May 10, 2011

hayley's room redo

I'm a little belated in showing this
two months late perhaps

of Hayley's room redo

and I still don't feel like I'm ready to show the changes we made to her bedroom
her room really is pretty much done for now
except maybe some small changes here and there

okay the small change I'm hoping for sometime
is eventually adding white beadboard
when we can
and when Bobby is actually in town
{and willing to do it}

but for now...
her room is "done"
thankfully I downloaded Hayley's room pictures a couple of weeks ago
 I forgot my camera in Bobby's car when he was out of town
so i haven't taken pictures for weeks!!!
 however, I do have a little post of Hayley's room
after the redo
it'll be nice to have documented this down the road

but...I wish...
I wish...

I would have taken a before picture for you all too
I just got so consumed with getting it done before her birthday
I forgot all about taking the before picture
we had an old dresser in her room that i so happily put on Craig's list
it is not one I even want to refinish
look at
or really see again
it was a pain to clean
{that's why I say that}
she had a toddler bed in her room too
and some shelves
just not really put together after we changed her nursery to toddler
so how I approached Hayley's room redo...
i wanted it to feel like her own

she had been asking since early January that she wanted a "big girl bed" just like Madison
she was telling everyone...
my parents
Bobby and I
probably anyone who would listen:)
she is our talker in the family
non-stop talker as a matter of fact
that sometimes Madison even asks her to please be quiet for even a minute

 I thought her room redo would be the perfect birthday present from us
she gets so much from others
that I wanted to do something practical from us

and I was right because
she now loves to play in her room
and sometimes the peace in quiet when she is in there is worth it to me as a "mom"
whose husband is out of town pretty much every week

but i guess I "should say"
more importantly... I wanted it to feel like it was her space
actually I wanted some personal space a little bit too
just being honest here
since she had talked about wanting her big girl room to my parents
they said they had a bed I could refinish
so I did
and my parents wanted to get all of Hayley's bedding for her for her birthday
because they were on board with me
and once they get an idea in there head to help
there is no stopping them
that's just the way my parents are
i love them:)

I refinished a bed and dresser
at no cost
already had the paint...just had to make the time
I also shopped around our own house to find a side table from Madison's room
{Madison now has a different side table as her birthday present in April}
and the display table under her shelves
used to be in our loft area that had our second tv and dvd player on

it is definitely much prettier in Hayley's room than in the loft

Bobby and I only purchased curtains and her new chandelier
which was actually refurbished...
not expensive at all
very similiar to the one in madison's room and our room

I wanted to share with you all that i shopped around my own house
because 'room redos" can be done
without spending any money or very little money

i'm by no means a decorating pro
but I have learned to shop my own home first before buying anything

since my first thought isn't always to buy something new
{unless i have a piece stuck in my head that I know I don't have}
I'll just wait until the time is right or until I come across what I'm looking for

with Hayley's room we wanted to keep her walls "the yellow" we painted her nursery
she loves yellow
and the color fits her...
since she is a sunshine girl
so we found some pretty white bedding to compliment her and her wall color
 I wanted her yellow walls to stand out rather than blend in

I asked Madison if I could take her pillow from her room for Hayley's
only because it wasn't going to fit Madison's new bedding anymore that she got for her birthday

she was so sweet and didn't even think about it when she said yes
I just explained she would have a new one very soon herself

I'm sure you are done with my rambling so I'll just get on to the pictures
it is so bright and vibrant for Hayley
it makes me smile every time i walk in her room
and she does too
...sometimes she even makes her own bed in the morning
well I guess that lasted about a month
but it was nice while it lasted:)
and to me any 3-year-old willingly making their bed is pretty good for anytime it lasts

yes I probably should have cleaned her frog container before I showed you pictures

when i was little I got two dolls from my Grandpa and Grandma M
 I gave one to each of the girls
and this one has always fit Hayley and her room

hayley's snuggly duckling sign from her Tangled birthday party I hung above her closet

and for Hayley's artwork because i never seem to have enough space on my
refrigerator...I thought I'd start hanging it in their room
so you can see I do actually have a fridge in my kitchen:)

and because Hayley is our dragonfly I had made her a dragonfly
when i was still pregnant with her
and it goes perfectly with her room now

white eyelet curtains with dragonfly clips on them

a picture of Hayley I took in our neighborhood last early spring
and a baby one of her
the shells in the jar are from our first family trip to the beach:)

and this bird cage was from my kitchen
hayley had asked for one just like Madison had
so it finally dawned on me to gift Hayley with this one

and that's it for the little walk through

two months a little late in showing you all
but i finally have it put together
if the pictures are edited a little funny
it's because my computer has a new screen and the lightening is really off on it to me



Shannon said...

Looks great and how great that it didn't cost a lot!! I love the idea of all of the artwork in her bedroom, I have mine displayed exactly the same but in our hallway.
I hope you had a great Mother's Day Martha!

jules said...

I love her boots in that first picture. And the chandelier is gorgeous. I think it's my favorite part of her room.

Laurie said...

Amazing!! She is one lucky little girl.. it is truly beautiful!! Makes me want to re-do Allison's room TODAY! :)

Tish said...

oh my goodness how I ♥ your sweet little touches...the dragonfly...the He Cares sign...the bloom where you are planted.

Such a lovely little princess room. Bet she has good dreams in there :)

LuLu said...

It all looks beautiful....I love all the wonderful details!!!!! You created such a sweet room for your precious daughter!
Love love the wall color!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Come back, Martha, come back! You're not TRYING to go a month without blogging, are you? :)

janeeydavis said...
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