March 8, 2011

jumping in the rain...

no this will not be some profound post today
with hidden meaning
{not that I'm a profound person by any means}

simple as...

the girls wanted to jump/play in the rain with their rain boots
I agreed
got a few pictures
{perhaps blurry pictures}

and now I'm a sitting wet dog
that needs to finish painting a dresser and bed
for my daughter's birthday next Tuesday

okay maybe not a wet dog
but just soaked
I'm drenched since apparently my jacket I
so smartly
wore did
not have a hood on it


my Grandma W's 80th birthday was over the weekend...
special little celebration with family

also realized for every celebration
I seem to wear purple

date night last fall
got a new shirt


got a gift certificate from my sis-in-law for Christmas
what do I purchase with it?
a purple shirt and blue dress

received another gift certificate from my parents recently
what'd I pick out
shoes/headband for my daughter
and a purple shirt

what did I wear to a girls night in February
a purple shirt

you think now that I'm actually starting to wear more color
I'd pick something other than purple occassionally

note to self:

need to be a little more conscious of what color I wear
especially since purple isn't my favorite color
a likeable color I'd say

but no more purple
for celebrations
at.least.for.awhile, right?

on the way home from my Grandma's party
we stopped at our favorite pizza shoppe
in Columbia
Shakespeare's Pizza

to get dinner to go for when we got home
it was super busy and a 45-minute wait
so we got some drinks
sat with the girls

the girls had their stuffed animals doing lunges
yes...I said lunges

they had several restroom breaks

because checking out the restrooms in restaurants
seems to be the big-thing for my 3-year-old
right now

so both girls are wearing a St. Patty's head band my Grandma gave them
we are washing our hands for the 4th time
{or so it seemed}

and a lady behind us started talking with us...

I get asked...
well actually Madison got asked...

about the fact she was wearing a St. Patty's headband
apparently it's weird to wear one in March I take it
needless to say we felt a little questioned

then she looked at us
{a lingering look}
and asked

Are you Irish?

two dark-haired girls can't possible have Irish in them
no way....

I said

seriously, I can't seem to get over why people question my ethnicity so much
but whatever floats their boat you know

St. Patty's day is only 8 or so days away
so to me,
I think it's pretty natural to see St. Patty's day things
err...especially on kids

yes, I get that I don't look an ounce Irish
but I've got plenty in me
and so do the girls from Bobby's side too

one of those moments
that you ask yourself

did that really just happen?

moving on...

we are doing a little bedroom redo for Hayley's birthday
and I have four 84" curtain panels for sale if any of you are interested
dark pink and white gingham
they are in great condition
just a little fading on one from the sun it looks
they are washed in my fav lavender detergent
 and ready to ship
is $25 fair for all four + $5 shipping
they are originally $20+ for each one from Pottery Barn Kids
price is negotiable


Tish said...

My stepfather is black irish meaning he looks italian...people are slow at times...not all irish have red hair, freckles and stouts in their hands.

Heck, I'm Irish! you just never know people!

Julie said...

haha, same here! my dad's side has a lot of irish in it so when i say i am irish, people do seem surprised.

and i'm cracking up about the purple - i'm noticing it too when i think back on a lot of your pictures. it's a great color on you though!

Kasey said...

such a sweet grandma yo have.
and the kids jumping in the puddles is priceless.