November 28, 2010


home sweet home
is how I feel right about now

it's finally quiet in the house
after an hour or so drama in the house
caused by two crying girls
as Bobby headed out for the airport this evening

but it's quiet...quiet...
and that's really nice right now
especially since I'm enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee
oh yes indeed

we had a great time visiting my in-laws over the weekend for Thanksgiving
but it is always nice to walk in your home after an extended weekend
it just feels nice

I'm amazed every time all four cousins are together
our two
and our two nieces
who are exactly the same age {4 and 2}

it's so sweet to see how they have so much fun together
and how excited they are to see one another

it makes us all smile

this year we have a little boy who has now been added to the mix too
we actually got all five of them together

they are adorable

I guess I should say he is not our little boy, per se
 but Bobby's second cousin
didn't want you to think I had another kiddo overnight

and this year
oh yes we did
we ventured out Black Friday
a tad bit later than we anticipated
but we still went anyway

we didn't have any long lines
or tales of people waiting 2 hours or fighting over deals
 it was not stressful
the best kind of shopping

 I've never.ever.ever.
have shopped early..{early} on Black Friday
I did some
online {supporting independent shoppes} and at the store as well
we sure did

and it feels great that a little bit of it has been checked off the list
since we seem to always always scramble at the very last minute
to finish

I want to enjoy the season instead of seeing it rushed off
that means a bit more planning on my part
really, really enjoying it
without the stress

I swear I used to be great at having plans
anymore now...
not so much
so I'm trying to get in that mode again

"I can do it," I say
"I can do it"

I'm sounding like the little engine that could
aren't I?

although it seemed to work when I said that with not biting my nails

so I'm going to try saying that phrase again
{with doing better at planning}
however, my fingernails are looking particularly good
if I do say so myself
no bitten edges or breaks
shaped and filed


Julie said...

haha, two things:

i still say that phrase from the little engine that could whenever i am working out and i am exhausted. i was just telling my dad that this weekend!

also, i filed and shaped my nails tonight! however, i can't lie, it was after i had already bitten them...

love the pictures of the cousins! and how exciting about black friday shopping! i've never ventured out on that day either. i do remember working during it one year -- hectic.

have a wonderful week!

Shannon said...

I swore I would be done with Christmas shopping by yesterday but like always I am not. Atleast I have everything for the girls right?

The pictures of the girls and their cousins are too cute. How fun that they are the same age!

Jacki said...

too too cute all those kids together. Family is the best.