June 1, 2010

holding hands

a little behind with everything is how I feel
thank you all for
making sure I didn't fall into a hole or something

this past week was a fun one
lots of summer enjoyment
with a little girl addicted to these cute boots with everything she wears...
we started our memorial weekend a bit early on Thursday before Daddy got home
messy s'mores for the girls
they always make me laugh when they eat them

and made me think of last summer when they enjoyed them so much
how quickly this all happens

we had lots of BBQ, swimming, and playing outside over the weekend
exactly what we all love

hopefully I'll get back into the groove
but for now
I'll have the pictures show you all the fun


Shannon said...

Love all of the pictures of your beautiful girls, especially the cuddly ones!!! Looks like a great family weekend together :)

mimi charmante said...

seriously - O.M.G. could they be any cuter???
what a fun start to your summer!

Jeanneoli said...

Your girls are so beautiful!

DustyLu said...

Your girls are lovely! So cute! Thank you for sharing you start to summer fun! ~lulu

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Beautiful pictures, Martha! Your girls are just absolutely gorgeous. (They get it from their Mama!)

Have a great Wednesday, my friend! (I almost wrote "Tuesday"...Memorial Day has officially thrown me off!)

Kristy said...

how sweet your photos are. just popped over from paige's blog :O)
have a wonderful day.

Mary said...

Such little beauties...that sounds like my kind of weekend! ;o)


Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Your girls are darling...and they really look like best friends...so sweet.

Lissa said...

these pictures are amazing and your girls are so cute~!! You dress them cute too!

Kristin said...

oh martha girl...your summer looks like it is starting out heavenly! clancey definitely needs to come and hold hands {maybe some of their sweetness will rub off on her...sigh} :0)
my kids *love* smores also, we use chocolate covered graham crackers...*divine* the are softer and easier to bite into not to mention messier which equals more fun to eat!:0)

LuLu said...

Yippee!!! what a beautiful way to start S U M M E R!!!! Oh my goodness your pictures make me want to make a smore and jump in the pool with a very cute floaty!!!
wishing you many more happy long fantastic sunny summer days ahead of you and your cuties,

Tish said...

so flippin beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful way to start summer, so sweet...love their little smiles and cute little bathing suits!! yipee summer is here!

Julie said...

love LOVE all the pictures!!!

did dad have a heart attack seeing both his girls in two pieces?!

talk to you soon!!

paige said...

martha girl, those girls are gorgeous!
those dark lashes...my word!
cutecute cute white coverups...where are those from?
too cute
gotta love a girl who sports boots with all her ensembles!

*The Beautiful Life* said...


What a sweet life you lead! Your girls are ADORABLE!!!!!!

Have a great weekend, girl!!


Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! Your little love bugs are the cutest!! Great pictures!
Have a great weekend.