February 2, 2011

the details...

of being homebound...

is that you either are

a. going stir crazy
b. cooking
c. eating
d. finding alternative ways to workout
*like shovel snow*

shoveling lots of snow

e. cooking again
f. and eating again

g. making favorite recipes of mine
that I normally don't get to make since Bobby's not a fan of them 

chicken salad ~ a healthy version
stuffed pablano peppers

h. realizing you are out of wine

i. and knowing that one more day staying inside
is not good for one's sanity
moi's sanity

or all the above

thank goodness my parents made a store run for me of "necessities" today
{I'm stuck on my street} 

they brought me back
some wine, pecans to make my "healthy" chicken salad,
 baking supplies since I need to bake 72 cookies by Friday
for an event
that I am going to
 regardless of the weather

I cannot get out of my street
as of these past 3 + days
because it has not been plowed
and I do not have a winter vehicle

but my husband does
and his big ole' truck is currently sitting at the airport
 in the satellite parking

 great use for a truck, right?

...I couldn't drive it anyway since it's a company truck
{I better say that in a little disclaimer here}
just in case, you know
but, it would be very useful
 just statin' the facts

thank goodness the guys in the neighborhood have been trying to drive their trucks
on our streets in order to make some sort of way for us cars to get out

that is very much appreciated

 school is closed for the 4th day in a row tomorrow

but now
there is hope to seeing the "real world" tomorrow
 because the snow plow just came through about 2 1/2 hours ago
and I have heard the in-town roads are quite so bad anymore

even if we are just going to the automated postal center tomorrow
{that I'm in love with that machine b.t.w.}

or better yet, a trip to Target with the girls
I know it will help us regain our sanity tomorrow

for the first time I'm thankful to possibly clean

 that also gives me an excuse to run out to get my favorite lavendar floor cleaner
because I'm out...

and if that's why I have to leave the house tomorrow
than so be it...because I love fresh cleaned floors

my highlights for today:

1. shoveling driveways with my neighbors for
*adult interaction*
thank goodness

and it was so fun to do together
as well as a workout

2. I had a very fun phone call about 2 hours ago for my business
*love* those

3.  I made a "healthy" version of chicken salad...
the girls loooved it

to make:

I put some chicken in a crock pot
with organic/free range chicken stock from trader joe's
let cook slowly
{as I was shoveling snow}

once that was cooked...
I shredded the chicken
mixed in organic greek yogurt
diced up celery and red/purple grapes
and chopped up some pecans
added some pepper and parsley

and voila
a very healthy and simple version of chicken salad

4. the girls have been loving saying to me....
"stop doing that 'Marfa' "

what they wanted me to stop I still have noooo idea
Hayley just wanted an excuse to call me "Marfa" {Martha} instead of mama
5. truly knowing that I've had a pretty darn good time these past 3 + days
with Madison and Hayley...
we've made it together just fine
quality time spent just us 4
{Cadence included}

we've had great meals
a warm house
 nice beds to sink our heads into at night

not too much to complain about, right?

I would never...ever...choose to be homebound
this round of it wasn't so bad
the girls even had a chance to make some snow angels

and relax on some hills of shoveled snow

how that picture of Hayley is relaxing...laying on frozen snow
I will never know
but it must have been for them

tomorrow we are headed out of here
6. and one more thought...
 just finished a late night watching the taped Modern Family
so funny...
and definitely some lines I will be using in the future
okay that's enough of my randomness
I've got a few cute finds I want to share with you all another day


mimi charmante said...

while I am not really envious of being stuck, it does sound marginally cozy - something that we could use a dose of around here. we were promised a severe winter with lots of snow and yet, nada! it is mild, my spring bulbs are popping up, and I have done more yard work in the past two weeks than I have done in the past six months! so, enjoy that snow for us, but please feel free to keep it - this is one time where sharing is NOT a good thing... :)

Jacki said...

if you get one snow day in, it's not bad. but we are day #2 with school called off, and it's not as cool. funny, it's either cozy or crazy, depending on the mood!
the dish you made looks like a taste of Spring actually!

Shannon said...

I hope you guys are staying warm and safe! You are definitely getting a lot of quality time together :)

koralee said...

Scool is closed for 4 days! What a dream!!!!!!

Stay cozy...good luck with the cookies.

Anonymous said...

I do have to say that being "stuck" sounds ok to me, as long as a nap is included! :) your chicken salad looks fantastic and playing in the snow with your babies looks like so much fun! glad you are taking the 4 days with a positive attitude! xo