July 28, 2010


on my agenda this week
was to start the drying process of the hydrangeas for our home
sometime in very early spring when I was dreaming of spring and summer
I mentioned how I wanted to dry my hydrangeas for our home...

well it's about that time
however as I thought they were all going to go in our bedroom
I'm having to nix that idea

just because pink does not go in our bedroom
my so-called white hydrangeas turned out to not be white
so next year...I'll just make my pink ones blue!
or go get me some white ones:)

In any event I have two excited girls because they now want them in their room
I think they will be perfect

I was going to dry them right on the vine
and actually most of the work has already been done on the vine with drying them
but some started to turn brown
so I'm making some slight adjustments and will try the water drying method to finish them up

but first meet my fantastic helper Madison

she snagged an itty bitty hydrangea for her hair
I couldn't help but love her perfect placement above her ear that she did with it

as I was cutting them she asked
"are these going in my room mama?"

well I hadn't actually quite thought about it
but that's when it clicked...
you bet you!
they'd be perfect!

how could I turn down this sweet face
she's the one who convinced me to let her have the chandi we got for our room
she utterly fell head over heals for it
and asked for it...
so to slide that one by Bobby
I said "what a great birthday present for her Bobby!"

she loved it and it made me smile to see her so excited over it
especially when it just got hung about 3 weeks ago

when we are home
she usually always has it on...

so this is what I did after reading online

I cut the stems to be about 12-18" like it said
peeled all the leaves off
{but looking at my next picture I missed a few tiny leaves}
I then filled my pitcher half full of water
organized the hydrangeas

Right now I have a beautiful display of hydrangeas to enjoy in the meantime

Once the water evaporates hopefully they will be completely dry and
ready to decorate the girl's rooms

thank you my sweetie for your help


Shannon said...

I love hydrangeas and wish mine would make it through the heat at my house! I keep trying though buying new plants every year and putting them in different spots just to one day have a huge plant. Your girls rooms will look so pretty with them dried out and on display :)

Kristin said...

oh...simply gorgeous!! i so wish i could grow hydrangeas here..sigh...to stinkin' cold!
can't wait to see them displayed in your girls' room!!

paige said...

so very pretty
but your helpers are so very gorgeous!

Jules said...

I really need to plant some of those. They are so beautiful. But not as beautiful as your little girl with the flower in her hair.

Mom2Da'Gorgeouses said...

I learned this year as I taught my 8th grade science class that the color of the hydrangeas (whether they are pink, blue or purple) has to do with the pH of the soil in which they are planted. I did not know that before, but now that I do it makes me want to plant some in our new yard even more! :) Hugs & Blessings!

Jacki said...

I love the pinky hue to those flowers! So cute your daughters enjoy them at such a young age, and want them in their room.

Jacki said...

I love the pinky hue to those flowers! So cute your daughters enjoy them at such a young age, and want them in their room.

Laurie said...

Love the flowers, but love more that sweet look on Madison's face. She is such a beauty!!

koralee said...

So lovely..just planted some last year..almost the same colour. The bush is very small and I sooooo want to cut off the blooms..but it is right at my font door and I so enjoy looking at them right now.
Hugs for a wonderful start of another Summer weekend. xoxoxo

Blondiensc said...

Gorgeous color for those hydrangeas...they will be perfect for a little girls room!! she is just darling, you make some cute babies!! :)

Jeanneoli said...

What a cutie! I can not get hydrangeas to grow here in Colorado. Very pretty color by the way!

LuLu said...

ahhhh what sweet helpers you have!!! Beautiful flowers for beautiful girls.

Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh those gorgeous girls! I just can't get enough of their little faces!

And the hydrangeas are beautiful, too! ;o)


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

She is so pretty and a natural in front of the camera. The hydrangeas are beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of your day.