February 17, 2011

if you've got 'em...I'll take 'em...

these put a smile on my face today
my mom found my baby shoes the other day and gave them to me in the original box

completely going in another direction right now
and completely on the verge of t.m.i

I'll tell you a little story
one that will embarrass the heck out of myself
but I'm really at a point where it's better to laugh at myself than not

I sent this e-mail to my husband yesterday
thought he might like the laugh

Me:   Who forgets to pull down their underwear when they sit down to tinkle?.....

That would be your wife…not your children…but your wife

Thank goodness I was home :)

Bobby's response:

When I first started reading that I was thinking it was Hayley.
Are you just that tired?…
SO you just peed in your underwear while sitting on the pot..I wish I could have seen that.
That is some funny stuff
Good thing that you were home.
Love you and thanks for sharing…I needed a little funny


like I said...this may just be on the verge of tmi...
 who does that?
apparently me, right?

I'm really hoping I am not the only adult that has done this...

so I haven't gotten much for you all this week
it's been busy
the weather has been beautiful
my husband is in town this week
and we've been enjoying it

since I have nothing else to say
and because you probably don't want any more "tmi stories"

I thought I'd open up and answer any questions you have for me...
never done this before

if you've got 'em {questions}
I'll take 'em!
if you have 'em...that is :)

I'll have the answers on Monday


Jules said...

Thanks for the giggle....

Jeanneoli said...

I may have never done that...but I about pee my pants every day!! Depends are right around the corner for me.

Laurie said...

Okay, those are the CUTEST SHOES EVER!! How sweet of your mom to save them- and in the original box!?! Wow! No such thing as TMI for me, sister, but gotta tell you I've never done what you did. Ha!!! Now, on to questions for you:
1. What is your middle name?
2. Is your family complete with your darling girls?
3. What's it like to have hospitality skills that rival Martha Stewart?????

That's all for today. Have a GREAT weekend!
Love ya, girl!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hey - I had those same kicks! Can you imaging putting our kids in shoes like that??? Torture!

OK, that wasn't my real question. Here's my real one: What is your favorite tv show and why. If that's too limiting, feel free to give me your top 3. Or 5.

bikim said...

that's gorgeous!
sweet weekend!

Shannon said...

LOL, I have def. done that before but I will not lie...I had too much to drink and that is why and to make it worse I was not at home. Let's just say I had to go panty-less the rest of the night :)

Okay questions...
What is your favorite store to shop at for Home decor & then which one for clothes?

koralee said...

You are way too cute for words...I have never done that but I have done some crazy things in my life! hugs xoxo

Tish said...

so i've decided that jennifer is your twin: http://www.petitelefant.com/jennifer-garner-kids-event?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+petitelefantcom+%28petit+elefant%29