April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Madison!

The kiddos are in bed...Bobby is out of town so I am updating ...

Madison had a wonderful party. We had some time in between church and her party to give everyone a break and allow us to prepare too! I did most of the preparation the evening before it was just a matter of finishing setting it up and of course - we did the same - had some catered (same place) in because we had a lot of family up and busy week for all of us! Like I mentioned in an earlier blog Madison painted pictures for everyone and we did the favor boxes - this time with butterflies on the top...of course goodies inside...along with a thank you note for coming and a wonderful tidbit about butterflies that I will share:

we are all born small and appear to be the same (like a caterpillar), but as we grow older our "true" beauty shows (like the butterfly). Much like a butterfly, we are all different and beautiful in our very own way! Butterflies are known to stand for wisdom and everlasting knowledge. The metamorphosis a butterfly undergoes has been compared to the journey a person undergoes spiritually throughout their life...transitions...change...and love!

Madison is so special - just like Hayley - we love you our butterfly - you are just so sweet, caring, fun, goofy, "so silly" as you would say, smart, and just wonderful. We love you sweetheart!

We had a lot of fun - just like I mentioned in the earlier blog this morning - Abigail and Madison are just 2 days apart. As we didn't know they were able to come until the day before - boy we were thrilled and excited. Monica had text me to let me know...and I said ABSOLUTELY! I knew it would be a terrific time to get the girls together even if it was just overnight! So the odd thing was that I just actually finished her shopping the evening before (Thursday night) so I had her presents all ready to go with a little something for Katelynn too! (One of the things I love is to do matching for siblings while they are young...so part of Abigail's and Katelynn's presents were matching butterfly shirts). So I was happy the girls had things to open together! Anyway - they had a lot of fun playing together, and Madison got some really cool gifts from EVERYONE!!! I must be way out of the loop with shopping and such because everything was so neat and nothing I would ever find!
They both couldn't resist the icing! And a cute little fam pic.

We gave some of Madison's gifts from us at her party but the rest will be on her "actual birthday." Anyway - we got her pumas! So excited was she! Daddy and Mommy have always been puma fans - well obviously because of SOCCER! Madison LOVES pumas too so we got her her own pair of tennis shoes...she needed them anyway - growing girl! Everyone else got her some really cool dress up outfits, clothes, purses - a fav of hers! - awesome wagon that she wanted her sister and both cousins to sit in there with her, bath items, Tinkerbell doll, Tinker shirt, monkey pj's, keyboard..uh oh...cupcake play toy - just her thing to organize the items :), beautiful big butterfly painting for her room, Taylor Swift dolls - oh yes, very cool and one sings :), for a 3-year-old! How cute though. I know I am forgetting things, but colors for the bath and regular...very blessed I may say...all things that kept them all busy for the night!

Some pictures of gift opening for both girls - Madison closed her finger in the door just before everyone came over so she wanted to sit in Uncle Tyler's lap to start and made her way to Daddy for the rest.

We had Tinkerbell cake, and I made the lime sherbert punch since it was green for Tinkerbell for Madison to have some along with everyone else! We had Tinkerbell everything for them to play with! It was great! I have included some pictures along the way and throughout the day on Saturday.

Mena with Hayley. Grandma Suzie and Katelynn.

Both Abigail and Madison didn't want to get to bed so we put a movie in and eventually I think they did. For the 3rd or 4th time...no joke...that Madison fell asleep on Mommy - she has never been one to fall asleep with us - she likes to sleep alone which is a very good thing but I do like to cuddle with her too - so that was nice, except that I fell asleep too! Go figure that one, right?
Katelynn at the party - both Hayley and Katelynn had on two giraffes on their shirts - not planned...

This picture is with my cousins Addie and Lexie - I always love to see them and we got a picture together :) Yippee!

Aunt Monica with Katelynn and Hayley.

Papa John pulling Madison and Hayley in the wagon (below) and above Lexie, Mary, and Addie (top).
These last pictures are of Bobby and Tyler - goofy brothers they are! I guess just some brotherly love?!?!?!

THank you EVERYONE for coming and everyone sending wonderful birthday wishes and cards! Madison just always thinks it is fun to see everyone so thank you for sharing with her in
whatever way you could.
Blessings from all of us!

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