July 12, 2009

Giraffes, Elephants, & Penguins...

I would say a little over a week ago we were invited to go to the zoo during the day on Saturday...we were up for it because I have been wanting to take the girls since spring came around! So excited...our friends Wyndell, Janel, and their little girl, Lacey came with us!

Now it did rain...and it did downpour maybe the 1st 1/2 hour but then it was perfect...well towards the end a little humid...but what can you expect, right...it is July in the midwest!

And...I have been getting fantastic about carrying the camera with me most times...just in case, right? I did have it...but knew my batteries were getting low...I even had some spare ones I bought a couple of weeks ago I keep with the camera in my purse. BUT, since I didn't have my purse of course at the zoo...extra batteries were not with me. I am sure we will be back at the zoo again this season (hopefully) but just a stinker...we got some GREAT photos and Wyndell sent me one of Hayley and Lacey together...but just for us...very low on the number of pictures we usually take...and especially the times the girls REALLY were loving things I didn't get it...a great zoo trip all in all though...actually a fantastic day! You'll see as you view the pictures...
Madison had a really great day! She walked for a lot of the time, rode on Daddy's shoulders...and towards the last 1/2 rode in the stroller. I was so proud of her...she has had a new obsession with lions because that is the stuffed animal she sends with Daddy on his trips...and the first time around...the lion was not in sight...but after everyone but Hayley and I went in the amphibian house...no way for me...I can handle almost anything but
s-n-a-k-e-s...we saw the lion...to be honest the cat exhibit isn't one of our favorites at the zoo...which is a shame because all of us LOVE big cats to see...but the way it is...it is just hard to see them everytime. The picture of Hayley right above is her looking at the giraffes...Madison knows Hayley LOVES her giraffes and was so very excited when she could see them in the distance before we walked up..."Hayley's giraffes!" she exclaimed...so very cute:)
Hayley and Lacey just hanging out together...sharing snacks...and having fun!
Now the biggest disappointment was the monkeys...for reasons I will not blog about...but this is a really cool picture I got...but the only one...and I had to zoom in only at the top of them...no other details than that will I share! The funny part was that Madison knew it was not interesting...thank goodness!

But one of our favorites was the penguin exhibit of course...the one I would have LOVED to have my camera with batteries at! All of the girls loved it! Lacey loved the puffins! (well penguins too - but she got excited about the puffins)! Madison and Daddy kept getting splashed by one - I think 2 times...possibly 3! It was really funny! Hayley kept thinking I would just let her go and jump right in the water too with the penguins! They all were so cute in the penguin house! We got some cute little keepsakes there...and they were greatly priced! Yippee!
When we saw the bird exhibit we came across a bald eagle - Bobby's FAVORITE! So I told Madison..."the bald eagle is Daddy's favorite!" So every bird she saw after or most animals for that matter was "That one is Daddy's favorite!" It was sooo cute:)
At 1:00 before the Campbells had to leave...we all saw the sea lion show...it was so great! I didn't get any pictures during it...but you know how you get the camera to turn on for a second when the batteries are dead? Well...that is what I did to get this picture and the ones of the tortoise and elephant pictures below...just by chance they took before the camera died again! Even though it wasn't during the show - I tried to get a picture of them!
Madison was so thrilled to see a turtle...if you read our turtle post...she has been asking ever since to see BIG ones and BABY ones...well this was a BIG one!
Another one of the girls favorites...Hayley really enjoyed them too. This elephant walked up to the water and we got to see her take a couple of drinks...it was super neat!
And anyone who knows our girls will be dumbfounded by this picture...this really happened. Hayley fell asleep for about an hour left of our zoo trip. We stayed after the Campbells left because we wanted to take them to see the River section and Hayley zonked out! She woke up right as we were leaving ready to go...so it was very cute and UNBELIEVABLE because they are just typically not known for falling asleep wherever or anywhere...usually just in the comfort of their own home. We went into the insect house which we ALL loved...spiders...beetles...scorpians...butterflies...and other neat things.
As we left we made a decision to catch Saturday church...we got home...we had to shower...we were kind of stinky because we got rained on and then sweated...but all of us ready to go in 1/2 no joke with all showers!!! Bobby and I were impressed that we really had the girls and ourselves ready to go in 30 minutes...however, as he came downstairs...he was wearing a red shirt and me in a red casual cotton dress...you know the saying after you have been together for awhile you start dressing, looking, and acting alike? Well...it's true for sure for us! And if it hasn't happened to you yet...it will! Well...when that first starting happening sometimes one of us will change...but after awhile..you just say "Oh well!"
And after church since we were in the area...we dropped by a restaurant with a gorgeous view of Lake St. Louis I had been wanting to take Bobby too - they have different locations...but this really is the BEST one! We sat on the deck...the only ones with the kiddos...it really was a beautiful night...another family came as we were paying so we had the whole dinner to ourselves outside! Can you believe that? And after dinner...well it was ice cream...we really don't have a ton of sweets...although it seems like it with the s'mores post...but ice cream...socializing with our neighbors since all happened to be outside at the same time...and after the girls went to bed...some nice conversation sitting on the bench on our porch...hope your weekend was lovely too:)
Of course I included some ice cream pictures of them and the last is us trying to catch a toad that was the smallest we have ever tried to catch! It was fun and we enjoyed the time with our neighbors too! (Not Madison in the Santa hat...our neighbor's cute daughter)
Blessings from us!

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