes I enjoy the sun the safe way

Although the way the girls and I tan
I know people think we don't use sunscreen
I pinky swear we do and I am good about reapplying

Right now I'm procrasting...

and I'm listening to Madison and Hayley
creating their own language underneath a blanket right now

which you would most definitely laugh because about an hour ago
I was loosing my mind with them bickering and crying over everything...
and now I hear sweet giggles and a new language
possibly why I get asked
if they are twins!
that's the part I will miss about summer
not the couple hours before
 which I was praying for school to start today with how the morning started with them...
this is them doing their thing under the blanket
in our bed that I did make about 10 seconds before
well maybe 10 minutes...I have been typing a bit
but that's okay
a messy bed looks lived in and used, right?
and it shows just a bit more of our room that I promise I'll be finishing by month-end:)
not much more from the last picture is it?

I've got to get packing now...
I can start in the morning and still be packing at 1:00 in the morning just for a weekend
it's not that I pack a lot by any means
it's the decisions that you have to make when packing that take me all day
ridiculous I know
so off to "try" to start...

before I forget...
we have a couple more friends in our yard this year
here's the female that lives on the side of our house

{we believe female anyway since she is huge which you can't see here}
and we think it is a male who lives in our hydrangeas in front of our house
he's a bit smaller

thank you Dusty Lu!!! I am so excited to win your made my day
seriously and all those dressings sound so yummy

and because I love summer soooooo very much I am in love with Sheryl Crow's new song from her soul record
Summer Days
hope you enjoy the video
it's not available to add to the playlist quite yet:)
but a great fun song that'll make you smile
just remember to mute my playlist if you'd like to watch the video


Anonymous said...

oh girl enjoy your little vacation, girl time can be the best, now are you bringing your favorite shoes??? xo

koralee said...

Enjoy your time away...your sweetpeas make me many memories of my girls when they were young...from best friends to fighting like cats and best friends again..all in the matter of minutes. Hugs. xoxoxo

Tish said...

have fun lady! i live for my girl time...just something magical about it :)

Shannon said...

Have a great weekend! I think I will need a vacation from my vacation when I get back. Nothing better than a good girl trip with friends :) I can't believe summer is almost over!

Kasey said...

have SO much fun Martha this weekend.....i know you deserve it.

Lissa said...

congrats on winning dusty lu's giveaway! And I hope you're enjoying your girl time! I get to go spend some girl time with becky very soon!! I can't wait! But I can wait to wear boots. Our summer has been lousy so I'm still waiting for that heat you're talking about.

Julie said...

it was so much fun to have you down here and to catch up! i am ready for your next visit :o)

koralee said...

Have a great time my friend...your friend is blessed to have your input for her are sooooooo creative.

School can stay away for a while longer..I am not ready to go back at all!

Hugs...have fun by that pool.

Seizing My Day said...

I love it when my kids play with blankets, pilllows and boxes!! I love listening to them create an imaginary world, a new game and giggle with delight as they enjoy each others company! It might very well be the best part about being a mommy!!