November 9, 2010

take it...or leave it...

I will admit I have a slight addiction to weddings
and every.single.thing.about.them

if you can't tell
I'm definitely a romantic
to every single detail

and I was a part of a beautiful wedding this past weekend
which my feet are not thanking me for
or my joints

yes...I'm still young as I'm always reminded and know
but my joints have been through heck
and they are not loving me right now
and have had to deal with my past four days in heels
because I love heels
but my joints don't

that's not a great combo
my feet said

I almost don't know what to say about this weekend and one of my great friend's wedding
I've been really behind and a bit tired
but I'm also having trouble getting through this post
{in a good way}

I have a great friend
who has always accepted me for me
who knows and understands me on a level that most people don't

I have a friend who grabbed my hand
as I was giving her toast
because I almost didn't make it through
as I about broke down in front of a 100 plus people

we make one another feel "normal"
we laugh and talk about that often...

 I had an uncomfortable 30 seconds of trying to regroup myself but I did it

 I have a friend who is wonderful and special
and I wouldn't miss her special day for the world

I do have a slight obsession with weddings
I love every single detail
and I so wish I could show you
every.single.detail of hers
because it was truly beautiful
but I can't
because I was in the wedding
and that makes it hard to capture everything
{on camera}

but I remember it all
very well
her dress
the flowers...cake...ribbon tied chairs
the lighting
her dance with Adam and her Dad
I remembered when her mom grabbed her dad's hand in the front row with a deep breath
{a happy deep breath}
but one that her little girl was getting married
I remembered how beautiful Julie looked and is

I will note that at every single wedding I have fun
making a fool of yourself dancing when you can is the best
because it's the only time you can get away with it
and the sprinkler and shopping cart rock

I remember it all
and all the people I hadn't seen in years
and the new people I met and spent time with
it was so nice

Bobby and I have always said
{even when we got married}
that weddings are meant to be celebrated...

 we will dance ridiculously and out of character just to have fun
and our feet will hurt...
well mine that is
and my husband had his shirt unbuttoned...
not by me
but a fellow classmate as a joke
and it truly was funny

because if you know me
I'm sometimes shy
and quiet
but I do have fun
and that's what all my friends know

that's exactly what we did
we enjoyed it...had fun...and cherished it

as a matter of fact at our wedding
we were told that people never saw a married couple have so much fun
yep...we enjoyed it
we started the dance floor
and brought it home with our friends

because we take celebrations to heart
and celebrations = fun
and even though we may be the quiet couple
we are a fun couple

weddings are such a special day
I always want to say
it is special
but it won't be the best day for you two
because each day you love one another more
no matter what you go through
it is always more
each and every day that passes
I love that
enjoying the simple and fun things in life together
is what it is all about

I'm so happy it was a special day for Julie and Adam
and so glad I have such a great friend in Julie

she's someone who takes me
and doesn't leave me
and accepts me for who I am

and if I talk anymore I think I'll cry again
because I'm a crier
who had to hide tissue in the tie of my dress
because I knew I may need it

so thank you are and were a beautiful bride

and just a side note
I loved getting a pedicure...
really loved it
but I think I'm more inspired by my manicure
I'm a lifelong nail biter
but my hands actually look nice
I still can't believe it:)
 I think I want to work harder at not biting my nails
I think I can...I think I can...


paige said...

dang look awesome!!
she's a gorgeous bride too

Kristin said...

absolutely gorgeous!! it looks like a good time!

Shannon said...

How fun, I love weddings! Glad you had a great time, you and the bride looked beautiful.

Tish said...

awww, it was so nice seeing high school faces. :) it's crazy how much people have changed, but yet haven't. smiles all around.

Jacki said...

Good friends are hard to come by like your's here. Looks like a very beautiful day.

Farmgirl Paints said...

i love weddings too. been way too long since i've actually been to one. i always have to have tissue on hand. they make me extremely emotional!

Julie said...

miss martha, you about had me in tears when i read this post :*)

your words are so kind and truly mean so much to me. i am so glad that you were were part of my wedding and even more grateful to have a friend like you (who definitely helped a lot during this process!).

i can't wait to see you again soon!


p.s. i believe the words adam used to describe you and bobby were 'party animals' :o) i can attest to everyone who reads this blog that you and bobby are definitely one fun couple! the entire day/night, memories of me and adam, our friends, family, everyone together, everyone having a good time (those dance moments caught on camera ;o) ...that will all stay with me forever as one of the most fun and special days of mine and adam's lives.

p.p.s. (or is it p.s.s.?) love the part about your nails...haha. i laugh that the day we got manicures, we found out who are the nail biters and those who weren't (the ones who actually had nails!)

Julie said...

oops, i meant to say mrs. martha! :o)

Julie said...

and the first song playing on your blog (better together). one of my favorites :o)

ok, that's three individual posts. i will stop.

koralee said...

Oh how I love a good wedding...and this one is a GOOD wedding my friend. The bride is stunning...and so are you!

Isn't it such a blessing to have good friends. xoxxoo hugs and thanks for sharing the JOY!