July 1, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!

Now I know you are ready for some non-bird posts finally, right? Over this past weekend we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th Birthday!!!!
Happy 90th Birthday LeRoy!Family from my Dad's side of the family came up/down to visit! How exciting! From my Aunt Pam's family we had 5 generations there!!!! Can you believe it? My girls are 4th Generation...it was just a really neat and a fun weekend. We had family down from Wisconsin where my Dad is from...people say that makes sense since I guess I use some northerner words...like soda but here in St. Louis that isn't any surprise, but when we lived in KC it sure was! Anyhoo (I always like to say that it reminds me of a friend in SC and then I think about how much I would LOVE to live there...sorry for the tangeant!)...we also had family from Columbia and Southwest Missouri. It was a great afternoon and my Grandpa just LOVES the company, socialize, and just watching everyone. The party was during Hayley's naptime so that is why she is absent in most pictures since my parents have a crib at their house, but Madison had a great time playing with her 2nd cousin Abby and 3rd cousin Cameron!

The 5th generation picture of Grandpa with Kaysen(sp? not sure on that). I love my Grandpa's smile in this picture...

Fun Facts about 1919...

  • The League of Nations was formed
  • Edsel Ford succeeds his father as head of the Ford Motor Company
  • A & W root beer was introduced
  • Black Sox scandal - the Cincinnati Reds "win" the World Series
  • The Treaty of Versailles was signed...ending WWI
  • Bentley Motors was founded
  • Oregon becomes the 1st US state to place a 1 cent per gallon tax on gasoline
  • Babe Ruth hit 29 home runs for the Boston Red Sox breaking the single-season record
  • The pogo stick toy was introduced
  • The 18th Amendement authorizing Prohibition went into effect in the US. A side fact said along with that...that it opened the door for Al Capone to make 100 million dollars a year at a time when most folks made $1,000/yr. at the time.

Some more pictures from the day. I am actually upset because I really wanted a picture of my Dad, Grandpa, and his two sisters Nancy and Pam....it is not often when everyone gets together, but perhaps next time:)

Abby, Madison, and Cameron...they had a great time playing together
Kasey and Kayson...not the mama...she is definitely done she said...
My Aunt Nancy trying to hide, my cousin Tammy, and Billy
My cousin Danny and his wife Lorri!
My second cousin Tyler, his wife Kristen, and of course Baby Kaysen
My Mom, Aunt Pam, and Aunt Nancy...
My 2nd cousins, Arika and Kaylee...I told them no attitude...but what can you expect with teenagers...they were cute and really so sweet:)...you can see their smiles under that attitude.
Lorri's daughter Jessica...my first time meeting her and her cute, cute son Damien!

I pretty much got everyone except my My dad...how horrible is that?, Grandpa, and his sisters together except my Uncle Peter (Nancy's husband...)

My Grandpa and I have always been close...although lately for some reason my schedule has prevented me from seeing him as often as I am usually used to:(

Everyone says I remind them of my Grandma Gladyce and boy were they a pair...it was a great time like I said, and I love my Grandpa very much...during elementary, junior high, and high school years we grew up right down the street from my Grandpa...how fun was that! We have so many more memories to make, but he sure loves my girls and that is so neat everytime he sees them:)

Blessings from us all!

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