February 4, 2011

*love* finds

some *loves* to share with you for this month of *loving*

as I've always said
I believe in supporting the small/personal businesses
like myself
rather than going to a store and grabbing something off a shelf
{just a hint...things are done and made better with a small business}

I like to make the effort to find someone who carries that product
or who makes their product themselves
hope you enjoy my recent finds


Light Teal Love Pillow

found {here}

 these would be perfect on cupcakes for the girls

Ruffled Cupcake Toppers Set of Six

found {here}

 these to spice it up for your love

Set of 3 Letterpress Valentines

found {here}

*love* these adorable, adorable hats that would have come in handy this past week

Blushing Beauty vintage rosy pink visor hat

found {here}

Wildflower Spring Hat

found {here}

 these cake truffles I ordered for my friend's shower last September
and they are delish and so beautiful
the pink champagne and lemon are sooo yummy
and she added a coconut flavor it looks like too
here's her Valentine version

Glass Cake Truffles Full

found {here}

happy weekend everyone
I'm off to finish the decorating the last of 72 cookies


Urban Farmgirl said...

That *love* pillow is soooo cute! I just may have a spot for one of those! ;o)


Shannon said...

I'm off to check out those adorable hats!
Thanks for sharing :)

Julie said...

oh my gosh, those delicious cake balls! and to think i had 150 waiting for me at the apartment after the wedding b/c i forgot all about them! i'm craving them now :o)

love all the other finds, too!

Lissa said...

i love those cards! they're gorgeous! 72 cookies?!? that's a lot of work!

Lissa said...

i love those cards! they're gorgeous! 72 cookies?!? that's a lot of work!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Loving that hat!!

Jacki said...

those cake balls are really cute. my kids, valentines, would love something like that.

LuLu said...

i'm in a shopping mood today and now your post has me wanting everything!!! oh so many yummies!!!

Sammy said...

What pretty girls you have! I like your blog too.