April 26, 2011

in love...

i was in love with the day's events on Easter
it was relaxing
 full of smiles
and a day of really "being"
in every sense of the word

I enjoyed waking up early
since the Easter bunny fell asleep the night before
without filling and delivering two baskets
{that would be moi}

and since I needed to prepare and hide two special baskets
it was my usual early morning
...a very fun morning, however

it was a day where the girls woke up and enjoyed finding their baskets
with 'hot and cold" directions

they decorated their bunny cake

and I bet you never had a bunny cake
with marshmallows, skittles, and jelly beans on it before, eh?

at least I made the cake with applesauce instead of vegetable oil
although i'm sure that didn't even make a difference in the end
with the amount of sugar probably consumed

we ate a very yummy breakfast
and made it to church all before noon
came back home and dyed 'marble' easter eggs
okay so one just looks marbled
i called the rest 'spotted'

it was a morning where we really didn't rush
maybe had moments of rushing
but not our usual running out the door 15 minutes late

we were actually on-time and not even trying
amazing how that can happen

 it was just so nice to know we had the entire day
to celebrate what Easter was all about

it was full of friendly competitions
Easter egg hunts
with my parents and our family

okay...maybe it was seriously competitive
because all of us are so competitive with games
but that's just our kind of fun

 we all laughed at one another
the best egg hunt to watch was between my dad and bobby
literally my mom and I were about falling off the couch laughing

it reminded me of the days when I was younger
and we'd have family competitions
with my parents, sister, and I

it was so fun to see Madison and Hayley enjoy those competitions like I used to 

we enjoyed one another's company
decorating graham cracker houses left over from Madison's birthday party
and of course...
we had "best house"
I will say my idea of smashing mini white marshmallows
to look like shingles on my house
was a darn good idea
{if I do say so myself}

I loved that the girls enjoyed the holiday of Easter
but more importantly
they never lost the true meaning of Easter

I was in love with our Easter Sunday
and i hope yours was as much enjoyed


Shannon said...

Your family looks beautiful and I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter!

Kasey said...

your girls are getting so big! They looked gorgeous in their Easter dresses...so spring.

koralee said...

Oh what a lovely day...your family is adorable...and how I love those pink cowboy boots and your bunny cake. xoxo