December 30, 2010

no boys allowed...

no boys allowed...

that's right
those were the precise words uttered by these two girlie girls

well actually Madison said it first
and of course Hayley is in the stage where she repeats
every.single.thing her sister says
point two seconds later repeats it

for instance

Madison:    wahoo
Hayley follows:     wahoo

Madison:   I don't like this drink
Hayley  {before even trying it}:    I don't like this drink "eeether"
{yes either is spelled "eeether" for a reason...'cause that's how she says it}

Me:    Hayley you haven't even tried the drink
{Hayley tries the drink}
Hayley:     I do like this drink
Me:  told ya

Madison:   toodie  pants
Hayley:   toodie toodie pants

Madison:     banana head
Hayley:  banana head...ha, ha

they used to say banana pants which I have no idea where that came from
I thought...well...that maaaaaay not be the best thing for little girls to say
so I had to tell them
maybe banana head would be better to say to one another
maybe just getting rid of the banana all together would be best
maybe I'm reading into it tooo much...who knows

girls please don't whine
{I say this a lot during the evening it seems like}

Madison:    I'm not whining
Hayley:    I'm not whining "eeeether"
matter of factly I may add
I beg to differ half the time

Madison continues on:    no boys allowed
Hayley:    that's right, no boys allowed in the tent

it's really quite cute and doesn't annoy Madison
so all is good with that
I assume it won't be annoying to Madison until they get a bit older

but these two girls are convinced that their little tent
needed a sign that would read...

"no boys allowed
only girls"

"only giiiiiiirlsssss" was really emphasized


{which made me smile}

"that means cannot come in the tent
only we can"
they exclaimed with excitement

because Daddy is a "boy"
{as they chuckled}

"...and Mommy
....and Cadence
can come in the tent...because they're girls too"
{who would have thought, eh?}

so we were left with only one decision
a sign for their tent was absolutely necessary

and that way they'd have a sign to take anywhere 
where no boys would be allowed
{around the house, anyway}

they were insistant it should be done before Bobby gets back home

 a mini chalkboard, it was... 
of course they wanted pink ribbon
and we added white glitter around the edges
{glitter is always their favorite thing to use}

and there you have it
a super cute sign
that reads:

"no boys allowed"

and now it is placed nicely right outside their tent

I'd show you a picture by the tent but our loft is not well lit
and it's been really gloomy here lately so there is absolutely no light

but their conversations are pretty priceless right now
what they talk about
how long their conversations last
how they reason their decisions

which now has me thinking after we made this sign that
two more signs may just be in order for them

they both
well I should say Madison is really big on her alone time
at least once per day

and a
"do not disturb" sign
or "privacy please"

would be perfect for them
usually right after school Madison will say
   "I need some alone time"
or she just disappears into her room for a bit

Hayley of course repeats the exact same thing her sister said
"I need alone time too"
{but she really doesn't want alone time...
there is no alone time with her...
chuckle chuckle}

my response:
you got it!
{as I smile}

I see a trip to the store necessary for this one
yesterday the "no boys allowed" sign was made so last minute
we found supplies we already had
but for their personal "alone time" signs
 I think some new supplies they pick out may be necessary too

little girls clothes
are soooo cute...
I cannot get over the cuteness
of ruffles
and frills for them

I had to snap some photos before we had a family day Monday
they looked so darn cute
in these outfits my parents gifted them
yes I did just say my own girls looked cute
oh no
better call in the proud mama detail

btw...{by the way}
do you know how looooooooooong it took me to figure out what btw stood for
lets just say I'm finally getting the hang of the texting/fb lingo
maybe a year ago
before then
I couldn't have told you a thing
and even had to look up what a few meant
that's how behind I am
and yes...I really did just admit that:)


Julie said...

hahaha, the btw comment cracks me up. there have been a few i had no clue what they meant either and sometimes i don't want to ask b/c i think i must be the only one who doesn't know...

love the sign. i bet bobby does too (even if he is included in the 'not allowed'). :oP

Julie said...

oOOoOoo, did i just see that right?! i'm the first comment! woohoo!

LuLu & Co. said...

you are too cute!!! and your girls clothes have me swooning... love girl clothing!!!! it's probably why i was blessed with 3 :) however i must say my little dude does look smashing in his clothes i find him :)
i was /am the same way about all the lingo abrev. things heehee

Laurie said...

CUTE PICS!! Allison came to look at the blog and said she loved Madison's boots- the ones I almost got for her but thought she wouldn't like them. Hmmm, shows you what I know! :)