April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone! Wow...what a wonderful day to celebrate! I just had to include this family picture of us just because THIS IS how our family pictures often turn out...far from perfect...but it is perfect to us! We have definitely stopped worrying about both kiddos smiling at the same time...we still try, but you know the pictures are always great because they are in them...we told my Dad when he was taking it...just take the picture and however it is, it is! I think it is great!

Hayley is holding a coin from the piggy bank she loves. I really love this picture of her! Just perfect...her eyes matched the dress too! (Sigh (in my head)...just precious). The only picture we were able to get with her looking at us - she is on the move like sis so you have to be quick and not mind accessories in the photo!

I have included some other Easter photos of the girls in their dresses. I just thought they were the cutest things...separate pictures of them just seems to be a bit easier! I just couldn't get over them in their dresses. Very cute - they both loved them too! We went outside and the girls went straight for the flowers to play with and Hayley in the dirt - all was able to be wiped off...but absolutely my girls indeed!

They had a lot of fun at the egg hunt we had at my parents that afternoon - it was sooo cute. I should have included pictures of that too, but didn't because I have already noted an egg hunt in an earlier post...but it was just cute! Madison does great and Hayley really has it down to pick up eggs and put them in her basket! Not even kidding. Then Madison helped Hayley out when she dropped hers and the eggs fell out. She put EVERY single one of Hayley's back in her basket to help her. Really sooo sweet! (Absolutely not always like that if you have stayed at my home...but they really are truly good to one another when it comes down to it...the most important thing!)

Madison I actually got to pose for me!!! I was so excited. She only did it because she really liked her dress! I just love that beautiful smile and laugh! Just perfect!

I did post one of the girls and me...not too frequent I am able to get a picture with both girls so I enjoyed it. (Even though by that time they were done...I think it turned out great.)

Then below is Mena, Papa, Grandpa Morrison, and Hayley. Madison was due for some alone time by the time church was over that she really has to have sometimes so that is why she wasn't in the picture...taking time to unwind a bit!

Happy Easter everyone! (a day late).
Blessings from all of us!

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Carrie Yost said...

I LOVE the dresses....my favorite color!! Your girls couldn't be more perfect...we have got to get together soon before they're all grown up!!