April 26, 2009

An Everyday Family Weekend!

Just an everyday family weekend where we got some cute pictures that we wanted to share along the way. Saturday morning I had a health and wellness fair I set up at so it was great to spend time with Bobby - he loves to come to the wellness fairs since he loves that part of my business. Nice time to spend together too!

After that we picked the kiddos up from my parents where they had a fun morning and early afternoon outside and playing. After that we headed to Lowe's (our home away from home in the spring and summertime) and got some supplies we need to plant our tree, flowers, dirt, and two more smaller hibiscus trees which I fell in love with on our honeymoon almost 7 years ago now! So it is neat to have them along with some decorative grass! We had a FUN-filled weekend outdoors and the girls loved it! Hayley napped for most of the time Saturday - fell asleep on the way home from Lowe's so Madison was our big helper outside which she loved and took many popsicle breaks (we enjoyed those too :) ). When I was planting some flowers I came across a worm so I called Madison over to show her and the brave little girl picked it up - I was so proud of her! However, in the picture below she was more timid with the one Daddy was holding - I actually don't blame her...it was kind of a gigantic one being that it was about 2 to 2 1/2 times longer than the other one so she wouldn't get too close to this one!

After Hayley woke up she was so excited to come outside - she ran when she saw the door open to go outside. She was ready to play! She first saw all the toys and was excited then moved her way to Madison's slide which she tried to climb up backwards (in turn bothered Madison since she was trying to come down). Eventually that worked out but it was cute watching Hayley try to climb it. The other day at the Jump for Fun place - the little toddler slides - she did climb up the slick side all by herself! Obviously it wasn't that busy so she could do that...so she thought she could do it again - but this one was much bigger.

We got most of everything done on Saturday - we just headed back to Lowe's on Sunday for the mulch, steaks for the trees, and I found one more plant to add on - it was a small one but it was a great one to fill a spot - a guacamole lily plant (looks like a hosta right now). Loved it even more when I saw the name! Funny right? Maybe just to me - as I laughed about that and Bobby shook his head at me - he doesn't think my funnies are truly that funny. No inside joke about it but after my pregnancy with Hayley I have to have avocados on something at least once a week - whether sliced on a sandwich/wrap, guacamole, etc. Well that comment went on longer than expected. Sorry about that!


Here is Sunday morning - I just thought the girls looked really cute in their outfits ready to go to church so I thought I would get some pictures of them. They were excited to go and Madison enjoyed it because she moved up to the next room since she is 3 - she enjoyed it so much. We usually bring both girls in for the last song as long as we remember in time because they love it so much but her room was still doing learning activities so we left her in there and grabbed Hayley - she just danced away and tried to sing to the music with "her" words - she loved it today!

Hayley napped by the time we got home again and had lunch so we brought Madison outside - she appreciates some individual time and with Daddy home we thought we would let her pass on her rest time today (not too many naps from her anymore just rest time). Anyway - she wanted a hat since Mommy had on a visor and wanted her rainboots today outside - we think it made for a pretty cute ensemble! We had to get a picture of it - she loves to help water and is excited that her and Hayley's pots are sprouting some green now! Then she ventured to help Mommy try to pick out some of the weeds - real fun let me tell you with the ground here! The picture below of Hayley was cute too so I included it too - just a fun smile!

Blessings and love from us!

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