April 9, 2009

In the words of a 3-year-old!

In the words of a 3-year-old...I thought I would do a little mini interview of Madison at dinnertime. We usually talk about her favorite part of the day...but I thought I would mix it up a bit since Daddy is out of town and have a picnic dinner on the floor! We layed a great big blanket down...got Hayley in her booster (try to contain some of the mess, right?) and we ate. Well they did...I forgot to fix myself something to eat! LOL! Hmmm....I guess it will be a protein shake and...- same thing I had for lunch! I do usually cook...and yes the same meal for all of us...I just believe the kids eat what we all eat...but NOT tonight...just really wasn't up to it and dinnertime snuck up on me. It has just been one of those weeks. Betcha couldn't tell - thank goodness I am the one taking the pictures at dinner! Enjoy the interview and her sweet little answers!

Here it goes (hopefully I have asked some decent questions...)

1. What is your name?

2. When is your birthday?
Tinkerbell (probably since we just had Tinker party)

3. How old are you?
I [will] be 3....April

4. What is your favorite color?
Pink (yep sure is...pink and blue her favorites)

5. What movie do you like?
I like to move it, move it (Madagascar)

6. What do you think of Hayley?
Hayley likes to move it, move it

7. Where is Daddy?
Airplane (the way she talks about Daddy being on an airplane you would think he was a pilot...very cute though). We have a map puzzle and show her he flies to Arizona right now. I am starting to show her that next week Daddy and Mommy will fly to Nevada for my conference...does she really get it? Who knows?...probably not, but a great way to start talking about it with her.

8. Who do you play with at school?
The kids (it is so cute when she says that - like she is an adult herself or something)
What are their names? Emma, Brenton, and Dominic

9. What color are your jeans? (Trick question...just wanted to hear her correct me and tell me
they are pants! :) )
This is a hoot...one of my favorite things to do with Madison - she wants jeans to be called jeans...khakis khakis and pants (pajama pants...pants) now her brown khakis she will call pants too. So she matter of factly said - "Pants Mommy!" (She had the brown khakis on which I guess qualified as pants today!)
10. Do you like to sing?
I can't like to sink. (laughing.....) I like to sing...little sing.

11. What is Daddy's name?
Blue! Huh? (She does know Daddy's name...Bobby and sometimes we kid with Daddy and we call him Robby! He LOVES that!)
She continued...I got to tickle Daddy when he gets home right?

12. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate....(I would say definitely true...although she loves her vanilla protein milk better than chocolate.)

13. Tinkerbell or mermaid?
Tinkerbell....(got it right for her party it looks like...whew)

14. What's your favorite food?
Carrots...(maybe because she is eating them? But she really does love them!)

15. Are you ready for bed?
No thank you!

At the end of the interview she told me "Laugh Mommy!" (commanding me to laugh!) Very cute! Then she said "Mommy, I'm watching you!... I did it right?" - where she uses the two fingers and turns them to point....I do that when we are kidding around together...something that always makes her laugh because we do it in a funny voice.

That's it...Hayley just watched us during this time...she's taking a drink, but couldn't get over those eyes!

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Laurie said...

OH, the pictures are just ADORABLE!! I love the close ups! And the interview was precious! :) I think Hayley looks A LOT like your mom. Do you think so too? Especially her eyes- they are soo pretty!