December 21, 2010


this title has nothing to do with what is written below
maybe it does...

well, no

everything is
and that feeeeeels nice
so yes, it may have everything to do with it

topic of today:

and reindeer at that
{look at those feet}

I actually volunteered to be in the picture with the girls
and I never...ever
 volunteer to be in pictures...ever

it's not a great picture of all of us
but it's a picture:)

I may have been more excited to see the reindeer than the girls
that's probably silly
but whatever makes me smile, right?

this holiday season in our household there has been

and love

wishful thinking

calm serenity
and a fullness I cannot explain

it's been simplicity

 days where I can look around and see many blessings


we also have our holiday stories...

story one:
Hayley and the grinch

during our road trip over the weekend
 Hayley said she kicked the mean old witch
{which she meant grinch my sister-in-law figured out}

in her dream, she kicked him
she kicked the Grinch in the chin
she said
then she went about saying that God helped save her baby from the mean ole' Grinch
{her a matter of fact}

at least she knows who can help her fight the big fights, right?

quite the dream she told us about as she woke up in the car headed to my in-laws
Bobby said...
well that explained the kick into my seat when she was sleeping then
then our family heard 20 minutes of the same story on every hour
she'd rotate who'd she told
seemingly I was in the room each time the story was told
so I heard it 4-6 times in 2 hours
no joke....

thanks Daddy for that one
while I play Miracle on 34th Street for them
he puts on the Grinch

this season...
there has been lots of


a few twinkle lights here and there
next year  I think we may plan ahead
as "we" forgot our reindeer broke last year along with many of our lights "not working"

actually I forgot
I'm not so sure Bobby forgot
maybe...just maybe Bobby didn't forget

and maybe...just maybe he didn't want to endure the cold to put them all up
but with Bobby home a day and a half most weekends
there isn't much time
we'd rather spend family time together then sending him outdoors in the freezing cold


oh, alright
this girl would have no problems having her husband freeze a little
so her twinkle lights could be put up

at least I'm honest
he does enjoy warm weather all week long while he is in Phoenix

yes that is a confession
Since most of us have been enduring freezing harsh winters
every week he enjoys wonderful weather

I asked him if he'd refrain from any warm weather talk in this house

and he has...

 I did mention to him next year
that I would love to go all out on Christmas lights
Clark W. Griswold style
but not the plastic light-up figures
just the lights all over
the house

perhaps the roof

the porch

maybe even the yard if I'm lucky
I better get on Santa's nice list next year

if we do it...Bobby said you have to go big or go home doing it
we'll see if our lights are "working" next year
and if he goes "big"

but possibly some reindeer and angels
my favorite things
I think our neighbors will love us
don't you think?

we did say simple this year
I'm just being honest
the one thing I really miss this year is lots of outdoor twinkle lights
can you tell?
 since I have thoughts of going overboard next year

hopefully this week
we're about to indulge in
and holiday treats
{probably a little too many holiday treats}
but it's on the agenda this week
to do our traditional Christmas baking
I just hope I have time to get to it
I never usually ever say...
"I hope I get time"

but this year
that phrase is true
just the way it is
I'm not going to stress about it if I don't get it all done

but we have one request from Miss Madison
to make Jesus a "royal purple birthday cake"
it has to be purple she said 
in celebration of what Christmas is all about

I'm not going to put on a fascade of all sugar plums and fairies this Christmas season
but it's been really different this year

 with Bobby gone right up to Christmas Eve pretty much
it just feels different
without him around more
but we are blessed and thankful beyond measure
and that's what I know

 I've been looking to all the goodness to keep me going
because there really is so much
 and the time all four of us do have together
because we are thankful for just having one another
celebrating it all with warm hearts and smiles

and yes...

this is my simple


holiday and Christmas wrapping
everything but the paper I already had
so it was easy peasy
and fun to use up supplies that I already had

 the beautiful cursive writing is not mine
I wish it was
I regret to admit
I cannot write a bit of cursive
ask anyone who has seen my signature
and they'll confirm it


Laurie said...

I think I must be up checking email as you're typing your post. :) Next year will you come over and teach me how to wrap presents? Seriously, I LOVE how you wrap all of yours, and I need to get out of my rut!! I also want to "go big" with lights, but I've never had a dad or a hubby who also wanted that. Boo Hoo! Hope you get your way next year. :)

Julie said...

i cracked up when i read bobby's comments to you about next year's lights "go big or go home." adam and i say that to each other all the time..haha. you know how i feel about christmas decorations - i'm one to openly admit that i love gaudy, but in a tasteful manner of course (oxymoron, right?!).

i love the pictures (as usual)!

merry christmas to all of you!

kasey said...

merry christmas girlie...
loved this make me smile.

Shannon said...

Beautiful wrapping! How adorable is Hayley's story about the Grinch, lol.
Merry Christmas Martha!!!

Lissa said...

love your christmas wrap!! The pic on the top is super cute of all 3 of you! The grinch story is adorable! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I was totally checking out the cursive, wondering if you wrote it. How funny.

My husband spent 6 weeks travelling back and forth from Phoenix to home this fall, flying out Sunday night and then again Friday night. It was NOT fun. I hope that travel situation of Bobby's doesn't last too long. And if if does you are a real trooper.

LOVE the wrapping!!