April 8, 2011


it's spring weather...
these past couple of days
have just been wonderful!

i thought i would do a quick check-in with you all
i do apologize for not visiting anyone...
i've been without my computer for three days now
and it finally arrived this evening before i had to leave

so right now i'm a happy girl that i have it back
and i just wanted to send my hellos

it's really been creative for me to use my phone's internet
more difficult
so i just haven't done so...
and because my mobile blog reading doesn't work out either
because i can't view all the options on my phone
i haven't visited anyone

so i do apologize
i've just been knee deep in creatively working
and planning a couple birthday celebrations all in one day tomorrow

so i thought i'd leave you with
my crab apple tree blooming
which i am so excited about
because this is the first tree to make it in this certain spot in our yard
and it's gorgeous!

happy weekend everyone
i'll be back soon
once i can find some air

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