July 8, 2009


Monday night the girls and I made s'mores...yummy...and they loved it! Their first s'mores...well Hayley held onto her pieces more than eating...but Madison surely enjoyed it...especially when she discovered there was chocolate on them too:)

Now we didn't do s'mores how you are supposed to with a fire...we don't have a fire pit...so we (well me since the girls are a bit young) did it how my sister and I used to make them...the heat from the stove. It worked pretty well...and we were satisfied for sure!
And just a little side story...Madison said she was thirsty...before I knew it she went into the restroom before I even had a chance to stand up from her room (organizing her closet a bit today) she grabbed her little dixie cups and got 2 glasses of water...one for me and one for her..."Here mommy!" She said...my heart was delighted as my little girl thought of me when she was thirsty too! I shared mine with Hayley...and when it was all gone...Hayley said a two-word phrase without me saying anything at all...Hayley said "All gone!" and held up her hands as she said it...so cute. Of course Hayley wanted more water...however, she really did this part...grabbed the cup and all by herself opened the cabinet door where we keep trash and threw the crumpled cup away...no joke...I about died!
And as I was getting Madison ready for bed...I went into my room to get her pajamas...I know you all remember the laundry post...it still is not put away:)...to grab her tank for under her "Cocoa" pajamas...I came back in and noticed on her desk what she colored today as I worked on her closet...I literally had a couple of tears...her coloring has gotten so good...I mean the fact that her artwork is getting so colorful...and she is coloring with such purpose and choosing what to be what...it just amazed me how beautiful her "big Hello Kitty" coloring book looked.

Maybe I'm silly...but my girls just amaze me!

Blessings from all of us!


Laurie said...

Love the new picture at the top- sorry I wasn't in time to vote, but I loved them all, so it wouldn't have mattered. What setting is your camera on? The pictures look vintage or something. The smores idea is a great one! I love that last picture, like, look at my messy mouth!

Julie said...

haha, this post cracked me up. adam and i make s'mores the same way - over the stove burner!