July 14, 2010

but once a year...

you get to celebrate such a day...
a special day between a husband and a wife

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary
July 13th...
as {duh} by now you all probably realize our love for the number 13

Just wanted to wish my husband a Happy Anniversary...

This was our first anniversary apart
which is just a stinker...
for anyone
I know people celebrate it apart quite often
and any way you look at it
it is always special and better to celebrate it together

it was also the same day my sister and nephews left to go back home
so I decided to celebrate our anniversary by celebrating our family that we have created together

the girls and I spent the day together
a rough start in the morning
led to quite a great day with the girls...

we went out to an early dinner...like really early dinner
a trip to the store
and came home to relax together

seeing the girls have so much fun at dinner with just me and them was the best part of the day
even though Bobby wasn't there with us
I was able to spend the time with our children
our girls

I laughed on more than one occasion because of their silliness
and did things a little backwards throughout the day

the house stayed extra messy since I was too lazy to straighten it up
and I got annoyed with their whininess because they are overtired from last week's visit
I don't blame them honestly about their whininess...I feel tired too:)

then of course the girls made me smile all over again
and had a late {before} bed snack together 
our left over dinner from earlier

I saw them get excited as I told them it was bunk night in Momma's bed
and see Madison excited as I showed her on the Deadliest Catch show ~ the crabs
because she ate her first crab legs over the weekend
and loved them...
Happy Anniversary Bobby....
as things always aren't perfect
but it is us together
our laughter, 
and our love
that always carry us through

{a tiny bit of a sneek peak in this picture...}


Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Bobby! I hope he comes home soon so you can celebrate together, it's always a bit harder being the only parent around and even more so when they are gone on such a special day.

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary.....

sometimes the house just has to stay messy....

Kasey said...

happy anniversary Martha and Bobby...we just had our 12th on sunday.
cute photo!

Tish said...

happy anniversary indeed ;)

8 years...WOW!

Laurie said...

You're so pretty. I'm just sayin'!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! Love the picture of the two of you.

mimi charmante said...

happy anniversary to one of the sweetest girls I have EVER met - Bobby is a lucky man, but I have a feeling you too find yourself feeling lucky in love with him.

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a very normal day in so many households, including mine :)

Congratulations on #8 - every single year is worthy of celebration!

Tara said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a fun day with your girls and what a sweet photo of the two of you! you are beautiful!