July 23, 2010

just a tiny bit of pink...

these pictures of them just make me smile

for endless possibilities

the beauty of life

the cuteness of my little girl's legs
I love this picture so much I can't stand it

even if I got it a little blurry...
these legs make me smile and laugh

we spent an afternoon at the park the other day
and I promised them some swinging if they just let me get some pictures of them in these tutus
they quickly agreed...
"swinging" was all I had to say
but it was hot...
so I was drenched...
what's new, right?

and by the way the girls love the "Boogie Shoes" song I used for a couple of posts ago
so much so they ask for me to play it 3 times a day...
and what do you know they asked right before pictures
well darn if I didn't happen to carry my laptop with my playlist on me

so their response to me not having it...
because you know I just carry it with me always
just like I got asked today to pull a cheese stick out of my purse while we were driving along
{oh how I love they always think I have everything with me at all times}

no really...
I asked if they would stand closer together and that was their sad little faces I got
so I called them drama...
then I got a few sweet laughs from them

other than it being extremely stinkin' hot or humid
it was a great few hours at the park
and they loved, loved being around the pond taking pictures

well fun until we heard some seriously weird noises
because I guess we were close to some animals hideout or home

the girls asked what the noise was...
I simply said "nothing"
as I scurried them along trying not to freak out

because all I was picturing in my head was the stinkin' possum
I saw in our backyard a few months back

yes I realize that possums are are nocturnal...
and it wasn't a possum at the pond for sure~
 I just knew Bobby would kill me for having them so close to the water
with the girls telling them they heard weird noises

and sure enough that was his first comment when he saw the pictures
"do you have any idea?"
I said
"live a little honey!" {chuckle}
I told him we were fine...no worries {me laughing}
and the girls weren't scared because I didn't make a big deal out of it to them

we had a great afternoon of some sisterly hugs

did I ever tell you that I love how they love?
Hayley told me yesterday "I'm proud of you Mommy!"
and I melted...and didn't move it made me feel so good

she's not typically the one who necessarily loves with her words
{she does say very sweet things all the time but I hope you understand what I mean here}

she most often loves with her touch
she loves to love by being near and snuggling

I love that about them
how they compliment one another

Madison loves with words
{yes, she does love to snuggle too before family corrects me}
but I appreciate their differences so much
it makes me so happy to see them becoming their own little self

days like this are so happy and fun
for some reason these tutus made them want to dance...

the love between them
their comfort in their environment
and their love for the outdoors
is happiness for them

to them it's all about letting loose and making silly faces to one another

I about literally peed in my shorts when Hayley did this face because I had never seen her do it before
no one probably would have noticed it was so stinkin' hot
{I probably should have just kept that to myself, huh?}
and no I really didn't pee in my shorts....

I've decided when the girls aren't wearing these tutu's I'll hang them on a hook in their room
part of their room decor
to add the perfect touch

which is why they both have pink
because you know if they don't have the same...
"that's not good momma"
plus pictures together I thought it would look cute

I think I became a little tutu picture taking obsessed but they were having so much fun
it made me have fun snapping some photos of them
we had a wonderful day together

next time I just have to remember to not forget the water
but they didn't seem to mind to picking up their own drinks on the way home

I decided we *need* a little bridge just like that one in our backyard
it was so fun and Hayley hadn't been to it yet
it was just their size
I probably just got the eye roll from somone here...
because he is probably wondering where I would put a bridge in our backyard
when there is no way to do it
To that...I say use your construction imagination...honey...
yah...not going to happen I know
but I can just dream of all the greenery and flowers around it

sending some pink love your way this weekend

and just in case you would love a little tutu for a little girl you know or have
I know just the person to make them for you!!!

I've got a super sweet friend who makes them
she doesn't have her online site up quite yet but she's getting there
you can contact Tonya here {her e-mail}
she has tons of different colors and all sizes


Laurie said...

I can't even find words for how cute the girls look in those tu-tus. All the pictures are just LOVELY, but Hailey's funny face has to be my favorite- and I had the same experience- Aaron did it one day and I'd never seen it before. Cracked me up!

Shannon said...

oh my gosh I love these pictures, the one where the girls are walking away is my favorite!

Casa Bella said...

Awww, so cute!!! How sweet are they!?
Have a great weekend.

Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh, Martha...they are 2 of the most beautiful girls. And you can tell from their little faces it is inside and out, too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day together. Oh, and the tutus are fabulous! ;o)


Anonymous said...

too cute for words mama! my heart is melting! xoxo

paige said...

martha they are the cutest little things in those tutus!!
& i love how they compliment each other. what a precious family you have
ps...my word verification thingy is hotist...which although not correct grammar i thought it was funny b/c it is crazy hot here too!

MamaMonki said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories. Thank you so much for sharing.

Indie.Tea said...

Aww, how cute! Your girls are so photogenic!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

so very sweet! I love thier tutus and the girls seem so happy to wear them. Our tutu is to small now...we need a new one! I will check out your friends site.
enjoy the rest of your weekend!

koralee said...

I have missed your sweet images..but I am back from holidays and enjoying every last one of these delightful lovelies. Your girls are adorable...the first image reminds me of one I took of my daughter in ther pink tutu sitting on top of the piano...I will have to post it soon.
Enjoy those darlings my friend...happy new week. xoxoxo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Sweet sweet sweet. We don't have tutu's. My girl's dress up! Big Chick used to when she was little...:( WAAAAAAA

Jacki said...

too cute those little girls!

Laura said...

Aww they look so cute. I can't wait until my girls will pose for pictures. I was trying to get some pictures the other day to send to my parents... but only managed to get blurry shots of the tops of their heads! Love the tutu's too. You're girls must have had a blast!