July 2, 2010

a scar on my tooth...

this seems to be the fascination of my oldest daughter of mine
literally...every couple of hours I have to explain the story all over again
it makes me laugh because she doesn't undestand "why" it won't go away

 it is quite noticeable to her and perhaps everyone else too

because I often get asked about it...

so here's the story...

when I was about 5 or so...I fell on my mouth obviously on concrete

and when the permanent tooth came....it always had a "scar" on it
{by the way...it's the front top tooth}
so no hiding it unless

 I decide to cover it up with a closed laugh or smile
{if I catch you looking at it that is}

most times I won't because I just plain forget about it

so there you have it
perhaps it adds some querkiness to me
but just another thing that is me

I was going to get around to making a scrumptous 4th of July dessert
but I'm planted on the sofa not feeling well at all
so much so I took a nap and feel as though I should go right back to bed
hoping tomorrow is a better day since we are headed out

so my point of telling you I'm not feeling well...
because that is why you got to read about my scar on my tooth
I've had nothing else...except my conversations with my girls

and I found a wonderful cocktail that sounds oh so yummy for the weekend
well as long as I'm feeling better, right?
and because I didn't want to have a post without a picture you know
plus I love blackberries

blackberry cocktail found here ~ Southern Living

Have a Happy and Safe 4th Everyone...


koralee said...

Wishing you lots of love for the
4th of July.
I adore scars and moles and gaps in teeth..makes one such an individual...I have a huge chicken pox mark on my temple...it makes me.. me!
Hugs. xoxo

Shannon said...

Hope you feel better in the morning so you can enjoy the 4th with your family. I bought some of that apricot cheese for our 4th of July party, can't wait to try it!

Chez Zizi said...

Everyone has scars and such and that is what makes us different and who we are. That drink looks so delicious. I love blackberries too. I too am not feeling well, I am hoping a cup of tea makes me feel better. Have a great 4th and enjoy!

Rebekah said...

Don't worry about people seeing the scar - it IS part of who you are, and makes your smile more genuine! "Perfection" is highly overrated, unattainable and impersonal.

And YUM on the cocktail recipe!

Lissa said...

hope you're feeling better and enjoy a wonderful forth!