November 11, 2010

same destination...

different ways...

different routes...

arriving from different cities

on different planes...
{of course}

 meeting at one place...

one destination

romantic and exciting in a way don't you think?

our destination:  Fort Worth, Texas

traveled from:       Phoenix ~  Bobby 
                                  arrived Thursday, November 4th
                                 before Adam and Julie's rehearsal

                            I traveled from our home 
                                   without the girls
                                   arrived Wednesday, November 3rd
                                  for extra time with friends and the bride

I literally saw Bobby 30 minutes before the rehearsal
as we dashed to get dressed and head over to Bass Hall
he had already checked in the hotel and met me at the hotel with food in hand
for a friend and I because we were starving

I loved being with girlfriends for 2 days and then meeting up with Bobby
the best of both worlds
in one trip

After the wedding celebration on Friday night
we woke up Saturday and had a date day together
just us two

Bobby used his "weekend home flights"
 to go to Fort Worth

 and I had a free flight from all his traveling
we also had a free night's stay on Saturday
{from his traveling rewards}
*so thankful*
 it couldn't have been more perfect to have an all day date
doing whatever from the moment we woke up
to the moment our heads landed on our pillows that evening

it was sort of exciting and romantic in a way flying from different places and meeting somewhere else

actually it's not "sort of"

it definitely was

so when I saw him Saturday morning
it was like I saw him Thursday night when he first arrived

I was all smiles...
and off the wall excited

we drove down to the stock yards in Fort Worth
I'll emphasize *drove*
because he wanted to walk
and I way...
it's my day off running
and we'll do plenty of walking down there
it would have been 2 miles there and then 2 back

not in heels

plus we were told not to walk there
of which right after that
Bobby was asked if he was packin'?
because "Papa Mike" said of which we could walk there if Bobby was
{laughing out loud here}
not such a good part of town we would have had to walk through Papa Mike said

I almost lost it
when Bobby told me that he was asked if he was packin'
because there is no way Bobby would be

we got ready and headed out
Bobby waited for me...

no really he didn't
he's lucky that way
and rarely has to wait for me
it only usually takes me 5-10 minutes to put on makeup
and change
if my clothes are pre-planned
and if I have coffee

why coffee makes a difference I have noooo idea

and I didn't even have to do my hair that day
I had my Texas volume hair from having it done the night before for the wedding

in case you didn't know
my very fine and thin hair
welcomes volume
lots of volume

and hairspray
lots of hairspray

we walked around
snuck in a rodeo
well we wouldn't have had to pay anyway
we think it was a warm up or amateur practice
because everyone was walking right in for a bit

our slightly obsessed selves found seat number 13
sat down and watched awhile

very hard to get good pictures inside the arena
but really enjoyed

of which we were starving for lunch...
and I was craving fried pickles
I never ask for fried anything
because my stomach doesn't usually appreciate fried

 but Bobby tells me when I actually ask for fried food
he's definitely taking me up on that request

we didn't get fried pickles
because of another place we found
but it really didn't matter all that much if I ate them anyway
 we wanted to check out a pretty neat place we came across
the love shack

it was a multi-level restaurant with tree trunks and trees everywhere
tables fitting in and around the trunks
an order at the window type of place
you take a number

find whatever seat you want
at their very shiny silver tables

and they bring your order to you

Bobby was worried how on earth they would find our table with our number since we sat ourselves
instead of them seating us
he's so funny...

it didn't really matter to me when we got our food because the atmosphere was fantastic
live music
Bobby with me
and our food arriving just fine

have I mentioned how much I *love* live music with a great cuisine
yep that's my handsome hubby
trying to get active on facebook
{that's only funny to those who know he's so random with it}

I ordered chicken well since I don't eat much red meat
and the tenders were actually seasoned so not just fried
 I was a happy girl to eat

I really couldn't tell you the last time I had ordered fried chicken tenders
literally 10 years maybe
but I couldn't help but eat two of them before I took the picture I was so excited they had flavor
and not just skinny fries
but flat fries
with a Coca-Cola
my fav soda
yep had the healthiest lunch evah!

we enjoyed the music
but I really could have sat there all day long it was so nice out 

we roamed around and took some pictures of signs and other things that caught my eye
picked up something for the girls because we promised them a surprise
headed back to our hotel room
and fell fast asleep

best nap I've ever had
other than at my friend's cloud sleeper

we could have literally stayed in and ordered pizza
it was one of those naps where you didn't want to get up

but during our Friday morning run
we saw a piano bar
and we made a date to go

have any of you been to one?
we are a fan
and went to one about 7 years ago in South Carolina
so we were determined to wake up
we slapped ourselves silly
to do so
{just kidding...checking to make sure you are with me on this super uber long post with me}

no really we made some coffee
since I only had one cup that morning anyway...
{and not my usual 3}

we walked to go get some appetizers and a drink

see an emphasis here
we like to eat when we're together

we stopped at 8.0 as they were setting up for their live music

and any restaurant that has sarcasm on their menu has a loyal customer in me
this made me laugh
{top left corner}

we walked a few blocks to the dueling piano bar
and had an absolute blast

we headed home as many were just going out
that made us laugh
I can only handle late nights occassionally...
and we had several over the weekend

we really loved Fort Worth and how beautiful it was
older buildings
fun places all in walking distance
perhaps why my feet were killing me Sunday and Monday
but the heels were worth it
they always are

now I'm missing Bobby
and can't wait until he's home again
it was a fantastic long weekend

thanks for staying with me on this
if you did...I should say


Tish said...

i love those open-toe black shoes you're wearing!!! yum...

sounds like the perfect day my dear. i heart tejas. miss my 1st home state!

Kristin said...

we want to get to fort worth and see the stockyards some day...lucky girl you!!
you two looked like you had an absolute fabulous time!!
how fun!
btw~can i borrow your black jacket you're wearing!?! ;0) *LOVE* it!!

prairie hugs,

Shannon said...

What a fun Saturday! I love having date days/nights and Piano Bars are soooo much fun! You looked adorable in your dress all prettied up :)

Julie said...

i just smiled the entire time i read this post. it sounds like you two had such a lovely, romantic day on saturday. i am LOVING your pictures, too (as always).

i also let out a laugh when i read that my couch's cloud got a shout out...haha.

Tish said...

i have a song gift for you btw...listen to matt white's "love"

fits your blog perfectly.

blondiensc said...

A post with so much love, so sweet Martha!! so many fun memories made with just the two if you...we should all do this at some point with our significant others!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

LuLu said...

aahhh what a fantastic time you had! So romantic and the food looked yummy... i'm starving as i was reading this now i want a french fry!! Cute outfits too!
i'm a huge fan of weddings too, and your friends looked beautiful

Jeanneoli said...

So glad you had this fun time together. It sounds so romantic and you both are so beautiful:-) You can even tell him I said that!!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a great getaway!

You are absolutely gorgeous.