November 30, 2010


this year as I look around my home
during Christmas season
{which is usually a big deal for me}

I see right in front of me
that it still looks like our home
there is no clutter
 those that know me well
know I completely *freak* in clutter
so I never have clutter

because my brain is unable to function "normally"
{I'm chuckling as I say "normally" by the way}

 that may be debatable to some

but with it now being Christmas season
I really have no "Christmas decor" clutter this year
it's a breath of fresh air feeling simple this year

some of our furniture this year had to be moved around the house
in order to fit our tree

and I love that one of our big shelves is now upstairs in our mini loft area
I like it much better
because it doesn't look so uniform in our living area now
it probably will stay that way after Christmas
{really excited about that}

but I'm happy
that as I look around my home
it's minimal
since I was really, really selective with what I set out
there is no clutter
it looks and feels more like us more than ever before

I still have to rearrange some of the decorations
as they are just sitting in our laundry room
waiting to be placed
but when I finally get around to doing that
it'll be simple
and easy

 no pressure for perfection
this Christmas season

I'm doing more important things this year
 making hot cocoa for this little one
with rainbow marshmallows
rather than stressing too much about decorations

she's loving the fact that
this is in one of my coffee glasses btw

the new song I've added
"Winter Song"
just sounds pretty
so don't read too much into the wording with this post


Jensamom23 said...


paige said...

you know i'm right along with you.
glad your decor is peaceful & "you" enjoyable i know!

Shannon said...

I opened up all my decorations this year and didn't even bring out half of them. Most of them are junk and just like you I can't stand the clutter it drives me crazy. All I need is a beautiful tree and some pretty greenery and I'll be good :)

Jacki said...

Simplicity is really on everyone's minds this year. It's such a time about children and who was born really. You are sooo generous on those marshmallows-my kids would love you! Soothing song, love it.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...


Can't wait to see some pics. ;)

Tracey said...

Simple Christmas decorations and hot chocolate with marshmellows sounds just about perfect to me!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Jessica Woodford said...

Oh, I totally get you on the clutter thing! I simply can not function w/ clutter! So nice to read that someone else feels the same way. :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

I so hear you!
My house is small and there are 8 of us! I am somewhat of a clutter bug...ok I can be of the horder type.
hee hee (nervous laugh)
I am recovering. I do feel alive as I pray over my purgeing setion and carry "stuff" out to the car, knowing it will bless others, so that I may have the house I have dreamed of! I WILL NOT be hostage to my stuff!

I want love the Christmas season.
Not dread where the stuff will have to get stired too, so we can add a tree and MORE stuff to the living room. Boy it makes me tired just thinking about it! geeess sigh*

I am pround of my self:)
A work in progress.
Thanks for the inspiration to keep with it!

Peace,Love and Joy,