December 9, 2010


it's been quite the week
and I'll leave it at that

we all have those weeks
and this week was no different from those that many of you have also

but it has taken me all week to go through some photos
slightly distracted at different times
and just not being able to get my act together

so I think I'll just show you the pictures
these pictures have just made my week I'll tell you

well last evening...
 and the evening before made my week too
with Madison and Hayley

every Wednesday evening I do movie night with the girls
it gives them something to look forward to

it's a fun and special "sorta" night for the girls when Bobby is away

I try to watch it with them every week
but it doesn't always happen
 {some weeks I use that hour or so to do things I need to do}

yes, it's a Wednesday
but I treat their Wednesday like it's their Friday
as they don't have school the rest of the week

so I do the popcorn
in their special popcorn containers

of course they each have their own mini popcorn container
courtesy of the sucker dollar bins from Target
that catch your eye every time

sometimes a dessert too
more often than not we have a dessert

but lately they have been in love with warm cocoa
with lots of marshmallows
instead of the dessert
and that's fine by me

last night I had plenty of lattes to go right along with them this week

 last night I couldn't wait to pick the movie
{as every week is usually their decision}

when I was younger my sister and I had a very favorite Christmas movie
we would watch together
every year
throughout the year even
I actually think this movie would start playing in June or July in our house sometimes

our favorite movie

Miracle on 34th Street

both versions are great
I'm more familiar with the more recent version just because that's the one I have

but I thought the girls would love the newest version better anyway
and they did

it was so cute to see them get so excited during different parts of the movie
and hear them shout
"I believe!"

I quoted one of my favorite parts from the movie
and thought I would just share it with you all again
just because I love it that much

"Someday you are going to find that your way of facing this realistic world just doesn't work, and when you do, don't overlook those lovely intangibles. You'll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile."
"Faith is believing when common sense sometimes tells you not to."

those quotes just make me smile from the movie
and watching it with them last night
was so much fun for me

it was nice to share a piece of my childhood with them

my sister and I used to wear the VCR tape out every couple of years
{before DVD's}
as a matter of fact maybe 5 or 6 years ago I wore out my personal DVD copy
from watching it too much

and I bet the girls will too someday
seeing how much they loved it

 and because this is off point but just on my mind

"Go Fish"
with a 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 year-old
was full of laughs this week

I haven't ever tried it with Hayley before
but they both loved playing it together

It was soooo much fun but quite interesting at the same time

of course their favorite part
was when they didn't have the card that the other was asking for
because they could shout

"Go Fish!"
at one another

of course they loved that part
what am I thinking?

these pictures are ones I took over Thanksgiving at my in-laws
the time of day was not the greatest as it was the mid-afternoon
and that always makes it difficult for pictures

but I thought maybe another time I could hit the morning or right before sunset
to get some more pictures by that fabulously old truck
I sigh every time I see that truck when we visit them

if it isn't too stinkin' cold out
which it is
too stinkin' cold

most days I'm in shock or just completely frozen through
especially after my run
only 3-4 more months of this too stinkin' cold weather

although I do have to say this weather has me drinking way too many lattes all day long
and all night long
because they are fantastic at keeping you warm

 seeing the girls see so much beauty outside sure made me smile though
and I love these pictures anyway
good time of day or not

Happy Weekend friends



Shannon said...

I want to watch Miracle on 34th street now, I've been watching way too many Christmas cartoons and I really miss those classics! Love that quote by the way, it is beautiful.
I would love to throw you some of our heat over there, it is hard to get ready for Christmas in the high 70's!
Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays!!!

Laurie said...

Sweet pictures, Martha! I bought that sweater/sweatshirt that Hailey is wearing, and she promptly stained it at school. I was bummed cause I just loved it!! LOVE that last picture of Bobby with the girls- sooooo cute!!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favorite movies of all time. (Both versions.) Unfortunately I'm the only one who appreciates it in my house. Ah well.

That truck and field made an amazing backdrop for pictures.

Jacki said...

I have not watched Mir. on 34th for a long time. I still get bawling on It's a Wonderful Life.
Go Fish game! So fun!
Great photos to wrap up your year. Hope all your plans are well and wonderful year ending.

LuLu said...

oh my gosh i just wrote a long comment and i think it disappeard!!!! Sweet pictures!!! i said i can't believe i don't have that movie and now i want to get it!!!
have a wonderful weekend,

frozen in illinois said...

we watched the new version of Miracle this kids loved it.
It's hard to get them to watch what i love...that is why i sneak away to my bedroom to watch my fav's;-)
such a wonderful post martha...