November 23, 2010

the secret ingredients...

you can have all the right decorations

the perfect home

or party location

the absolute best food and drinks

vintage silverware

but if you don't have family and friends to celebrate it with...

what's really the point?

last weekend my parents helped me throw a surprise party for Bobby's birthday

with some of our closest friends

I had to recruit big help from my parents because Bobby figures out


even small things

so surprising him is no fun
and I've been known to slip on very small surprises before for him

no joke

so if he saw me cooking up a storm and buying significant extra stock in his favorite drinks
throughout the week
he would know something is up

yes...even though he's not home during the week
he still checks our grocery bill while he's gone

no fun...girls, right?

he would have seen major
red flag

so my parents and I worked together on this
I did the desserts and decor
and my mom cooked the food and bought stock in his favorite drinks as his present from them

we have the best group of friends that made time in their schedule with 1 1/2 weeks notice
to arrive early and not say a word for me...

 we had a lot of fun...
and we didn't overserve a soul...

seriously promise
it was a good night
but we may end up donating our mini sofa after that night
just kidding
he was just being silly
so please don't get any wrong ideas
just funnies

but I did get a great detailed update on the Real Housewives of BH
since my darn tv decided to not tape it last Thursday
I was in panic mode because it was not available on the internet either

{now you know what I'm addicted to}
but I got a great detailed update from a "just as addicted real housewives girlfriend"

my problem that night was that I thought to take pictures
but then forgot to actually follow through with taking them

 once I get talking
and eating
and having a few drinks
and holding babies
well baby...he's a cutie
and laughing

I completely forget to document

so there isn't too many pictures with everyone together and enjoying themselves
but I did my best
just wish I would have gotten some more of the birthday boy with his friends
but we see them often enough I can make up for that

 I at least got one with all the guys together
I've never been able to surprise Bobby....ever before
so I was pretty proud of myself

however Bobby doesn't like admitting we actually slid one past him
he still won't admit it

so he's the one who will ever really know if he was really surprised or not

he said he had a feeling the day of....
what .ever

but he did say I did a great job of not slipping about anything
a huge step for me
it's hard to keep fun surprises

we wanted home-cooked food for him
because he eats out every meal 6 days a week when he is gone
and he is desperately wanting some good home cooked food
and there is no other person that can do that better than my mom
I'm still amateur at that
in case you are wondering

so we made it country as it could get for him
ball jars for his mixed drinks
homemade rolls made by yours truly

I can bake

chili and all the fixin's as Bobby would say
brats and hotdogs
lots of dips

vegetables for us *normal* people
{chuckle, chuckle}

burlap chair ties and chalkboard signs
pictures hung along our folding door closet with clothespins
all from the past year

lights strung along our living area

I absolutely forgot to use his *Bobby* belt buckle from when he was a kid

but I've found over time that I may be decent at making desserts
go figure
since I like cheese and salty foods better

so are you usually better at cooking things you don't prefer?
or I should say don't like quite as much
just wondering on the general opinion/response of that

don't get me wrong
 I *enjoy* sweets
but I can't whip out regular foods without a recipe

well maybe I can but I just don't like to admit it
or *want to*

so shhhh....
don't tell Bobby that
because that's my excuse when I'm *tired* and need a break from cooking
I can't find my recipe

but yes...I had to make sure I had chocolate cake for him
and a friend whipped up super cute mini white cupcakes in his favorite NFL team colors for the non-chocolate eaters

I love our friends
really love them

thank you all
for making it a great night
you all are the secret ingredient to a great evening

I that you all came and celebrated with us
I know it meant a lot to Bobby

since I now know most of you read my blog now
I'll say thank you again



Tish said...

You put on a lovely shindig sister!

meliss said...

Yay! I love reading these! You are just as loved lady! Oh and I am game for any discussion about trhwo...any city! Love you!

Urban Farmgirl said...

Wow, girl...that is one fabulous party! Love the pics on the little clothesline...what a great idea!

So happy you were able to surprise him! Oh, and the '30 resasons we love you' is fabulous, too!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

What a divine party. Everything looks AMAZING. All of the details were gorgeous. I love the ball jars and the cake bunting and you look smokin'. Ha.

Happy Birthday Bobby. Welcome to your 30's!! Life on gets better these next 10 years, its like a fine wine.

Hugs to you all.

Shannon said...

Hi Martha,
Great party! Love how you hung up the pictures of daddy and his girls. Adorable :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

And of course you can take my Gumdrop wreath idea ;)

tara said...

Great party martha, so many details to make him feel special and the food sounds fab!! you did a great job!! Thanks for sharing this fun evening with us, hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!! xo

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So happy to hear you pulled it off Martha! It's fun to surprise someone. Happy Thanksgiving.


Laurie said...

BEST PARTY PLANNER EVER!! That's YOU! :) I bet Bobby had a blast! Now, when are YOU turning 30? Seriously, tell me it's soon! :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girlie - you did GOOD!! What a fun night. I wish I coulda been there! ;)