February 1, 2011

the biggest evah

who knows where I was going with that title

but since we woke up to ice and no school this morning
the girls were super excited

and asked for the "biggest pancakes evah!"
topped with nutella, blackberries, strawberries, and a little reddi wip from the spray can

their ears and faces perked up as soon as I sprayed that whip cream
on their pancakes and they came running in the kitchen just to see
{the sound of it spraying makes them giggle}

you should have seen their faces when I actually set their plate in front of them
{I had to put them on our dinner plates}

of course they won't eat it all
but it sure made them smile and giggle

hoping everyone stays safe and warm

{that is my beloved crab apple tree I adore
since it keeps some color during winter}


Laurie said...

LOVE the pictures! AND the idea of big pancakes! :) Hope you and the girls have a nice day inside. Tell me, Martha, did you go running this morning? :)

Tish said...

such gorgeous pictures!

now you KNOW i rad EVAH and perked up to click lol

Shannon said...

This just made me hungry! I think I know what I will be making for breakfast tomorrow morning :)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

sounds good!! we will have to try nutella with our pancakes next time. Stay warm...the storm is coming!

Liz Bradley said...

My daughters love nutella! I will have to try it on pancakes.

koralee said...

Your images are beautiful. I hope you had a great no school day...still waiting for one here but it is like Spring today. xoxoxo Hugs for February 1st my friend.