April 22, 2009

So many pictures...I know...but to us they are worth it!

Well - absolutely a ton of pictures - but we have never had so many pictures of Bobby and I together...and they are at our conference! It was great because everywhere we went we saw other consultants - over 8,000 consultants attended so everyone was helping everyone get pictures together...none of that "odd worry" to ask a stranger to take your picture because they were all other consultants! It was so much fun and lots and lots of husbands were there...actually several men consultants too so it was just great. Our trainings were great - just one of the best trips I have EVER had plus it gave Bobby and I some time to spend together which most know - rarely happens anymore...I mean spending time together just the two of us on a wonderful trip and conference!

I know this is a long one but so many have been asking me details, and I thought this was the best way to do this - was to show it all...well almost all of our time!

On the airplane ride there I was on the plane with many of the consultants here in St. Louis - not in my upline - but it was so much fun to ride on the plane with them because I have gotten to know them so well and we all just help one another!

The first picture was of the Ignite wall - the theme of the conference this year - where we got to write on the wall - how neat that was...we got there just in time because space filled up quickly. I included what I wrote too. I hope you enjoy!

The picture on the left is completely AWESOME. Cecilia Stoll in the middle who I squealed out of joy when I saw her - that got a laugh out of everyone that was with me. She is a completely wonderful person who epitimizes exactly what Arbonne is about - helping others, giving to others, and one of the biggest hearts I have ever known! On the right is Stacee Fix and her son Deon - Stacee is a great friend but also my upline that I work with! One of the greatest persons I have ever met...I am so thankful for her and our friendship!

The next picture of all of us girls are those in Stacee's region - we all had a terrific time together and since they are out-of-state, I LOVED being able to spend some time with them instead of just phone and e-mail!

Below is Jennifer Jerry - I am in her nation - she is just a beautiful and giving person all around. So incredibly sweet and will do anything for you. She is so fun and makes you always feel so good! Also below we got our picture taken with Peter Matravers - who is the Vice President of Product Development - he was on stage with Pierre (the top bio-chemist in the world who does Arbonne's products) and they were a complete riot together - we learned so much, and they both are so personable. On the way home from the convention we were in line to check our baggage and Peter Matravers was in front of us - Bobby and I started talking to him, learned about his family, more about his passion with Arbonne. He was so willing to take the time to talk with us it was AMAZING!

The picture to the left here is of Bobby and I at the Belagio (sp?). I always LOVE to stop there because of their beautiful flowers - I just love flowers!!! We wanted to see what they did this time. Last time we were there they had created Buddhists out of flowers - it was incredible. This time the theme was a beautiful butterfly garden - it was gorgeous!

This next picture is of Bobby and I at the Grand Awards Ceremony - the last evening where Arbonne just pampered us and we celebrated the success of others! The first entertainer was David Cassidy - I really enjoyed him. His wife Sue Cassidy is a consultant with our company. David's testimony with our products is amazing and how they changed his life- it is what allows him to play the guitar again. It was Sue's birthday so he had her come on stage and we all sang Happy Birthday to her! How neat that was - she was embarrassed though - but we know she had to have enjoyed it too!

The last performer was former American Idol David Cook - he was sooo neat and so much fun. Bobby really enjoyed him as well - we got some great video of him as well. It was a great night to end the conference and be in an area full of people following their dreams, celebrating, helping one another, cheering, and singing with the performers!

That was about our conference - of course we had an AMAZING product launch and such...the speakers and training were fantastic! We learned a lot, shared a lot, cried, laughed, and really enjoyed one another's company!

That's it! Blessings to you from us.

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