April 6, 2009

Fun at Easter Eggstravaganza!

We had a lot of happenings over the weekend to share. First we can start with Easter Eggstravangza at our church! It was a great time where they had Easter Egg hunts, crafts, prizes, stories from the characters of the Easter story, and many more other things we didn't get to. Uncle Tyler helping Madison with the craft.

Aunt Monica was able to bring her girls - our nieces - just in time to join us for the Easter Eggstravaganza at church so Madison, Hayley, Abby, and Katelynn had a great time together - it was fun to have the cousins together at a neat function like that! It was really cute actually and to see the girls do the egg hunt!
Hayley was first in her age category - Daddy helped her and Hayley loved putting eggs in the basket! She did a great job - Daddy was so proud of her (mommy too - but you can see daddy helping her).

Hayley looking for another egg...Daddy looking handsome (that'll embarrass Daddy, but it's true! :) )

Mommy proud of her little girl too!

The Clark Family with everyone there - Abby really enjoyed seeing Hayley when she got there - she was just brushing her cheek with her finger! So very cute and Hayley just loved watching her.

Madison and Abby giving one another a hug - just adorable - them together. Papa with Katelynn - she was just relaxing and enjoying being warmer from outside because it was WINDY! Madison and Abigail are just 2 days apart and Katelynn and Hayley are just 2 months apart to the day! Can you believe how cool that is? We just wish they lived closer, but they will grow up seeing one another fairly often for living far away so that is pretty neat!

Madison and Abigail at the egg hunt - Daddy and Uncle Tyler gave them pep talks to fire them up!!! How funny.

The girls together after the egg hunt - how cute with their arms around together! They did so well. Tonight after everyone is in bed I will update about Madison's birthday party that afternoon too!

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