February 12, 2011

i sooooo made you a valentine...

that's what Hayley said

to the nice {but pretty cute} repair guy that came to our home on Thursday...

he must have made an impression on her

my daughter wanted to sooooo give you a valentine
that already had someone else's name on it


and she called him "tootie"
{her term of endearment for people she really likes}

apparently daddy now feels the need to have a talk
with our almost 3-year-old

I told him "good luck with that one"

as she's "the one" when you have talks with her

just like her daddy...
did I really just say that?
oops, I did...
{I'm smiling}

I better be kidding...
it's valentines weekend
and I better be on my best behavior
if I want date night to happen tonight

I told him...
"at least she has pretty good taste, right?"

Bobby didn't really like me saying that
for some reason
as he got all in a frenzy

I then said...
the repair guy told me he had a 3-year-old son

Bobby said

I said... "what?"

and Bobby walked away
and I laughed
he knows I say those things just to get under his skin
{btw...it works everytime I try}

so our annual "homemade" valentines are now finished

and pens

yesterday they were stamped and sent to our family
the girls had so much fun making them

me...I should have did a pre-set up of the supplies
I will not set up as we go next time

note for next time: it is a decorating disaster if I don't plan ahead
and there is glitter all over the house
even though we were at one table doing the glitter

all I have to say is...

at least it's not marker on our walls


at least it's not play doh
so we're good

when I asked Hayley to be herself for a few pictures...
this is what I got

silly faces
that's soooo her

meet Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Monkey

Happy early love day!


LuLu said...

what a sweetie to share her Valentine's cards with the repair man!!! too cute!!!! She is definitely a charmer :)
:Have a wonderful date night!!!!
happy love weekend,

Jensamom23 said...

So sweet!