June 4, 2011

i'm back:)

I know, I know

it's been almost a month since I have probably visited you
or even written on my blog

but a couple of things before I begin...

thank you
all of you that so kindly reminded me to get with it
and come back
and get back to normal
and do a stinkin' post

and write again

i'll be honest though
it's just been a little rough for me with a few things
and these past three months
{this is where I take a deep breathe}

have been the roughest
when things like that happen
I stop writing
because you don't need to hear it all

the verse that has lifted my spirits this past month

"Cast all your care upon Him; for He cares for you"
I Peter 5:7

and then I have focused on many many great things in my life
and I tell you what
even though these past months have been difficult

they have also been so very wonderful
I have close family and friends that are always there for me
my business has been very exciting

and this past month I finished earning my business incentive trip
 I'm going to Atlantis in August
{happy dance}
{happy dance}
{happy dance again}

so just so I honestly have been focusing on those good things
depositing into those
{not that this blog isn't good}

but I had to get away from a few things to really focus on some other things
I'm thankful for an amazing business, family,
amazing friends that live here and afar

friends threw the absolute best suprise weekend for me for my birthday
all you {my blog readers] have meant the world to me
and that's why I felt so badly about being away

the reason why it has taken so long to get back into sharing our life
is because I wondered...

 if it was too late to continue this blog
by being away so long
if i lost you all...
so i have a few things to share
of what good things we have been up too...
wonderful, fun times with friends and family
Madison graduated preschool
I cried, of course
because i was excited for her
but it always makes me feel like time goes by waaaaay too fast already
we are enjoying pool time
well just three days of it so far
 it's summertime
and this is my happy time during summer
I'm so happy that my hydrangeas are about to start blooming
and the rest of my flowers are filling out
 I do have something to ask your help with
 I would really love from you is your help and/or opinion
my friend is a fantastic photographer
and i needed to update my business pictures for
my business website
business cards
and any other marketing i needed pictures for
so she put together a fantastic business package for me
I wanted to do colorful
outdoor pics
to liven up my look and to also go with what i do
out of the pictures she took
i chose some of them to use on my blog
and some for my business
we also snuck in a family picture or two because we haven't had one in a bit
so what i would love, love your help with
is helping me decide
what photos should i use for my business website?
what are your favorites for my business cards?
I would love outside feedback
I like to have a couple of different business cards
using different pictures
so please choose your top 2 or 3 for business cards
so if you would be willing to choose your top three
i would be so appreciative:)
And by the way
Kristen was fabulously fabulously patient with me
if you know me well
you know i get nervous with photos
especially by myself
if i'm in a picture with family, friends, etc.
i'm okay
because I'm not the only one
i really struggled at times
and Kristen couldn't have done a better job of helping me through that
and being patient with me
If you live within an hour or so of me
and need family photos or business photos
I would definitely consider Kristen
so just to show you our family photos first
because of course that was the easier part for me
and yes...
 I really did wear color in these photos
no gray or brown:)












I think Kristen did a wonderful job
so her information is already on my sidebar
but click here to visit her website

if you are interested in her business packages just shoot her an e-mail
via her website

thanks in advance for your help

next time i'll share with you a few of my summer wishes
for my fam and I


Shannon said...

Yay you're back, Missed ya :)
Love the family pictures you guys are a great looking family and seriously Martha I could not even choose just 3 of those pictures of you because you look so pretty in every single one of them!
Hope you are having a great beginning of Summer!

Laurie said...

I'm voting for 7 and 9, only because I think they show your true smile. They are all AWESOME, but those 2 are more "you", in my opinion. I'm so glad you're back! And never worry about being gone too long.... true friends will always come back to read, no worries! :)

Tish said...

You could never lose us :) Your voice is too darn sweet to stop reading.

I love all of them. I suck at being a judge. Love your hair!!!

jules said...

I love black and white. My fav is 8 and 3.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

all gorgeous pictures...so hard to choose...my favorites are 2 and 8. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Jacki said...

Great shots of you and your family! Love your posts. I like #4
and #8, you look very confident and relaxed. Good to hear your investment in your business is growing and your doing well. Yeah!

Julie said...

what if i love them all?!

i have two of your business cards on my fridge right now b/c i thought they were such great pictures!!

if i HAVE to choose, i like 4, 7 and 11 the best. i also like 2 and 9.

i love them all! miss you, my friend!!

janeeydavis said...
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