April 21, 2011

strawberry bliss

so  much has happened these last couple weeks
that I can barely even keep it straight
birthday party after party
after some much need fun with friends
and then its the 21st of the month

I was without my computer for 3-4 days
so if I haven't checked with you it's because
of many reasons such as that
and me having the flu
and planning Madison's birthday parties
two in a day
and then just the rest of life on top of everything

i've been trying to sort through these birthday pictures of Madison for days
and i'm falling asleep at the computer every night trying to get through them

i do thank all those that continue to visit me when sometimes
i just don't have the chance to return the favor
i really do love having this blog
something i don't want to give up
it's something i love
so just bare with me in being behind with you all
hugs and love to you

Strawberry Bliss

our little butterfly
had quite the celebration a couple weekends ago
she chose Strawberry Shortcake theme party

and during the day we had her school friends party
I found a family owned pizza place in town that had a perfect {free} room
{and to keep it easy for 10+ kiddos}
i brought all the desserts and decor to their party room
and that was that
we really kept it simple with her friend pizza party
{just wanted to bring simple parties back a little if you know what i mean}
had pizza
made shortcake houses
enjoyed desserts
she opened gifts
handed out favors
and cleaned up

this is the last year all her friends are in the same class
they have been together for three years now
so it was important to celebrate with these friends
next year they will all be in different schools with kindergarten
it was such a great group of kids and parents

 after we were home
it was round two of setting up
 for our friends and family party
it was so much fun

it was truly Strawberry Bliss

homemade strawberry icing
desserts from every shortcake friend
strawberry pails and ribbon
strawberry shortcake favors and milk
strawberry scented candles
a shortcake hat and pink sequence on her shirt
strawberry lemonade
strawberry floats
fresh fruit everywhere

 we decorated strawberry shortcake houses
an idea i found under some strawberry shortcake searches
i had no idea how to make them

but then i remembered kasey's peep houses
and thought as long as she is okay with me using her idea
of how to make them
they will be perfect
and the kiddos will love to decorate them
and of course she was

i'm just thankful that madison's birthday is usually somewhere around easter
so it was so easy finding plenty of candies to decorate

for decorating the houses i made my favorite strawberry icing
{recipe to follow in another post}
but bobby constructed the houses using pre-made strawberry icing
since i was behind in making it the night before

strawberry marshmallows
mini marshmallows
jelly beans
and i had some extra edible flowers from hayley's birthday
i found strawberry stickers to place at the peak
and filled with edible colored easter grass
and found huge edible raspberries
{I used them as strawberries since they looked more like strawberries to me}
and placed those puppies inside the house

and there we had it
setting up the table for the kiddos to decorate was so much fun
of course both parties made shortcake houses
and there was waaaaay too many desserts
but i had to cover strawberry shortcake and all her friends

strawberry shortcake
plum pudding
blueberry muffin
orange blossom
lemon meringue

so here's a
weekend in pictures
{warning of a lot ahead...and it's only showing about 1/4 of what i took}

Strawberry Bliss

and dressing the part is Madison in her shortcake hat and strawberry shoes

for favors
i had pink and green pails
strawberry shortcake color book wrapped in strawberry ribbon
bug tattoos so the boys would have something not girlie
organic flavored suckers from trader joe's
organic strawberry milk

we'll start with desserts
plum pudding's chocolate cupcakes
{because I have no idea of any plum dessert}
orange blossom brownies
{recipe came from Lissa @ humble pie blog}
lemon meringue's lemon bars
{which is the only dessert i purchased...thank you trader joe's
because i can never cut my lemon bars as pretty as theirs}
blueberry's muffins
i just topped with vanilla bean icing and a cute blueberry
and strawberry shortcake's strawberry bliss cupcakes

for the drink menu for the kiddos

decorating the houses was so fun for all
i have a few left over houses so we can make a few more for easter
and of course some of the moms
seem to be in competition for creating "best house"

three times of blowing out candles
two parties
and her actual birthday

and since i'm known to forget to take pictures of when guests are at my home
{because i get chatting...i always end up with decor and food pics}
so this time i made sure i got everyone in a couple of pics

the kiddos first...
and to me there is no setting up for a picture with that many kiddos
as long as they are all in it...i take the photo

and all of our adult friends in one pic
bobby's parents and my parents didn't want to be in the picture
they all sure were there to celebrate with us
just no photo:(

 because all six of us girls happened to be together
we have way too much fun together
and did a housewives pose
we chose lemons since i had a surplus from lemon meringue...
but i'm thinking we should have picked the plums instead
since of course oranges were out of the question since there is a housewives of orange county

just too bad these pictures happened to be in my garage
I was dying about that fact
and my friends said "who cares?"
which is one of the reasons why i love them so much

and this birthday girl woke up to a very relaxing sunday
on her actual birthday

happy birthday sweet love
we were so appreciative of all friends and family that celebrated with us
we are so thankful to be surrounded by lots of love


Tish said...

I want everything on that menu...gobble it up!

Shannon said...

Talk about going all out on those desserts and drinks! What lucky little girls to have such wonderful parties.

Laurie said...

You outdid yourself again, Martha! Every single picture was just awesome! What a fun celebration!

paige said...

what an adorable party!!!!
oh my!!
every detail is just adorable!
wanna drive down & help me through a grad party for a couple hundred?

anyway...love her little hat!
love those sandals. all the funky ones sold out in caroline's size

anyway...hoping you continue to have a great month & wonderful easter

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

What a fun party and a lucky little girl!!!
New to your blog, it's beautiful!

Jacki said...

Wonderful post all the way through. I think maybe party planning may be in your future? So darn cute.

Ruffles and Heels said...

Oh my goodness! What an amazing party! I love everything about it!!

Kasey said...

love how those strawberry houses turned out!!!
so cute and i love the whole party.