July 6, 2009

Pool Time...well not this past weekend...

So I can actually say that we completely missed the boat with Hayley's first time at the pool...the pictures got deleted from the camera...accidentally from Madison...so last weekend (not 4th of July weekend) we had some time on Sunday where we had a couple of hours at the pool...Hayley's first experience at the pool...she loved it! And the second which we have documented...she loved even more...we were just so excited that she loves the water just as much as her sister because we do too. We started off with Hayley in the crab so we can have fun with both girls together...because if we don't she will never get back in it and we want to play with Madison too. Madison was sooooo good with Hayley in the water too. She would talk to her and hold onto the crab...and Hayley just loves her sister. Of course Madison is comfortable in the pool with a mini vest where it helps her float but she still has to tread water...but she does it great all by herself! This picture is of Madison counting the sticks and rings in the baby pool...I have her practice in English and Spanish and she does so well. Spanish we are working on from 10 to 20. Just like I mentioned above the two sisters together...Hayley just looks so cute below just enjoying the water.
Madison watching Daddy go under the water...he is trying to help her get more comfortable with it. However we had Madison jump to me and each time I would have her go a bit further under water. She did great with that! I was playing silly with Madison, and when Daddy went under water I would kid with her to tell Daddy "Great job Daddy:)"

Just a few more pictures of the girls in the little pool with the sticks...Hayley will bend down and grab them...but after she gets them all she hoards them...refusing to let go to where she still had some on the car ride home! So I snuck a few away from her to give to Madison to play with and found some pool rings in the dollar section at Target which are perfect...Hayley isn't particularly fond of the rings so it works out for Madison...and speaking of which not only does the dollar section usually rock there but just the store too. Maybe I should work on my tangeant stories.
Madison with her "noodle" she absolutely has to have at the pool...she loves, loves, loves it! And at home she pretends to fish with it...sometimes I ask her to put it up just because when Hayley gets it for some reason likes to bite it... it has got to be the sponginess to it because I noticed several other kiddos at the pool doing the same thing...plus she is teething...anyway...I will ask Madison to put it up and she says "Hold on, Mommy....I am fishing..." I have got to take that girl fishing sometime...if she can fish like mommy then she will be great:)well I shouldn't talk anymore...I haven't done it literally since I was at Kentucky lake maybe 4th grade or so where my Dad still hasn't gotten over the fact that I caught more fish than my him and uncle Peter put together:)....hee...hee...hee...and oh that reminds me how beautiful Kentucky is...maybe I shouldn't type where my mind wanders but Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places...well I love the beach too...not crowded ones though...Isle of Palms...Charleston type:)Pool day was great in which I hope we do this weekend again...although we feel bad we don't have pictures of Hayley's first pool day (well last year she really didn't do much at the pool with being so young)...I think we will be okay...we have done pretty good in the picture taking department.

Blessings from all of us!

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