April 1, 2011

color intervention

okay maybe this could be called
"a color and pattern intervention"

my good friend Julie came to stay with us during spring break
and that oh so nice to have her around all day
it's wonderful to have great friendships in my life
and I've known her since my junior year in high school
and she's a bestie!
I really think the girls wanted to trade me for her by the end of her stay
they had a blast

so we took it upon us to do some girl things
since Madison pointed out there was 5 girls in the house all at once
{including Cadence}
and that's pretty exciting to her

so Julie knew I was motivated this spring and summer to bring more
into my wardrobe...
and she's a color girl
so she happily helped

I honesty don't really buy much for myself very often
just a few things here and there
so I really did need to add a few things to my wardrobe
for work reasons
and just plain "feel good" reasons 

so I'm on a mission to buy more than gray, purple, blue, and brown
and if I do...
at least a buy it in a pattern...
not just solids

so now I'm wearing a bit more color
I found some of the best things
 at H&M
and Target
even though we didn't go to Target to buy clothes
we both ended up doing so:)

not a single thing was expensive that I purchased
which makes an anthro trip sometime this month all the more possible
according to Bobby
maybe 2 1/2 weeks possible I'm hoping
{wink, wink to the hubs on that one}
{hope he's actually paying attention to this post}

so anyway...
I thought I'd show you what we got
it's always more fun to shop with a girl friend anyway
especially if you are as indecisive as I am
getting yes/no responses is just so nice
compared to

should I or shouldn't I?
what if I don't like it in a month?"
yada yada yada

okay so here are some things purchased
some of the colors scare me
but I am going to get back to color
and no I'm not showing them all on me

just this one:)
because if we are talking about wardrobe...
 it makes sense to actually show something worn, I guess...

which really isn't new
but anyway...

I was going to show this picture instead...

so I didn't have to show all of my face
but then I realized...

kind of shows my messy bedroom
I'm awful, awful at putting clothes away

the rest of the house is okay
it's my bedroom
{and the closet}
that is like a war zone

except for the bed
I always get the bed made
there's something about climbing into a bed
with cool sheets at night that is always nice

keeping up with laundry...
not so much

so just don't look too close to the clothes on the floor

I found Miss Cadence snuggled up in her bed
she usually likes to pose for pictures
this one...
she wasn't so happy about

okay before I get sidetracked again
I'll show you what I have...

we have marigold yellow
this dress was ordered
my heart literally raced when I clicked purchase
{not because of price but because of the color}

 I do have a pretty flower belt to go with the marigold dress
just forgot to put it around the dress for you all to see

so above we have prints, coral, vintage scarf,
and even a skirt
haven't bought a skirt in years
since I've been on the dress kick
so it's something new and fun for me

already had the belt
found the cutest shoes at H&M not pictured
so it was an easy outfit to create

it feels good to finally have some new additions to the closet
courtesy of a little intervention
of a friend, mind you

but I'm following through with this mission
I want to do better at dressing how I feel 
which is a little bit more color
even though I love me some white and blues for my house and wardrobe
color just makes you feel good 

Madison was even so excited for me in the dressing room
she started getting into it
{because she is my color girl}
"mama...those shoes you are wearing today would match that dress"
as she brought them over to me so I could see in the mirror
I swear she could be my personal shopper!

it was a fun couple of days
we made it to the butterfly house
and absolutely loved it
had some wonderful food
enjoyed some wine together
and just plain relaxed too!

Hayley got a bick freaked out because of the amount of butterflies
especially after we told her one was on her back for quite some time
but it was beautiful inside with all the flowers and greenery
it has me looking forward to green grass, warm weather, and lots of outdoor enjoyment

thanks Julie for a great visit

I'm off tonight for a fun event tonight
and then spending the weekend with some wonderful girls at a retreat
I feel so thankful for all my great friendships

happy weekend to you all


Shannon said...

Sounds like some fun girl time. I'm going to attempt to go shopping for some spring/summer clothes tonight for me. Hopefully I can manage to buy for me and not the girls which is what usually happens :)
Have a great weekend!

Ruffles and Heels said...

What a great post!! Love your new goodies! And how fun! Can't wait to see what you find at Anthro in a couple weeks ;)

Julie said...

woohoo (or maybe more appropriately, "oh yea")! hooray for color! :o)

my eyes lit up too when i saw anthro - i'm with krystle, can't wait to see what you might get from there!

LOVE all the pics by the way! miss you all lots!