March 3, 2011

crocodile smiles...

sometimes it just takes the smallest gestures
 to let someone know you are thinking about them
or missing them

and for these girls
that came in the form of a crocodile these past two days

in our house
we are all known as something



hence the name of my blog
 to us there is special meaning for Madison and Hayley
with the butterfly and dragonfly

but the girls about a year or so thought Bobby and I should have a name as well
it made me laugh when they thought of ours

me... I'm a bird


be ready for a little smile or laugh with this...

a crocodile

{not sure where they came up with that}
took a bit for daddy to accept why he was a crocodile
because he asked them...
"why do I have to be a crocodile?"
in his pouty voice

but now he lovingly embraces it
{I think it's pretty cute}

so in between three of his travel trips this past week
Bobby managed to find
two crocodiles to bring them

and they haven't left their sight since

I thought it was the perfect idea for them
now they can think about daddy each time they hold or see their croc 

sometimes it's the little things...the little gestures
to make someone's day
and I love that their day was made with these

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Shannon said...

I love this! So cute that he thought of something so sweet for his lil girls. I bet they have those crocodiles forever :)

Kasey said...

so sweet!
Sorry i haven't stopped by in a's been crazy;-(
Off to check out that shop!

Jensamom23 said...

What special gifts for his girls!