April 30, 2009

Something Handmade...but not from me!

I have a post about something kind of neat...a friend has her etsy shop and makes handmade beautiful creations Angela Harris ( Angela's Etsy Shop or check out her blog Angela's Blog) - I am showing one that I put in a frame to use for home decoration because I loved the color so much (that is the color we would like to add to our living area with accessories). We have a beachy themed home - well what we would eventually like to portray! I am NOT a good decorator at all so I was excited and quite pleased with this look I did by myself. We have ladder bookshelves since around March and now and then I have been finding things for it ...it is a process for me since I have trouble in this area but sometime (and in no rush) it will be complete!

I just wanted to share her beautiful work. I needed a background to go behind the tag so I just used some tulle I had from my business around cardstock - eventually maybe I will find a background that better suits but I enjoy this for now. Some of her tags I have started to use in my business too as thank you's and to write nice things to those in my business too. They are different, unique, beautiful, and handmade which makes people feel nice (my hope) to share a nice thing every once in awhile - I have with thanks ones that I give out with gifts to my clients and have added some to Mother's Day baskets I will be/am doing. With Angela's permission I have added these pictures of her tags - my picture quality may not be as good so you will want to check out her shop.

She had made some butterfly and dragonfly ones I purchased too so I plan to eventually put those in a frame in the girl's rooms too when I come across the right frames. They are so cute! I also had to do some mini tags that I will do something special for the girls and write neat things to them every once in awhile...I have had plans in the works for awhile now to make the box to store them in, but that just hasn't happened yet either. The mini tags are shown below too.

Here are some more of her trim tags she has that I have purchased - I have more but I thought I would just show a variety.

Here are the mini butterfly and dragonfly tags she made me for the girls. They are great. Also shown are mini crown tags I use for Bobby and the "Remember When" tags for Bobby. With our MOPS group we were introduced to doing the Love Dare so I started with that which if you have never done that - it is great for anyone! Then I moved on to the "Remember When" tags for neat moments over our almost 15 years together! The crown tags - I challenged myself - just as the "remember when" tags I would leave one per day for him. The crown tags - (again an idea from Angela...boy she is wonderful and an "old soul" if you will!) - if you look in her February posts (I believe) she details it there too, but anyway "365 reasons why I love Bobby." I love challenges and challenging myself is the best thing I can do for me. You know to be honest this takes up time, and one of the reasons I am now an insomniac (but I work ahead the weeks he is out of town), but in the end it helps me when I miss him, helps me when it gets hard doing all the things I do, but the most important reason it makes him feel special when he is gone too...to know that I do miss him and he is thought of by all in our house even though it gets long and difficult sometimes! One of the things I learned in the Love Dare to continually do things - I have a great husband, and I want to make sure he is reminded of that. So for me...this idea works. Now I won't be able to do the 365 thing forever and every year...but I thought I would give it a try this year.

So these are my Thoughts on Thursday!

Blessings from all of us

April 28, 2009

A Change of Pace!

Well, I thought I would do something different tonight...I needed to do something different (yes...I said needed!) I think I am still recouperating from yesterday, no joke! It definitely was a day from whatever you want to call it. Madison was tired from apparently no rest time or nap on Sunday. Oh WOW - not a great combination. Madison just has a difficult time- we even now have Bobby talk with her one time during the day instead of just in the morning because that seems to help. Something happened last night! To sum it up short - Madison was in bed at 6:00 pm - well maybe 6:15 - she has never gone to bed that early. I just could not take her horrible attitude and back talk she was giving me from a very opinionated 3-year-old- and time out didn't work so her option if she didn't stop was to go to bed. And she didn't stop so it was bed. (I am not that horrible...she was asleep in literally 10 minutes - I checked on her because I felt guilty...I did get it right though -she was tired).
It even got better as the night when on... Meanwhile a client calls me - definitely thankful for the break - but my bedroom was destroyed trying to keep Miss Hayley occupied while I helped her. Enjoyed the conversation but Hayley was due for bedtime too (which is why my bedroom seemed destroyed...she was telling me Mommy bedtime!). I was up until about midnight- woken up at 2:00 by Madison (she seems to sleep more restless when tired) and then up for the morning at 4:00 (by my husband calling me...seriously?! He got the time wrong since he is 2 time zones away) At least he called, right! I can laugh about it now :)I get up at 5:00 to have my quiet time, Bible time, computer work time, etc. but getting up that extra hour early this morning made me very cranky today! I could have used that extra hour. My mom called me to check on me, and she said bring the girls over. I ABSOLUTELY took her up on that - got errands, one delivery, and other things done for my daily agenda all WITHOUT my kiddos. AND I picked up an AWAKE tea (no sweetener...Why did I just add that? No idea I guess just going through how I ordered it!) from Starbucks - my usual is Zen tea (my favorite...all I needed was to drink that and fall asleep on the way home so 2 tea bags it was of AWAKE...I love my tea strong!) Thank you MOM!
Well my intention for this post was to NOT talk about my lovely girls. However, I must add they were in pretty fun moods this morning...waking up in the morning so excited to see me with their smiles erased yesterday (except for being overtired). [But] ...this turned into a very detailed post...sorry guys!

So...what in the world is this post about? Well it is rainy here and I had so many blooms on my hibiscus tree open up today and more coming. While taking Cadence potty I saw them and just looked at them...I just think they are beautiful. The flowers are different...supposed to be the same color...but I am not digging one back up to get one to match perfectly. Bobby would kill me! Besides it may actually look better that they are different. I just thought with the rain on them they were beautiful - not all my plants are in bloom yet...still waiting on my asiatic lillies, hydrangeas to get ready - (what I did up front was try to plant all my wedding flowers in the front (well not this spring - I started that when we moved into this house) - I don't do the hydrangeas blue (as I prefer them)...just don't have time to deal with getting the pH correct)...anyway still needing the gerber daisies and one more. However, I did show my purple flowers that I just thought were beautiful too.

I thought I would take some time out before doing the rest of my items for the evening and take time for myself. I actually read this morning since I was up so early this - which got me thinking - I still have around 10 agenda items left but I am making 15 minutes for me and sharing this blog - who knows someone may need to look at pretty flowers too! Here is what I read this morning:
"God is superhuman, tireless, and all-powerful. Yet what did He do after creating the world? He rested. Let that sink into your brain. God. Rested. He didn't need to rest, but He purposefully took the time to step back, cease working, and enjoy His creation. If an all-powerful being made time to rest, that should speak volumes to us mere mortals.
As a member of the human race, you need to rest occassionally. You need to focus on "human," once in a while, and not so much on "race." You need to take time to recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually from life's demands. You need time to take stock of where you've been, where you are, and where you are headed. You need quiet, reflective, and restful moments - away from stress and to-do lists. You need to take the time to be a friend, a parent, a child of God."----excerpt from book - by Scott Degelman and Friends - God always has a Plan B.

So yesterday and today- I feel I fell short, but by the grace of God - everything is really fine when it comes down to it! Just a tired Momma from continually staying up so late. I was short with Bobby for waking me up an hour early this morning and for the fact he fell asleep at 7:00 in the evening when last night was no fun with two upset kiddos. Must be why he called me so early too - he was mixed up by falling asleep so early.

Maybe I should have just put instead of typing all this:
Enjoy the flowers!

April 26, 2009

An Everyday Family Weekend!

Just an everyday family weekend where we got some cute pictures that we wanted to share along the way. Saturday morning I had a health and wellness fair I set up at so it was great to spend time with Bobby - he loves to come to the wellness fairs since he loves that part of my business. Nice time to spend together too!

After that we picked the kiddos up from my parents where they had a fun morning and early afternoon outside and playing. After that we headed to Lowe's (our home away from home in the spring and summertime) and got some supplies we need to plant our tree, flowers, dirt, and two more smaller hibiscus trees which I fell in love with on our honeymoon almost 7 years ago now! So it is neat to have them along with some decorative grass! We had a FUN-filled weekend outdoors and the girls loved it! Hayley napped for most of the time Saturday - fell asleep on the way home from Lowe's so Madison was our big helper outside which she loved and took many popsicle breaks (we enjoyed those too :) ). When I was planting some flowers I came across a worm so I called Madison over to show her and the brave little girl picked it up - I was so proud of her! However, in the picture below she was more timid with the one Daddy was holding - I actually don't blame her...it was kind of a gigantic one being that it was about 2 to 2 1/2 times longer than the other one so she wouldn't get too close to this one!

After Hayley woke up she was so excited to come outside - she ran when she saw the door open to go outside. She was ready to play! She first saw all the toys and was excited then moved her way to Madison's slide which she tried to climb up backwards (in turn bothered Madison since she was trying to come down). Eventually that worked out but it was cute watching Hayley try to climb it. The other day at the Jump for Fun place - the little toddler slides - she did climb up the slick side all by herself! Obviously it wasn't that busy so she could do that...so she thought she could do it again - but this one was much bigger.

We got most of everything done on Saturday - we just headed back to Lowe's on Sunday for the mulch, steaks for the trees, and I found one more plant to add on - it was a small one but it was a great one to fill a spot - a guacamole lily plant (looks like a hosta right now). Loved it even more when I saw the name! Funny right? Maybe just to me - as I laughed about that and Bobby shook his head at me - he doesn't think my funnies are truly that funny. No inside joke about it but after my pregnancy with Hayley I have to have avocados on something at least once a week - whether sliced on a sandwich/wrap, guacamole, etc. Well that comment went on longer than expected. Sorry about that!


Here is Sunday morning - I just thought the girls looked really cute in their outfits ready to go to church so I thought I would get some pictures of them. They were excited to go and Madison enjoyed it because she moved up to the next room since she is 3 - she enjoyed it so much. We usually bring both girls in for the last song as long as we remember in time because they love it so much but her room was still doing learning activities so we left her in there and grabbed Hayley - she just danced away and tried to sing to the music with "her" words - she loved it today!

Hayley napped by the time we got home again and had lunch so we brought Madison outside - she appreciates some individual time and with Daddy home we thought we would let her pass on her rest time today (not too many naps from her anymore just rest time). Anyway - she wanted a hat since Mommy had on a visor and wanted her rainboots today outside - we think it made for a pretty cute ensemble! We had to get a picture of it - she loves to help water and is excited that her and Hayley's pots are sprouting some green now! Then she ventured to help Mommy try to pick out some of the weeds - real fun let me tell you with the ground here! The picture below of Hayley was cute too so I included it too - just a fun smile!

Blessings and love from us!

April 22, 2009

A Fun Wagon Ride!

Well, it is mid-week...the girls get antsy for Daddy to get home so we ALWAYS spend extra time outside...a nice long wagon ride and dinner outside tonight! It sure was nice! They LOVE the outdoors like mommy. We took along Cadence for this walk in the wagon, and since it was extra long ride she was tired. So I solved that...Madison "Miss Oversee-er" held Cadence for the reminder of the ride...half of it with Cadence in her lap and the other half telling Cadence to sit beside her. Hayley just was as happy as could be with her waterbottle and trying to pet Cadence and watch Madison. We enjoyed dinner on the porch that evening in their little chairs! Thought about a picnic in the grass...but definitely a mowing needed. I would be happy to do it, but don't want to take any risks with the girls and doing it at the same time.
It turned into a great night with taking the minds of Daddy being gone for the girls (that is the hardest part seeing them miss him)...and me too:)! Just two more days and that's it! We have a fun Friday morning planned at the Jump for Fun place with other kiddos and moms so that will be great and some time for Mommy to get out and do her thing on Thursday evening! A busy week but in our family that is always best!

Blessings and love from all of us!

So many pictures...I know...but to us they are worth it!

Well - absolutely a ton of pictures - but we have never had so many pictures of Bobby and I together...and they are at our conference! It was great because everywhere we went we saw other consultants - over 8,000 consultants attended so everyone was helping everyone get pictures together...none of that "odd worry" to ask a stranger to take your picture because they were all other consultants! It was so much fun and lots and lots of husbands were there...actually several men consultants too so it was just great. Our trainings were great - just one of the best trips I have EVER had plus it gave Bobby and I some time to spend together which most know - rarely happens anymore...I mean spending time together just the two of us on a wonderful trip and conference!

I know this is a long one but so many have been asking me details, and I thought this was the best way to do this - was to show it all...well almost all of our time!

On the airplane ride there I was on the plane with many of the consultants here in St. Louis - not in my upline - but it was so much fun to ride on the plane with them because I have gotten to know them so well and we all just help one another!

The first picture was of the Ignite wall - the theme of the conference this year - where we got to write on the wall - how neat that was...we got there just in time because space filled up quickly. I included what I wrote too. I hope you enjoy!

The picture on the left is completely AWESOME. Cecilia Stoll in the middle who I squealed out of joy when I saw her - that got a laugh out of everyone that was with me. She is a completely wonderful person who epitimizes exactly what Arbonne is about - helping others, giving to others, and one of the biggest hearts I have ever known! On the right is Stacee Fix and her son Deon - Stacee is a great friend but also my upline that I work with! One of the greatest persons I have ever met...I am so thankful for her and our friendship!

The next picture of all of us girls are those in Stacee's region - we all had a terrific time together and since they are out-of-state, I LOVED being able to spend some time with them instead of just phone and e-mail!

Below is Jennifer Jerry - I am in her nation - she is just a beautiful and giving person all around. So incredibly sweet and will do anything for you. She is so fun and makes you always feel so good! Also below we got our picture taken with Peter Matravers - who is the Vice President of Product Development - he was on stage with Pierre (the top bio-chemist in the world who does Arbonne's products) and they were a complete riot together - we learned so much, and they both are so personable. On the way home from the convention we were in line to check our baggage and Peter Matravers was in front of us - Bobby and I started talking to him, learned about his family, more about his passion with Arbonne. He was so willing to take the time to talk with us it was AMAZING!

The picture to the left here is of Bobby and I at the Belagio (sp?). I always LOVE to stop there because of their beautiful flowers - I just love flowers!!! We wanted to see what they did this time. Last time we were there they had created Buddhists out of flowers - it was incredible. This time the theme was a beautiful butterfly garden - it was gorgeous!

This next picture is of Bobby and I at the Grand Awards Ceremony - the last evening where Arbonne just pampered us and we celebrated the success of others! The first entertainer was David Cassidy - I really enjoyed him. His wife Sue Cassidy is a consultant with our company. David's testimony with our products is amazing and how they changed his life- it is what allows him to play the guitar again. It was Sue's birthday so he had her come on stage and we all sang Happy Birthday to her! How neat that was - she was embarrassed though - but we know she had to have enjoyed it too!

The last performer was former American Idol David Cook - he was sooo neat and so much fun. Bobby really enjoyed him as well - we got some great video of him as well. It was a great night to end the conference and be in an area full of people following their dreams, celebrating, helping one another, cheering, and singing with the performers!

That was about our conference - of course we had an AMAZING product launch and such...the speakers and training were fantastic! We learned a lot, shared a lot, cried, laughed, and really enjoyed one another's company!

That's it! Blessings to you from us.

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone! Wow...what a wonderful day to celebrate! I just had to include this family picture of us just because THIS IS how our family pictures often turn out...far from perfect...but it is perfect to us! We have definitely stopped worrying about both kiddos smiling at the same time...we still try, but you know the pictures are always great because they are in them...we told my Dad when he was taking it...just take the picture and however it is, it is! I think it is great!

Hayley is holding a coin from the piggy bank she loves. I really love this picture of her! Just perfect...her eyes matched the dress too! (Sigh (in my head)...just precious). The only picture we were able to get with her looking at us - she is on the move like sis so you have to be quick and not mind accessories in the photo!

I have included some other Easter photos of the girls in their dresses. I just thought they were the cutest things...separate pictures of them just seems to be a bit easier! I just couldn't get over them in their dresses. Very cute - they both loved them too! We went outside and the girls went straight for the flowers to play with and Hayley in the dirt - all was able to be wiped off...but absolutely my girls indeed!

They had a lot of fun at the egg hunt we had at my parents that afternoon - it was sooo cute. I should have included pictures of that too, but didn't because I have already noted an egg hunt in an earlier post...but it was just cute! Madison does great and Hayley really has it down to pick up eggs and put them in her basket! Not even kidding. Then Madison helped Hayley out when she dropped hers and the eggs fell out. She put EVERY single one of Hayley's back in her basket to help her. Really sooo sweet! (Absolutely not always like that if you have stayed at my home...but they really are truly good to one another when it comes down to it...the most important thing!)

Madison I actually got to pose for me!!! I was so excited. She only did it because she really liked her dress! I just love that beautiful smile and laugh! Just perfect!

I did post one of the girls and me...not too frequent I am able to get a picture with both girls so I enjoyed it. (Even though by that time they were done...I think it turned out great.)

Then below is Mena, Papa, Grandpa Morrison, and Hayley. Madison was due for some alone time by the time church was over that she really has to have sometimes so that is why she wasn't in the picture...taking time to unwind a bit!

Happy Easter everyone! (a day late).
Blessings from all of us!

April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison!

Madison is three today. Just a couple of hours ago Madison was born...well 4 now to be exact (maybe not by the time I am finished posting). But just 3 pushes and poof she arrived - well not without some eventful things during labor...but that doesn't matter now! I seriously had to patiently wait to meet her...Bobby met her first (really) but a long wait well worth it (in more ways than one)! I decided to post some pictures of her birthday and thought I would also do some throughout her three years but those aren't on this computer - so I need to get those to where I may have them on CD...just to celebrate, but that will have to be a different post all in itself since I don't have them right now.

(By the way...love this hat on Hayley...we get so many compliments on it for her!)

Nothing too eventful for the day today...we took her to dinner with us and Papa and Mena and had a mini Mermaid Cake for her. She honestly had a very cranky day...I still think she is catching up on her sleep from last weekend. She is definitely a child that loves routine and her sleep...wonder where that comes from?

We did just get her some new books to open today which she excitedly wanted us to read to her before bed tonight! (A new Bible since hers that we got her over a year ago now just seemed a bit too old for her...she was excited about the new one...a little more detailed and the pictures were great (which are important to kiddos too). That was it!

Happy Birthday to our sweet butterfly who lights up our days and really teaches us what life is all about!

April 9, 2009

In the words of a 3-year-old!

In the words of a 3-year-old...I thought I would do a little mini interview of Madison at dinnertime. We usually talk about her favorite part of the day...but I thought I would mix it up a bit since Daddy is out of town and have a picnic dinner on the floor! We layed a great big blanket down...got Hayley in her booster (try to contain some of the mess, right?) and we ate. Well they did...I forgot to fix myself something to eat! LOL! Hmmm....I guess it will be a protein shake and...- same thing I had for lunch! I do usually cook...and yes the same meal for all of us...I just believe the kids eat what we all eat...but NOT tonight...just really wasn't up to it and dinnertime snuck up on me. It has just been one of those weeks. Betcha couldn't tell - thank goodness I am the one taking the pictures at dinner! Enjoy the interview and her sweet little answers!

Here it goes (hopefully I have asked some decent questions...)

1. What is your name?

2. When is your birthday?
Tinkerbell (probably since we just had Tinker party)

3. How old are you?
I [will] be 3....April

4. What is your favorite color?
Pink (yep sure is...pink and blue her favorites)

5. What movie do you like?
I like to move it, move it (Madagascar)

6. What do you think of Hayley?
Hayley likes to move it, move it

7. Where is Daddy?
Airplane (the way she talks about Daddy being on an airplane you would think he was a pilot...very cute though). We have a map puzzle and show her he flies to Arizona right now. I am starting to show her that next week Daddy and Mommy will fly to Nevada for my conference...does she really get it? Who knows?...probably not, but a great way to start talking about it with her.

8. Who do you play with at school?
The kids (it is so cute when she says that - like she is an adult herself or something)
What are their names? Emma, Brenton, and Dominic

9. What color are your jeans? (Trick question...just wanted to hear her correct me and tell me
they are pants! :) )
This is a hoot...one of my favorite things to do with Madison - she wants jeans to be called jeans...khakis khakis and pants (pajama pants...pants) now her brown khakis she will call pants too. So she matter of factly said - "Pants Mommy!" (She had the brown khakis on which I guess qualified as pants today!)
10. Do you like to sing?
I can't like to sink. (laughing.....) I like to sing...little sing.

11. What is Daddy's name?
Blue! Huh? (She does know Daddy's name...Bobby and sometimes we kid with Daddy and we call him Robby! He LOVES that!)
She continued...I got to tickle Daddy when he gets home right?

12. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate....(I would say definitely true...although she loves her vanilla protein milk better than chocolate.)

13. Tinkerbell or mermaid?
Tinkerbell....(got it right for her party it looks like...whew)

14. What's your favorite food?
Carrots...(maybe because she is eating them? But she really does love them!)

15. Are you ready for bed?
No thank you!

At the end of the interview she told me "Laugh Mommy!" (commanding me to laugh!) Very cute! Then she said "Mommy, I'm watching you!... I did it right?" - where she uses the two fingers and turns them to point....I do that when we are kidding around together...something that always makes her laugh because we do it in a funny voice.

That's it...Hayley just watched us during this time...she's taking a drink, but couldn't get over those eyes!

April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Madison!

The kiddos are in bed...Bobby is out of town so I am updating ...

Madison had a wonderful party. We had some time in between church and her party to give everyone a break and allow us to prepare too! I did most of the preparation the evening before it was just a matter of finishing setting it up and of course - we did the same - had some catered (same place) in because we had a lot of family up and busy week for all of us! Like I mentioned in an earlier blog Madison painted pictures for everyone and we did the favor boxes - this time with butterflies on the top...of course goodies inside...along with a thank you note for coming and a wonderful tidbit about butterflies that I will share:

we are all born small and appear to be the same (like a caterpillar), but as we grow older our "true" beauty shows (like the butterfly). Much like a butterfly, we are all different and beautiful in our very own way! Butterflies are known to stand for wisdom and everlasting knowledge. The metamorphosis a butterfly undergoes has been compared to the journey a person undergoes spiritually throughout their life...transitions...change...and love!

Madison is so special - just like Hayley - we love you our butterfly - you are just so sweet, caring, fun, goofy, "so silly" as you would say, smart, and just wonderful. We love you sweetheart!

We had a lot of fun - just like I mentioned in the earlier blog this morning - Abigail and Madison are just 2 days apart. As we didn't know they were able to come until the day before - boy we were thrilled and excited. Monica had text me to let me know...and I said ABSOLUTELY! I knew it would be a terrific time to get the girls together even if it was just overnight! So the odd thing was that I just actually finished her shopping the evening before (Thursday night) so I had her presents all ready to go with a little something for Katelynn too! (One of the things I love is to do matching for siblings while they are young...so part of Abigail's and Katelynn's presents were matching butterfly shirts). So I was happy the girls had things to open together! Anyway - they had a lot of fun playing together, and Madison got some really cool gifts from EVERYONE!!! I must be way out of the loop with shopping and such because everything was so neat and nothing I would ever find!
They both couldn't resist the icing! And a cute little fam pic.

We gave some of Madison's gifts from us at her party but the rest will be on her "actual birthday." Anyway - we got her pumas! So excited was she! Daddy and Mommy have always been puma fans - well obviously because of SOCCER! Madison LOVES pumas too so we got her her own pair of tennis shoes...she needed them anyway - growing girl! Everyone else got her some really cool dress up outfits, clothes, purses - a fav of hers! - awesome wagon that she wanted her sister and both cousins to sit in there with her, bath items, Tinkerbell doll, Tinker shirt, monkey pj's, keyboard..uh oh...cupcake play toy - just her thing to organize the items :), beautiful big butterfly painting for her room, Taylor Swift dolls - oh yes, very cool and one sings :), for a 3-year-old! How cute though. I know I am forgetting things, but colors for the bath and regular...very blessed I may say...all things that kept them all busy for the night!

Some pictures of gift opening for both girls - Madison closed her finger in the door just before everyone came over so she wanted to sit in Uncle Tyler's lap to start and made her way to Daddy for the rest.

We had Tinkerbell cake, and I made the lime sherbert punch since it was green for Tinkerbell for Madison to have some along with everyone else! We had Tinkerbell everything for them to play with! It was great! I have included some pictures along the way and throughout the day on Saturday.

Mena with Hayley. Grandma Suzie and Katelynn.

Both Abigail and Madison didn't want to get to bed so we put a movie in and eventually I think they did. For the 3rd or 4th time...no joke...that Madison fell asleep on Mommy - she has never been one to fall asleep with us - she likes to sleep alone which is a very good thing but I do like to cuddle with her too - so that was nice, except that I fell asleep too! Go figure that one, right?
Katelynn at the party - both Hayley and Katelynn had on two giraffes on their shirts - not planned...

This picture is with my cousins Addie and Lexie - I always love to see them and we got a picture together :) Yippee!

Aunt Monica with Katelynn and Hayley.

Papa John pulling Madison and Hayley in the wagon (below) and above Lexie, Mary, and Addie (top).
These last pictures are of Bobby and Tyler - goofy brothers they are! I guess just some brotherly love?!?!?!

THank you EVERYONE for coming and everyone sending wonderful birthday wishes and cards! Madison just always thinks it is fun to see everyone so thank you for sharing with her in
whatever way you could.
Blessings from all of us!