April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayley! March 15th! -----(Belated Post)

Pictures are here! However, I think Bobby got some really great ones on his digital camera he has for work which I don't have yet - that is pretty funny if you know Bobby well too :). I will have to add those later! Hayley had a great birthday - getting some major teeth and not feeling tops that evening later on but she had a great birthday - opened presents well and had some fun! She was a queen at pulling that tissue paper out of those bags - it was really cute! Madison was a terrific big sister - a great big help and she got some presents too - how sweet of our family! Of course the theme was dragonflies as it was her 1st birthday! Bobby and I did emphasize not too many toys (which I never really like telling people what to get, but since they asked we just said that she already has a ton of toys from Madison so it would really be chaotic at our home with any more toys added - we were thankful for that!). Thank you family! We loved having everyone up and visiting - we actually had food brought in this time which was soooo much easier on Mommy and it didn't cost any more than how much we spent on Madison's 1st birthday so it turned out fantastic! Enjoy the pictures and to our sweet little Hayley - she is our dragonfly and sunshine and loves, loves, loves her big sister and Cadence (our puppy - they have a special bond like Madison did with Maximus). Happy Birthday sweetie - we love you!

We also did favors for everyone with something from my business, a friend made these dragonfly tags for us- that I encouraged them to pass on to someone else, and candy from Trader Joes (my favorite place!)! I only am sharing that because we also put a little thank you for everyone coming and just something interesting about dragonflies so we thought we would share it with everyone:

The dragonfly is regarded as a symbol of light... adaptability... love... hope... grace...and transformation...life's ever constant process of change. They have the unique ability to reflect and refract light making them known as "light-bearers." Hopefully this may remind all of us to let our own light shine forth as "light-bearers" too.

I know pictures is what everyone would like to see so here they are:

Just some cute pictures of Hayley opening gifts and such - then Madison playing "ring around the rosy" with Hayley - one of Madison's favorite things to do! We also got Hayley her chair so they could sit together and such - they BOTH think that is just the coolest think they have their own chair and climb from one to the other! It is really, really fun and cute to see them playing on them...that is until Madison turns them over calling them mountains and they both topple down which creates some bumps - but great imaginations nonetheless!

Now for the cake pictures which are always fun: (Daddy's and Mommy's favorite part! You have to love them trying cake for the first time!)

Yummy - white cake! (the only time I get away with ordering just white...is the 1st birthday! :) )

Here are some cute pictures of Madison at the party too: She is so cute :))! We love you our sweet darling!

Pictures of family that attended - we didn't get everyone, but we did the best we could!

Everyone that came and tried to come - thank you so much - Papa, Mena, Papa, Grandma, Great Grandpa Morrison, Tyler, Melissa, Mary, Mark, Betty, Lexie, Wyndell, Janel, and Lacey! Aunt Monica, Abby, and Katelynn - thank you for trying!! Thank you to Great Grandpa and Grandma Wappel, Great Grandma and Grandpa Finley, Addie, and Andy for sending their love too!


Carrie Yost said...

Aww Happy late birthday, Hayley! By the way, can Madison look any more like you, Martha? Holy cow...as she gets older, it is even more obvious! They are adorable!

Julie said...

Yes, happy belated birthday to Hayley and wishing a happy early birthday to Madison!! I have to second Carrie's comment. I can't believe how much Madison takes after you and you can see Bobby in Hayley. They are so cute together!!