March 15, 2011


today is a sunshine day...

my baby is three today
should I repeat that

my baby girl is three today

and today is also the day I register my oldest baby girl
for kindergarten

and Bobby is away
I'm also in full party planning mode for this weekend

and I just want to cry about it all

because it is hard

it was really hard packing up her toddler bed
and converting her to a big girl bed over the weekend
a bedroom redo I'll hopefully show you soon

about a month ago
Hayley asked for a big girl bed
and I said maybe....just *maybe* for your birthday sweetie
and before we knew it
it was all happening before we even planned
when it would happen

so I'm getting my tears out now so I can be bright and shiny for two little girls
that will come walking down stairs this morning
happy as can be that one will be registered for kindergarten and the other will now be three

we had hoped and prayed for another child when you came along, Hayley
the month before we conceived you
was a very difficult month for us ...we decided it was our last and final failed cycle
we were going to do

but when we found out about you
you gave us hope and belief that it was still possible

it was happiness and excitement
just like what we experienced with Madison
after 3 years of trying with her

from the moment we found out we were pregnant with you

I told Bobby...
"boy or girl"...
*she* is a sunshine baby
and I bet him you'd have
light brown hair and blue eyes
just like daddy

and what'd ya know...
I was right

as I carried you I always called you my sunshine
and we painted your nursery pale yellow

you still love your yellow walls
{even though your walls have been yellow since you were born}
you tell us weekly how much you love them
you also love the colors purple and pink

Hayley Elisabeth, you are....

our dragonfly
a bright smiling sunshine girl with every ounce of your being
you are a lover of love
and a snuggler

physical touch I'd say is your top love language
you love to hug
and just be close to me

when you sleep
I just look at you sometimes and remember seeing you
as you looked
the night you were born
and how your features were so tiny and small then
and they still are now
I see those beautiful, long eye lashes
and those lips you purse

with you...
you always ask to read one more book mama
as you love to read and color

 every night you say to me...
let's bunk together
which most nights I answer no, not tonight...Hayley
but you never give up asking me
because you ask me again every single night thereafter

you are a "cover stealer" and "cover kicker-off-er" when we do bunk together
and as a matter of fact you are all over the place when you sleep
nudging and often kicking someone in the side
all accidental of course

you love vanilla and strawberry
over chocolate anyday
{just like your mama}
I give you the option
and you almost always will answer
vanilla or strawberry

you are as outgoing as outgoing can get
but you also have a shyness come about
if you aren't ready to show you to someone

it's all about timing with you
as with you
there is also no time but "Hayley time"

when you are done taking pictures
it means you are done
and not "one more"
even when I say pretty please to you

that is...unless I bribe you
and the day I took these
you wanted a strawberry milkshake
I said "you got it!"
i.e...see the "no smile" in this one...
well actually this is the face you give
right before you smile when you are trying to hold a smile in

 Hayley you are a carefree little girl

every.single.time we visit Grandpa
it is really hard leaving
but when both you and Madison are with me
you two always make Grandpa and I laugh
it has me feeling grateful and so happy
about our visit with him
before we are out of the parking lot
you sometimes ask to go see him again...
or when will we see him again
at the "hosbul"

you are my non-stop talker
to almost anyone you meet
about anything on your mind....

the dentist
the repair guy you offered a valentine to

you definitely are a charmer
a lover of wearing dresses
and your precious cowgirl boots

every day...your boots are the shoes
you have to wear
no ifs, ands, or buts about it
as a matter of fact...
I think they are adorable on you
and fit you and your personality quite well

you love to run and play outside
and dine al fresco in warmer weather

you are a lover of pigtails, ponytails
pizza, macoroni, mahi mahi, strawberries, yogurt, protein shakes, bars from tj's, and cookies

it's sooo hard to say "no" to those big blues of yours
and I often find myself laughing when I'm supposed to be putting you in timeout

you are as stubborn as stubborn can get
but you had no chance with that
as both your daddy and mama are stubborn

you make us laugh with your silliness
and like to sing and dance with Madison and I in the car
you love your strawberry shortcake friends,
princess and the frog, and rapunzel characters

you are so witty and have the best comebacks
that just make us laugh and smile
you love to call people
"tootie" and "stinky pants"
and love to tease daddy by calling him"Robby"
when he is Bobby

you are so sweet and thoughtful
always thinking of others whether it's an
"I love you"
or your artwork gifts you present to us from school

you are a sensitive little soul that gets her feelings hurt easily

you look up to your big sis so much
I'll catch you just studying and watching Madison's every move
and repeating what she says
because you love to be a part of what she is doing

you two are so close
two peas in a pod
and inseparable

we really have been blessed with two very special girls
and you are such an important and beautiful part of our family
I love you my sunshine girl
you're our little dragonfly

you love life with all of your heart and soul
happiness is just all around you

I'm so ready to spend the day with you
and celebrate with family this evening
thank you for all your love and all you do even at age three
that inspires me to be better

Happy Birthday Hayley Elisabeth

many hugs and kisses to you sweetie


Laurie said...

Ah, turning 3 and registering for kindergarten. Seems like yesterday to me, but it was a YEAR ago. Oh my! I hope you guys have a great weekend of celebration!!

Shannon said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Ms. Hayley!
Very cute post Martha and I hope you make it through the day without to many tears. It's just mean that you have to sign one up for Kindergarten and the other one turns 3 on the same day!

Tish said...

Happy 3rd birthday indeed. You are such a lovely mama bear, my dear. :)

This post put a smile on my face.

Angela Harris said...

HAppy Birthday Sweet little girl!!