February 27, 2011


this past week...

has been interesting to say the least

but eventually manageable...

a few happenings

first thing Monday my car had to be fixed

I gulped at the cost

swallowed it

moved on...

but taking a positive from it

I seriously and weirdly thought

hey...at least I get 500 reward points from my bank

and then I got excited...only slightly

okay not really
but 500 points you know rack up eventually

but I did learn quite a few things waiting for my car to be done

which the guys knew my husband travels and this was my only transporation
for my family

so they stayed late out of wonderful niceness

ahem...almost 7:00 late {2 hours late}
just to fix my car for me

now that's customer service

but in the mean time
I read a magazine as I sat in the waiting room the last two hours with my dad
since thankfully this was on president's day so he was home to take me

so a few things we learned reading the magazines...

 a website that tells you the best part to "tinkle" or pee during a movie
they tell you the exact minute and the cue to listen or look for....

for example...

{bc I saved the website in my phone
only lord knows why I did that?....}

so the movie
"The Fighter"

the best times are:

@ 34 minutes {you can be gone 5 minutes}
cue: After Mickey and Charlene kiss for the first time

@ 60 minutes {for 5 minutes}
when Charlene comes over to Mickey's during the HBO show

@ 114 minutes {for 2 minutes}
for the credits...

do you think the credits might be a good time?...lol
that made me laugh they seriously listed the credits

I also found a link to a website that calculated the best time to take a nap
based on when you get up in the morning

I told my dad...
"yah that would be useful if I actually ever took a nap"
which is never

went to the website anyway...just to see...
she gives you an example of one scenario

but that wasn't the time I got up...
so to see "my time" I needed to buy her book

but since my dad and I had some time
we sat there calculating for us
2:00 in the afternoon would be my most optimal time for a nap...
the deep sleep time

that's when my natural energy drink just starts kicking in...
so no way that's going to work:)
not giving up that burst of energy I need that gets me through the rest of my day
and evening with kiddos, family, and work things

moving on...
because Tuesday night
was a very fun girls night
super fun time to spend some time with some besties...
love these girls
as we watched our show
and ate way too much

topics of conversation before watching our favorite show
things we'd like massaged
and I'll go no further on that
we were kidding
completely kidding
{perhaps not for me}
but had some good laughs about it

I swear...pinky promise I'm not meaning anywhere that is tmi
do you all pinky promise or is that waay outdated now?

so Wednesday made my week with career day for the girls...
I asked the girls a bit ago to get prepared
and it turned into a lot of fun for all three of us

Madison likes to design outfits at home after school sometimes
so two weekends ago I took her for some special Mommy and Me time
and I let her pick out an outfit head to toe
and I think she did fabulous

she's my color girl who likes to add white
and she got her look down perfectly

she called it her "fashionista" outfit
when I asked her what a fashionista did
she said "...designer of clothes," of course

when we asked Hayley...
she wanted to be "Marfa"
but she says my name with the "f" instead of "th"
and that made me smile
because she sees what I do
and wanted to dress in something of mine

so I put her in one of my casual {logo} business tanks
with a shirt underneath it for her 
tied the tank in the back with ribbon since it was big for her
and added my name tag
yes...the tank top has shrunk a bit for me personally
not one myself would wear by itself anymore, ya know
since I don't really like sporting "showing the mid-section style"
of wearing clothes

and she went as "Marfa"
of course she wanted polka-dot leggings...

I said "Hayley...do I wear polka-dot leggings?"
she giggled

but it turned out her version of "Marfa"
and that was perfect

Tuesday...I'm a bit excited as I have a little give-a-way to announce
I'm hoping it'll put the springtime sparkle in your eye


Jacki said...

Okay, the Marfa thing is so hilarious. You've got 2 total cutie pies in more ways than one.

LuLu said...

they can help pick out my clothing anyday!! darling!!!!! i wonder when my nap time should be too... cause it's also not in my vocabulary!!

Shannon said...

How cute are they! I love the outfit Madison picked out and how sweet is Hayley wanting to dress like Mommy. :)