April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison!

Madison is three today. Just a couple of hours ago Madison was born...well 4 now to be exact (maybe not by the time I am finished posting). But just 3 pushes and poof she arrived - well not without some eventful things during labor...but that doesn't matter now! I seriously had to patiently wait to meet her...Bobby met her first (really) but a long wait well worth it (in more ways than one)! I decided to post some pictures of her birthday and thought I would also do some throughout her three years but those aren't on this computer - so I need to get those to where I may have them on CD...just to celebrate, but that will have to be a different post all in itself since I don't have them right now.

(By the way...love this hat on Hayley...we get so many compliments on it for her!)

Nothing too eventful for the day today...we took her to dinner with us and Papa and Mena and had a mini Mermaid Cake for her. She honestly had a very cranky day...I still think she is catching up on her sleep from last weekend. She is definitely a child that loves routine and her sleep...wonder where that comes from?

We did just get her some new books to open today which she excitedly wanted us to read to her before bed tonight! (A new Bible since hers that we got her over a year ago now just seemed a bit too old for her...she was excited about the new one...a little more detailed and the pictures were great (which are important to kiddos too). That was it!

Happy Birthday to our sweet butterfly who lights up our days and really teaches us what life is all about!

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