April 1, 2009

Yes, a post without pictures! It will have to do for now.

Yes, this is a post without pictures. A new digital camera coming soon? We will definitely have to fix that before Madison's birthday party...I hope. Just thought I would share some happenings at our household this week.

On Monday was Hayley's 1 year appt. We had to put that off for awhile since she has been on and off sick lately, but everything was grand - she was 50% height and 40% weight! She did great - she is speaking words well and signing. Madison was a TERRIFIC big sister at the appointment! Hayley was just not fond of the immunizations, and Madison just helped me calm her down - she kissed her on her head and said "shhh...Hayley It's okay...shhhh..." How cute that was! Madison really enjoys going to our doctor - she really engages with the girls so she now loves it! We still can't turn her around in the car - just not quite enough yet so we will have to wait. However, when that comes I know it will be a hoot in the car with both of them facing forward!

Yesterday Hayley had sunglasses on that Mena purchased for her, and she just thinks she is "big stuff" with them on and a "ROCK STAR." I did take pictures but you know that digital camera would be handy to upload them. Anyway - soo stinkin' cute. Mena by the way is my mom - (a little fyi on that one...Madison came up with that name when she first starting talking and stuck ever since. Anyway - it used to also be the same thing Madison called bananas - how funny - she no longer calls bananas that but it was funny she said "Mena" for both of them). Hayley also got her 1st baby doll from our friends yesterday and a basket full of goodies she loved. I still plan on doing her belated birthday blog - those pictures should be in anyday now!

Some happenings with Madison:

Anyone who knows Madison well knows she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Taylor Swift. The other day I said her name and she said "No, mommy...I am Taylor Swift." Not just Taylor, but Taylor Swift. Well Daddy loves to put CMT on Saturday and Sunday mornings as we all get ready so that is how she fell in love with her. Anyway - Papa Clark and Grandma (I say Papa Clark because she has two Papas) purchased her Taylor's CD last time they were up, and it is the only thing she listens to in the car. The only thing...aren't I supposed to have control on that being the driver and all? No, that is the first thing she asks for even before we are in the car. I just can't help but putting it on everytime for her because if you heard her sing - you would ! She especially loves #4 and #5 on the 2nd CD (we just purchased the 1st one for her birthday coming up). Her sweet little voice really gets into the singing. I love car rides now. I just smile the whole time! I am trying to figure out how to get video of that without her noticing because she gets shy when people realize she is singing... But I have got to get that figured out to show her someday.

Yesterday Madison painted lots and lots of pictures. So cute with her painting apron on - I am using them as part of the favors for her party this weekend - she painted everyone dresses including both Papas, Uncle Tyler, and Daddy. She told me "Daddy, has to wear this, right?" I said ABSOLUTELY! He will thank me for that later! Everyone got dresses painted except for Katelynn her cousin - she got painted a castle. I just love her imagination and descriptions of such. She isn't done painting yet we still have more to go - I wonder if more dresses will be coming? She included me in painting too and said "Mommy, this is dress is for you - you a Queen?" How sweet was that?

Last night Hayley spent about 45 minutes with her piggy bank - the play one with the big coins doing so well at putting them in with BOTH hands by herself. She has the focus and detail like Madison did. It is cute to see! She, I think will be a climber - last night she also climbed on Madison's little trunk we keep all of her blankets in. It is at the foot of her bed, and then she climbed onto Madison's queen size bed by herself - no trouble at all doing so! She was so proud of herself and just stood up!...[Yes we have a queen size for Madison as we needed a guest room bed so we use that when guests are in town.] She LOVES it because she can have lots of pillows on it (just like mommy likes) and blankets.

Well off to pick up Madison from school today. I know pictures would help:) I will work on that! Enjoy your day everyone! Blessings from all of us!

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