October 4, 2010

my dream bedroom

the time has come to finally show our retreat
our dream bedroom

if you remember I first referenced
"in my dream bedroom" with this post here back in January

yes our room makeover has taken about a year by the time the finishing touches are finally done
I used some of the inspiration from the photos
but not too much

we had a couple of rules
for the big things in our room
we had to sell the old to purchase the new

by the time I am done with this post you will be amazed at how much money I didn't spend for our retreat bedroom

most of the furniture was given to us
either this past year or even prior to that
some even found for free

can you believe that?...
thankful we are, yes

for example we sold our old bed on craig's list that paid for our new bed in January or February
it has been so long I can't exactly remember when it was
I sold my old desk that paid for my new desk... {in February}

the only thing that was really of any cost is that we had to put in a ceiling light
because we didn't have one
the only light we had was coming from 2 lamps
and it just wasn't enough

the chandi I got back in February from a sweet man that sent it from Cali
it was such a great price

Madison even convinced us out of the first one we purchased
as her birthday present in April
she was so head over heals we couldn't say no
so we had him send us another one so we could have a light

the next rule we had was the paint colors were staying the same
and so were the curtains
because we loved them

now our paint...
you will either love it or probably not like it
we have one wall a pacific blue color ~ you will see as you walk in
and the rest is a tan color

we just couldn't do all our walls the pacific blue
we have a nice size bedroom and we didn't want to make it smaller with a dark color on every wall

without further ado
{remember I'm not great at indoor pics}

Welcome to our retreat!

as you walk in our bedroom this is what you will see

we have our walk-in closet to the left
and a small bathroom to the right
{which those were not part of the bedroom redo}

one of my very favorite items is that trunk we found last December at a consignment shop
very cheap and I talked about it here
it is over 75 years old now and has a key lock
love it!
it houses our extra blankets

behind the bed we hung 3 shutters that I found at a local shoppe back in March
she gave me quite the deal to get rid of them
we hung a curtain bar and 2 white curtains
because I wanted a light breezy feel behind our bed

I need to back up a bit...right when you walk in on the wall
{beside our closet}
is a mirror my grandpa gave to us

I painted it white to match our decor
but I love the detail and weight of it

above the bed we hung our beach sign that I got Bobby for Christmas last year

our white bedding that just makes me smile
my youngest almost got permanent marker all over
last week
I almost birthed twins right then and there

to the right of the bed is Bobby's bedside table
we love it as is....

we got it at the Kane County Flea Market a year ago last October for $25 or $30...

 I absolutely love the black and tan look on it
the couple who we purchased it from said it had many layers of paint on it
the details on the legs are so pretty

on the table we have a sailboat that Bobby's parents bought us years ago
an apothecary jar with sand from our 1st family beach trip I earned last October

a vintage book underneath it
and the vows I wrote to Bobby when we married are in that frame

the picture to the right of the table was given to us by my Grandpa
I painted the frame white
and we thought it looked perfect against the wall color
plus it has a beach scene with a sail boat

 my Grandmother's chair was given to me by my Grandpa too
it is very meaningful
as that was her special chair she sat in

we did get the chair re-upholstered earlier in the year
since it was a bold striped pattern that didn't fit with our decor
I chose something that reminded me of her
beautiful, elegant, and simple
we painted the arms and legs white and distressed them ourselves

on the wall to the right of this chair is a shelf that we already had

a pregnancy picture of me with Bobby
a Willow tree figure that Bobby got me last year for our anniversary
the sail framed painting is from my sister-in-law that she purchased for us while in Europe

and the clock was from my grandfather

{in case you are wondering my parents and I had to down-size my grandpa into assisted living last year and so he gave us everything that didn't fit in his new place}
I'm so thankful to have his items in our home

if you turn around from the right side of the bedroom you will see a window to the left
and our dresser
the dresser...you guessed it from my grandfather that I painted and distressed while Bobby was on one of his out of town trips

I should have taken a picture of the detail on top of the mirror...I love it
and our house wouldn't be our home if we didn't have pictures hung everywhere
the ones in our bedroom are mainly pregnancy pictures from both girls
taken by this great photographer

what I can't decide is if I should do anything above the mirror
in the future I was thinking of hanging little mirrors of different sizes and shapes
or empty vintage frames painted white

our are curtains on the left...
I love, love, love them since they are a pacific blue that matches our wall color really well

the basket on the floor
has books on my list to read
given to us and painted white

here are some images of items on our dresser

yes those are hydrangeas from my yard that I dried

shells in the silver dish from our beach trip last October that Bobby and Madison found
with the letter C I found in the dollar section at Michael's
{yes poor quality picture there}

and white beach rocks in a vintage container that we got from our beach trip as well
something we hope to fill up with trips in the future

and of course Cadence enjoying her favorite spot in our room

now to the left side of the room

I had to move my desk in the bedroom when Hayley was born
we wanted the girls to have their separate rooms

I'll start with my office area
now in all honesty...there is usually a printer underneath my desk right there
but I moved it to take pictures for you all
eventually I would like to put some white ruffled fabric surrounding the open space
to cover the printer and cords

the chair on the left was found for free
yes free...
Bobby fixed the seat for me because it was split
but it seems to be holding up just fine

I also painted the number thirteen on it

I actually {normally} have this chair downstairs for extra seating
but since I haven't gotten a chair that goes with my desk yet this is the one I put there for now

above my desk is my dream board I am working on adding my inspiration
but I made this one from
a vintage frame I purchased from the same shoppe as the shutters
she gave me a great deal that day for buying the three shutters and frame together

I already had a cork board I used
 it just so happened to fit perfectly in that frame
can you believe it?
lucky girl yes
and I just covered it with burlap I already had

on my board is a hydrangea picture that I actually want a frame for to hang in our kitchen
a letter M
a drawing the girls made me on my first travel trip without them
and a few vintage necklaces
as well as the first noodle necklace Madison made
yes that is a dove wrapper...Bobby posted it on my board as a reminder to me

I love *love* this lampshade on my desk

and the right side of my desk is a romantic poem Bobby wrote me a couple years ago
with two birds that were given to me by a friend

to the left of my desk is a dresser that used to be my Dad's
but it has traveled with me through college, apartments, our first home

I repainted, distressed, and changed the pulls/knobs a year ago
I actually mixed colors because I didn't like the color I originally got
which now I am in trouble because I needed to touch up a spot
and there is no way I can mix exactly to match
leason learned to keep special paint mixes *always*

it is also the dresser where our television currently resides but we moved it for the pictures
it will eventually be moved out of our bedroom into our small loft area
{yes he finally agreed}

what I eventually would like to put on the blue dresser are old {industrialish} lanterns
adding a little industrial decor to the room
when the time is right to shop for them

right now I just have just a few things including the flowers Bobby brought home to me when he told me he was going to be gone for 5 months

I love the glass knobs and cast iron pulls

to the right of my desk is an old framed mirror I found super cheap 
 Bobby painted the mirror with chalkboard paint
and I painted the frame
adding a starfish to the corner

used here for fun family photos we did
and the saying on the chalkboard I posted about here

now if you turn around and look at my bed again
this is my bedside table
that was given to us with the dresser from my Grandpa

a picture I love of Bobby and I
{Madison took it}
a lamp filled with sand and driftwood
and a special notebook to Bobby and I

this is our dream bedroom
it has taken us eight years plus to figure out exactly our combined style
we love white, tans, light colors
but also love a little bit of color and contrast
definitely blues
and obviously beach inspiration

we have areas we would love to add to in the future
but this is our retreat
our relaxation
our dream bedroom


Tish said...

oh miss martha! i luv, luv LUV! do my bedroom next : )

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Martha!!!! That is so super swoony. The bedding is divine. Yay you!!!!!

Vintage Junky said...

I love it! It is such a great bedroom! It makes me want to get in gear and finish ours...
have a great day!

Kristin said...

oh martha...your bedroom is *divine*!! i'm thinking i need a redo now!! ;0)

Shannon said...

So GORGEOUS, I love it. It looks so relaxing and cozy and beautiful. I really like that so many of the pieces you re-did yourself and have special meaning to them!

LuLu said...

Oh Martha your dreamy bedroom is gorgous! It's such a romantic retreat your you and your hubby!!! love all the details.... wow wow wow

Suzann said...

I LOVE it all.
How wonderful that you and your husband love the space!!! That is sooo important.
And, I love that you got a table at the Kane County Flea Market - I go there frequently!!!

Laurie said...

I can't even find the words. There just aren't any. But I'll try..... I love..... everything!! It is totally you and totally what I imagined the room to look like when it was finished. It looks NOTHING like it did a couple years ago when I snuck in there with you before my baby shower. I mean, seriously, I didn't recognize anything! Love the paint colors, love the bed, bedding, special touches (so Martha!), and the fact that there is no clutter. Please come re-do our master!!!! GREAT JOB!!

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

Absolutely LOVE it! You have no idea how much I would love a retreat like that! Bravo girlfriend - you did a fabulous job!

Jeanneoli said...

What a wonderful job you did!!! Amazing. I love the blue on the walls too...gorgeous!

Casa Bella said...

Oh my heavens, Martha. This IS a dream bedroom! You did an amazing job. The color on the walls is fabulous! What color is it? I'm curious as it is the perfect shade! The trunk, what a find! The dresser, oh my. I can keep going. Great job, sweetie. Great job.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

The room looks awesome. I am in love with the bedding and the belly pics. Awesome job!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

The wait was well worth it...your room is just beautiful. You guys did an amazing job.

Julie said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! i feel relaxed just looking at the pictures!

it's gorgeous, so so gorgeous and i love how you incorporated so many sentimental items in the decor. that is truly one special room you've decorated.

Julie said...

p.s. cadence reminds me of truman - enjoying her sunbathing. so cute!

kasey said...

So amazing Martha....you did good girlfriend!!
And i love that you found that little table at Kane!!

koralee said...

Oh my goodness..your room is stunning...my choice of colours exactly! I love your bed...love the linens!

You make me want to redo our bedroom.

Thanks sooooo much for sharing...you really outdid yourself my friend..do you hire yourself out???

tara said...

oh wow martha, your bedroom looks fantastic, totally magazine worthy, my goodness, I love the colors and the bedding...so pretty all mixed together!! everything is a work in progress but I think you are done here!! yipee!!

Lissa said...

I'm so happy for you to have your dream bedroom! I was just chatting away today about what my dream bedroom would be like. You did a fantastic job. Enjoy!

yonnie said...

love love it. Where did you buy the paint. I tried to find it on the usual websites but nothing by that name

Jennifer said...

I've been searching for perfect, white, fluffy, bedding for years now...and I'm really loving this. Can I please ask where you got it?? (even though I know this was a couple years ago...I'm still hopeful!) :-)