February 20, 2011


this weekend...

was really cherished
*by me*

we had a comfortable easy~going late Friday at home

a wonderful extended lunch with family visiting on Saturday

a realization our pup...needs "mature" adult small bite food
probably 3 years too late on that one since she will be 9 this year in people years
and the food we were buying her was from 1 to 6 year-old
thank goodness I finally realized that:)

yesterday was a very relaxed and productive...kinda busy,
but cherished Sunday with my favorite three

Sunday has grown to be a love.hate day as that's when Bobby leaves for work
but it was a happy.happy Sunday I'd probably say

it smelled and sounded like spring
you probably will think I'm nuts

but the first signs of spring
I always take a deep breath
eyes closed

and take it.all.in
with spring

 it will be cold again
before it's finally all "warmish"
but I know Spring is coming

this weekend...
 I even colored my very own hair for the very first time in my life

my hair didn't turn out orange
like what happened to my husband's hair in high school
I will never forget that day
seeing him wear an orange shirt walking out of my parents bathroom with orange hair
I don't think his family will ever forget that either

his dad about died
I believe {anyway}
{we are high school sweethearts...
if that helps explains this reference from the high school coloring
which now seems awhile ago}

so my hair is definitely not blonde....
it wouldn't really float his boat
"Bobby said"

thank goodness for me
because my skin tone and blonde
would make me look like
something I probably wouldn't type out right now

I just joke with my hubby
as apparently blonde is NOT his thing

  I really love being a brunette
I enjoy doing different shades of brunette

and my root regrowth was awful...embarrassingly awful!
I refuse to admit how long it has been

I honestly haven't seen my original brown color until lately...lol

 but when it comes to my hair
I like...

 "the somewhat different"
beachy hair with it not being a perfect cut
messy...perhaps a little edgy
a little choppy

miscellaneous highlight colors
here and there

it just cannot be red
on me...
I'm told
even though
I know red is very, very pretty on everyone I have seen it with

in reality...sometimes my "wanting of a beachy look" poses as a challenge
as my hair is straight and as fine as a board
go figure that, right?

but I've learned a few tricks
that I'm still trying to get down

okay...so I picked the brand of color based on the box
kind of like
judging a book by it's cover
as I picked the color ~
I was trying to match my "real" brunette
it turned out a tad bit darker
but my hair looks so much better in that it flows so nicely without seeing any roots

so there you have it
no orange
no blonde

just a nice shade of brunette

 on to this weekend...

that I really cherished

 family time
with extended family
and our family
a walk or two
fabulous running weather

also noticing that
my early spring tulips have sprouted
I see green
I repeat...I see green
{oh a happy dance}

I smelled a delicious bbq on the way home from the store
and right now fresh produce is overflowing on my favorite "kitchen friend"
{aka...one of my favorite purchases evah}
ya'll have seen it before

and I'm out of this roof excited about a little girls night I'm having on Tuesday
a pretty fabulous night
as we are celebrating a season premier of a "guilty pleasure" show
that a couple of us are recruiting other future "watchers" of too
now to answer your questions
thank you by the way
I feel like I get a handful of questions
here and there from people about my blog
so I try to put it out there

I appreciate you all
and thank you all for all of your blog love each of you continue to extend to me

answers to questions:

*my middle name is Kristine...with the "K"

I love that it's with a K because it's not as typical as the "Ch"

although I secretly wish that was the name I went by
{sorry mom and dad}


*is our family complete with Madison and Hayley?

well...I'd like to think no...
but the hubby has to be in town for it to happen
perhaps, right?
{smiling and laughing}

okay..honestly...we don't know right now
so I'm glad you asked

but if it doesn't happen...we're okay with that

but we fought so hard for the two we have
that I really can't complain either way
we feel really thankful

I know you understand that Laurie
{my sweet friend who asked that}

to answer more...
because I get asked this too

we are so thankful for the opportunities and procedures
we did do in order to get pregnant and keep our pregnancies
I can say that now because we have two
but I don't regret a single thing we did either

we feel...right now...we just need to be thankful and carry on

however, we are hopeful and positive
that if we wanted it to happen
it could happen without any help/procedures now


*martha stewart skills? really?
Laurie...you're just being too kind sweetie
but thank you
you always make me feel good


I really cannot imagine our kiddos wearing those baby shoes either
but then I look at them
and see what great keepsakes they are now
*I love them*

I'd have to ask my mom again
but I believe these are corrective shoes that may have went with my corrective casts
 I had to wear after I was born
because my legs and feet were not straight


my favorite tv show
thank you Shannan for saying it's okay to say a few
because sometimes I am as indecisive as it gets
at picking one and only one

okay...here we go...

my favorite show this last fall

*Modern Family*...hands down
I really need laughs this past year
and this show is the absolute best

but I normally watch dramas
so my favorite show goes to
Criminal Minds
love/hate relationship with it

because I no longer sleep "Criminal Minds" nights
any longer
no joke
I really don't
after watching some of the episodes
but I'm still addicted regardless
I love criminal minds for all the characters {especially}

my favorite "guilty pleasure" show
that keeps me occupied
is every.single.one.of the real housewives shows on Bravo

hands down
I watch.every.single.one.of.them
now you know the "secret shows" I watch
and when my husband is in town
he really does watch them with me too
and likes it
I swear it
just promise you won't share that with anyone

that's what "my girlies" and I are watching on this Tuesday
is the new spin off in Miami
NYC was postponed
because I was going to host a premier party last Tuesday
but bravo...
changed the premier date because they were not done with the editing
even after advertising it for a certain date

I can't really believe I admitted that...
but I just did
only some of my besties know I watch that show

oh and I enjoy that show because no thinking is involved
and that is really good for me sometimes


*my favorite places to shoppe...

okay I am in a "budget life"

so Target and Ruche
I adore you!
love you
and want to kiss you

I love also J Crew and the Gap and VS
VS i will always love you
lets just say
once you have worked there
{in college...met some great friends there}
and become a die hard fan
you never.ever.ever go back to buying anywhere else
trust me...the purchases last longer
and they are more comfortable
as I've tried elsewhere and it doesn't cut it

I also love American Eagle
they get my beachy comfortable look hands down
TJ Maxx...I do love you too...
and I will be even more of a fan when your new location opens under 7 miles away

once a year
or maybe twice
I can get the hubs to agree to Anthropologie
for clothes
or a few home decor items

home decor...
I love
flea markets
I enjoy Willow Lake in O'Fallon
where my kitchen friend came from

and I am excited to see a few other local shoppes
a new one just opened in town I'm excited to visit
I really love Anthro for home but not in normal budget for us
wish we had an IKEA but we don't
gotten a few things from IKEA via Bobby when he's been in Arizona
love Target
love Pottery Barn for inspiration items
and they are getting the vintage look more lately
I love, love etsy shoppes
and would love to find more fav local shoppes
{within an hour or two}

I don't have much time to spend to shopping
as I'm trying to save and expand my business
but i know a few people
who know places within an hour or so that I definitely want to check out sometime
I just haven't done any of that yet


thank you for staying with me
never meant this to be never-ending

but thank you all


Kristin said...

i too *love* modern family and the middle was hilarious also...i have spent many criminal minds sleepless, husband gone, nights...seriously scary!!
*loved* everything about this post dear girl!!

prairie xo

Molly said...

Wait! I'm late to the game - and I want to know if you and Bobby have ever fought for longer than like 10 minutes. :)

Martha said...

Molly ~ you make me laugh...
so the answer to your question is definitely "yes"...something both of us aren't proud of is our stubborness and the fact that when we get upset we get upset...so arguments/not talking has previously at one time or another lasted a couple days to a week {ick}...but just being honest

Laurie said...

This was a fun post, Martha! Thanks for answering questions. :) I always get excited when you do a new post. They are fun to read no matter what you're talking about!

Shannon said...

If I lived closer I would so be inviting myself to your Real Housewive's get together! I love all of those shows for just like you said, there is no thinking involved and they are so crazy. Also agree Modern Family is the greatest. I look forward to Wed. nights, it always makes me laugh. Fun Post :)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Such a great post...I just did a color thing to my hair too...and as soon as I left the hair place...I went straight to the store to buy dark brown hair color...yep...I too love being brunette.

Jacki said...

What a fun thing about your buddy get together to watch your favorite show. And how daring to color your own hair! I think if your brunette, you can't really go wrong with it. How fun! Such a great post to read-fun facts about yourself.

LuLu said...

how did i miss the question post... you crack me up , loved reading your answers!!! i love Modern family too and i laughed over Criminal minds... ive watched so many now that i can't watch them when my hubby is out of town{they scary me} but if he is home i watch... he thinks that is total torcher and falls asleep while i watch, crazy i know!
and i just colored my roots too!!! i'm soooo tired paying the high price for my roots i thought what the heck... and my hair didn't turn orange either! :)

Lissa said...

You and I are both such summer girls! I am so ready to be outside and smell the bbq going! I am trying to do beachy bohemian hair too. I keep working on it. I will bet your hair looks beautiful.