December 1, 2010

to make this...

I'll share with you a few things you may need...

a gingerbread kit
 courtesy of Trader Joe's

really I should be a spokesperson in our area for them
*love* that store to pieces
just wish we had one a bit closer

I've tried to suggest they put one in our town or the next town over
 my family and extended family would keep them in business
not to mention several friends too
but it hasn't happened yet
I'll just continue to suggest
until they decide to thank me later
after they do decide to open a new location near me for my convenience
and it's really successful

but anyway
thank goodness I have a job where I get paid to be a spokesperson
this is absolutely *not* a shameless plug for what I do
I'm being serious
about that
it's really not a plug

because there is nothing like loving something you get paid for
that's seriously my job
and I love it

just being honest
with you all

it's one of those *honest* kind of days
you know

fyi if you'd like a gingerbread kit yourself
this one was purchased for $7.99 from Trader Joe's
I haven't found one that is cheaper or cuter yet to be honest
just my opinion

if you don't have a Trader Joe's...
Target has a couple for $9.99 as well

{just thought I would share that in case you are a price kind of person}

so secondly...

and this one is completely optional...
it would be optional to me
but I really didn't have a choice in the matter

but secondly
you need

 help that thinks they know everything about buildings
particularly metal pre-engineered buildings
who also can manage the project
or has management skills

I almost forgot we are doing a gingerbread house
not a "pre-engineered metal" gingerbread house

so those credentials/requirements
{I previsouly mentioned}
are highly optional
unless that person is cute
then just maybe they can get away with project managing

{ahem...the one above}


and what worked for us

is a wee little one who just likes to entertain everyone
or shake the candy packages...

 maybe to make music
or maybe just to do it for fun

no particular skills required
but someone who makes you smile and laugh
{a requirement of any kind of project}

that would be this one in our family

she just wanted to shake the packages of sprinkles, gummies

and that little mark on her cute face
she flat-backed herself at my in-laws house over Thanksgiving
ran right into the corner of the cabinets
it really did kind of scare me
but luckily the mark is looking so much better now

so would this be fourthly?...
I'm thinking...fourthly isn't a word
so let's go with


you need an assistant to the project manager
who likes to study

to make sure it looks exactly like the picture on the box
so the project manager
doesn't have a misstep
the project manager doesn't have to submit a *change order*
for the corrections that have to be made

{oh yes Mr. Project Manager I've heard you loud and clear with the lingo these last 6 years
surprised the heck out of you didn't I?}

oh, and...
I need to introduce you to the assistant project manager
that would be this one

the one on the right of course
you've already met the head PM

I thought the project managers could use a picture together


{I really wanted to say fifthly...}
as in the number 5 with a "ly" at the end
but I didn't...
just so you know...that does not say filthy is 5thly...

if your mind wandered
that is not my fault...
I'm talking numbers here

you also
 need someone to document
{I guess}
why is that always me?

did I mention over thanksgiving weekend
in the car traveling
the project manager
"this guy"

had me typing his e-mails
as he dictated them to me
and of course I'm supposed to know how to spell obscure construction terms

*that was a fun drive*


I only had to do one short e-mail since he was driving
and I joked with him about it
that my payment for my time should be in new fall boots

should have gotten it in writing
before I hit *send* on the e-mail

but anyway...someone to document
that would be me...

by the way
this was a super easy kit
all you had to do was mix the icing
and for that you only needed a little lemon juice and one egg white

I must mention one disclaimer

project managers often like to do trial runs of the pieces
in order to show the subordinate workers how it is really done
and exactly how the icing should go between the pieces so it sticks together

just a warning

no really...
we had a super fun hour or so starting a new tradition of putting together a gingerbread house
and we all worked together perfectly
within our own roles
{wink, wink} the documenter
got in trouble for taking too long to document

taking a few pictures
and was warned that the icing was going to get too stiff to use as glue
for the *panels*

 and then the candies would not stick either

so I got three warnings

but it all worked out just fine
and if you have spare icing on hand
{doesn't have to be gingerbread icing btw}
for back-up that always helps

 we didn't use our back-up icing at all
 our result was two very happy girls with a job well done
of decorating it all by themselves
and the box
{that's according to the assistant PM}



I have a PM for hire
if you need one
 for your gingerbread house
I know just the person
you may be able to hire him by the 1/2 hour
as long as the terms are agreed upon
of course by the project manager, himself
and most importantly by his legal team,

of course I would get it in writing for you
accepted forms of payment would be
new fall boots for the PM's documenter,


koralee said...

Tee hee...I just picked up that same kit on the weekend...adorable...ours is still in the box! I can hardly wait to create it...I sooo love Trader Joes!

Your family is so sweet.

Hugs and Happy December my friend.

Laurie said...

Okay, that was a really fun story to read this morning. I love how you described everyone's roles just perfectly! Looks like the PM did a good job (I'd hire him, but you know, I have one of my own that LOVES to have control). That really is a cute kit- and I'm with you on the Trader Joe's thing. Even though I don't go there for healthy things (LOVE their bagels and cereals- ha!), I'd still love to have one closer! :)

Amanda Bruss said...

I love it!!!! Thank you for brightening my morning before it has begun!!!

Lissa said...

We have something in common. My husband is an engineer and really took the wiring the lights on the christmas tree quite seriously as he zip tied them, etc. so that the wires wouldn't show. And he also has me type emails for him while he's driving.

That gingerbread house is darling. Mine NEVER ever look like the house on the box!

LuLu said...

now that is the cutest house i ever did see... bring your skills right on over to my house :) oh my goodness i'm heading to our closest Traders Joe tomorrow!!
haPPy December,