March 18, 2011

favors...they don't have to be expensive

just thought I'd drop in because we aren't quite done with Hayley's bedroom
just a few little touches to go
and maybe something inexpensive I would like to convince my husband to do
in her room when he gets back in town
I'll probably have to make his favorite meal
but I'm determined for it to happen especially since it wouldn't be expensive at all

thought I'd show you that party favors
they can be done inexpensively if you really wanted to
granted these are for kids 6 and under that are coming to the party
so these things wouldn't float the boat for older kids
I'm knee deep into party planning
and the rest of life
I've had sort of an overwhelming week to be honest
I'm allowed to admit that
and be human, right?

so actually I'm really overwhelmed this week
with all that's on my plate
but what can I say...
 I'm managing
and just did a happy for me
and got something in yellow
and I'm freakin' out bc I don't wear much color
but I'm determined this spring to do so
my heart actually raced when I clicked "purchase"
seriously, it wasn't because of the cost
it was $32 for crying out loud
but was because of color

back to the party...
I will say with the kiddos when I do a theme
I do the theme by golly
that's just me
I love to do the atmosphere part
although i'm not great/perfect at it
it's just what I like to do

so I thought I'd show you what I have put together for the kiddos
for Hayley's party this Saturday

the theme Hayley chose
was Tangled
so it's all about Rapunzel
first I started with the bags
and yes I will tell you
I about jumped to the sky when at my mom's group two weeks ago
we did a project
and there were these linen bags left over
I ran over to her and said
may I pretty please get the left overs from you

so I purchased the rest of these linen bags at fabric cost
they were already sewn too!
there were sixteen left
and I barely paid half of sixteen for all of them
pre-sewn, mind you
so heck yes I did a little gift for the wonderful mom for saving me time and money
on these gorgeous bags
and I'm not saying "woe to me" for doing something nice for her btw...
I just believe in treating people nicely and if someone helps me save time
I will be so grateful!

every year I try to do themed inexpensive favors

but I'll be honest

these did cause
a week of sleepless nights of tracing, cutting, and gluing
it may also cause you to
watch many pointless shows very late at night
and cause you to pour another glass of wine to help you
keep sane from all the cutting, printing, gluing, etc.
it also doesn't mean that you won't have skin missing
from scissor marks on your thumb
from cutting around 20 pascal lizards out
and forming them
and gluing them
oh wait...
those are not part of the favors
part of the decorations


so I have these gorgeous linen bags
that I have tied with a dragonfly stamped tag
the cardstock paper came from Michaels
in a pack
it was on clearance
and I didn't even know it

dragonfly stamp found in the dollar section at Target last year

stamped those tags
and recruited Madison to write all of the names of the kiddos attending
she happily ablidged
because she loves to help me with anything

{err...Bobby} printed off tangled image coloring paper from the internet
about 10 or so pages per book
and made a coloring book
obviously he didn't make the book
he just hit control P about a million times for me though

{I realize this picture is upside down...but I'm not taking the time to fix it}

purchased two 8-pack boxes of colors in the Target party section $2
so have some left over
they will be stuck in my purse because colors always seem to come in handy
when at dinner with the kids

I wanted to do a coloring book because Rapunzel is an artist in the movie
and Hayley loves to color anyway

if you've seen the movie than you know what the sun image signifies
if you haven't...
purchase the movie when it comes out
we went to the theatre twice to see it
and boys/men love it too because it's not too princess~y

so online
{it's amazing what you can find on the internet}
I found a template to make these sun image necklaces
and necklaces my girls love

since the sun is yellow/gold in the movie
I picked out different gold card stock
traced and cut out the center sun and two suns with rays times 10
{yah that's probably why my thumb is showing skin is from the suns and pascal}
stringed the twine with some gold beads
the actual template said to do gold beads all around the necklace
I just did 11 each side
to save money
and more importantly it saved time
second, they will probably be broken at my house anyway
because I am no the best knot maker

and I don't want 5000 beads to pick up
{100 would be better, right}

I saw at Trader Joe's a 3 pack of chocolate bars for $1 and change
so picked up a couple packs
printed out a tangled image on cardstock
wrapped and taped the chocolate bar
and done with that

and because my girls are obsessed with stickers at their age
I couldn't forget the tangled stickers

all kids love to make noise
so I purchased these party blowers
{although they were supposed to be pink to represent pascals tongue}
found a template for pascal to attach to the party blowers
cut, glued, drew the eyes and mouths

I will say...
 I was never so happy to fill those linen bags with that stuff
because that meant I was done with them
and they were out of my sight
now I'm trying to move on to the cooking, baking, and cleaning
and I'm not quite motivated to start that
so thought I'd do a quick post here instead
{sigh...I'll be kicking myself for this choice when I'm up until 2 in the morning again}
oh well...
that's what a good glass of wine helps with

the favors I usually do have never been expensive
but it was fun to incorporate all the ideas
I found out there on the internet
for the Rapunzel theme
that really didn't cost much at all

hopefully I'll have some party pics to show you...
I found these darling edible flowers for the cupcakes on etsy!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

those are great favors! i especially love the chocolate bar, but thats just me.

Laurie said...

Waiting for b-day party pictures.. and waiting.... and waiting..... :)